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With C# to create the perfect iOS, Android applications!Time saving, labor saving, and saving money!

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Efficient team package

NO1:Efficient team package

Improve employee work efficiency, create excellent team

Package contains:

JIRA10 people standard version of the 1 sets of -1 years


Confluence10 people standard version of the 1 sets of -1 years


Free upgrade code code hosting and social programming platform services, capacity to upgrade to 2G, the number of private projects to upgrade to 10


Programmers magazine iPAD version of the electronic journal 1 years

CSDN ex:

RMBTwo hundred and sixty-nine

Package details

Original price: 840:00


Powder package

NO2:Small partner package

Everybody enjoy everything nice

Package contains:

Free integral VIP download a year account a


Electronic Journal of one year programmers magazine


Optional 6 technical books

CSDN ex:

RMBOne hundred and sixty-nine

Package details

Original price: 800


CSDN 2014 annual technical conference pass

NO3:CSDN 2014 annual technical conference pass

Buy this package can enjoy free in CSDN host 2014 all annual technology conference, as long as you pay close attention to the latest technology trends, concerns about cloud computing, focus on big data, mobile development concern, must grasp the opportunity!CTO club members enjoy preferential scheme

Package contains:

Free to participate in the annual 6 CSDN2014 high quality technology conference, such as China's Cloud Computing Conference, mobile developers conference, China software development 2 Technology Conference (SD2.0), etc.


Free upgrade code code hosting and social programming platform services, capacity to upgrade to 2G, the number of private projects to upgrade to 10


Programmers magazine iPAD version of the electronic journal 1 years

CSDN ex:

RMBTen thousand

Package details

Original price: 18000

time CSDN 2014 annual technical conference list
April 19th China Spark Technology Summit(is over)
May 20-23 day The Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference(is over)
August 23rd 2014 micro channel Developers Conference(is over)
October 18th 2014 Docker Technology Conference
October 31st -11 1 MDCC mobile developers conference
December China big data technology conference
Package description

Package contains version:
JIRA10 person / year (Standard Edition) 1 sets
JIRA is a project tracking management tool to help teams create planning tasks, build and publish excellent products. Thousands of teams around the world choose JIRA, using JIRA to capture, organize and manage defects, assign tasks, track team activities. No matter in the desktop PC or mobile terminal equipment, JIRA can be perfect to run, to help the team to complete the work.
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Package contains version:
Confluence 10 people / year (Standard Edition) 1 sets
Confluence is simple to use, but it is a powerful editing and site management function that can help team members to share information, document collaboration, and collective discussion. It is widely used in the project team, the development team, the market sales team. Confluence users have more than 108, in 9300 countries around the world.
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"Programmer" iPad Electronic Journal
Seven wonderful features, no weight of quality:
1 perfect support iPad Retina New HD display
2 technical articles cited in the source code can be used directly to copy
3 article picture zoom HD display and double click to close
4 illustrations, but the volume is only 10M
5 magazine content updates download, HTTP and offline browsing
6 fast navigation directory, perfect full text search
7 support "my bookshelf", favorite magazine.

It technology is changing with each passing day, millions of IT practitioners must be a moment not stop learning and improving, and is still the most effective learning and improving means of reading excellent technical books. Therefore, whether in the domestic or international, high-end IT technology books demand always maintain at a level. Knowledge service subscription specially for all selected hundreds of technical books, involving varieties of software development, database, security, and other six major categories of follow-up we will still continue to expand the library, I believe there is always a book for you.

CSDN code system built on top of the Ali cloud platform, to individual developers, it teams and companies to provide managed code online collaboration, social programming, project management service platform in performance and security and stability more secure, but also more in line with domestic users use habit.
Now buy corporate membership service packages users can get free upgradesCode code hosting and social programming platformServices, capacity to upgrade to 2G, the number of private projects to upgrade to 10, the larger the capacity is more comfortable.

CSDN is the most influential authoritative media in the software industry, and has held many kinds of high-end technical conferences for 7 consecutive years.China Cloud Computing Conference, mobile developer conference, Chinese Software Development 2.0 Technology Conference (sd2.0) is China's largest developer's top event, has always been to share strong lecturer lineup, practical issues and activities in the field of rich and famous, as long as you focus on the latest technology development trend, concerned about the cloud calculation, focus on big data, focus on the development of mobile, it must not miss!

Introduction to knowledge service subscriptions:

CSDN enterprise service includes, knowledge service, professional service, development service, among which knowledge service subscription is an enterprise research and development team, to meet the needs of research and development personnel to learn and share knowledge and information. Members purchase services while also enjoy free / preferential purchase of CSDN other valuable products or activities of interest.

Provide membership services, by buying the package enjoy in the price than the single service more discounts and access to exclusive study of the most valuable information, for the enterprise technical team bring direct benefit, effectively help enterprises development team better solve the updating and upgrading knowledge and skills, diversification of the package is tie-in meet different enterprises team needs to grow.

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