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Knowledge service package:

Details "The team set $269/ set

Details "The 2015 pass Technology Conference

Xamarin cross platform development tool

Details "C# development iOS, Android

Atlassian office software:

Details "RMB 99 yuan, the other a T-shirt


Value of enterprise service

Price is more affordable


Integration of CSDN resources and services, package price than the individual services to enjoy more preferential discount.


Exclusive learning materials


Effectively help the development team to better solve the update and upgrade the knowledge and skills.


Package with diversified


Covers knowledge services, professional services, development services, to meet the growing needs of different scale enterprise technology team.


Membership privileges

Free / preferential purchase price activities and products offered by CSDN, and give priority to enjoy exclusive access to the member services and gifts.

One stop service

Simplify the procurement process, promote efficiency, corporate membership services in place.

Service profile

CSDN enterprise service is oriented enterprise R & D team integration CSDN resources and products to provide services, including knowledge service, professional services, development services to meet the R & D personnel between learning and sharing of knowledge and information needs. You only need to register as a member of the CSDN can open the trip to ease the knowledge serviceAnnual membership feeMore free to participate in the 2014 annual CSDN hosted by the high quality technology conference to enjoy the high value-added services.

Customer service Tel: 010-57410251
Customer service mailbox:Subscription@PROG3.COM
Please call customer service at 9:00-17:00

Subscription service content

To meet the needs of R & D personnel to learn and share knowledge and information, through the way of the package to enjoy more favorable price than the individual services, to bring direct benefits to the enterprise technical team.

Establish a highly efficient collaboration team, we provide you with JIRA, Confluence, BamBoo and other products of the convenience of the purchase channel, ultra low discount price, software is not expensive!

Popular mobile cross platform development tool, with C# easy to develop the perfect iOS, Android applications, compared to other cross platform solutions, Xamarin has the application performance comparable with the original program.

How to buy services

Must be registered as a CSDN member, you can buy and enjoy the knowledge services, professional services, development services, such as a variety of online services to help enterprises to complete the completion of the technical energy supplement.

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Enterprise service category

knowledge service

CSDN enterprise services include, knowledge services, professional services, development services, including knowledge of the subscription is for enterprise R & D team, to meet the needs of R & D personnel to learn and share knowledge and information. The content includes "programmers" magazine, CSDN Annual Technical Conference and other popular products.

Development services

Located in the most essential needs of software developers, as they provide social programming cloud platform, build in code as the core of the exclusive social space, and extends mobile cross platform development tool, baas, low cost and high efficiency of cloud services, while satisfying the demand of the enterprise users in mobile interconnection in the process of informatization of managed code, daemonic applications hosted, the application of the software market, and so on.

Vocational Service

CSDN community club, online personal space, social relationships and so resources platform for individuals and businesses to create multiple attribute and vertical it social network Pang Guowang, push precision enterprise recruitment information, at the same time to tens of millions of individual members and talents for enterprise users accurately locate required, multi range provide professional recruitment and high-end search services.