Since the rise of Web 2, a variety of Web front-end technology has been developed, based on the development of the entire industry trends and requirements, W3C released the first draft of the HTML5. Although the current HTML5 is still in perfect, however, most of the modern browser already has some HTML5 support, so the prospect of a HTML5.

This topic will follow the trend of to introduce you to some new HTML5 features related to the content, let you know the new standard for you to provide the function of what cool. As a developer, you can learn how to use the API HTML5 to achieve the need to achieve the function through complex programming techniques and third party plug-ins, is worth trying. Now the new treasure, pick up the shovel digging!

Latest HTML5 resources

  • 2D HTML5 game development series

    This series of articles realized an HTML5 villain running video games, in each part were introduced realization of game time, background, Sprite and other content, take you step by step to create a cool HTML5 2D game.

  • HTML5 components: proprietary components, second parts

    Series of articles for you to show how to implement the HTML5 component. In this paper, you can understand how to merge event listener, creating slide block handle the animation, and how to slide into the DOM tree.

  • HTML5 components: implementation of standard components

    In this paper, you can learn how to package the HTML5 component to the DOM Shadow for rendering results, and how to implement the HTML5 standard components through the Polymer and X-Tags framework.

  • How to reduce the complexity of asynchronous programming of HTML5

    HTML5 and other JavaScript toolkit provides the basis for the callback of the asynchronous API increased the difficulty of achieving complex business. This paper describes several commonly used methods for dealing with asynchronous programming, as well as their application scenarios.