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DeveloperWorks IBM China's certification test resource center focused on Rational, WebSphere, DB2 and other IBM software products and XML, Linux and other technical certification exam learning resources, these certification guide series will help you understand the basic knowledge and advanced skills required to participate in these certification exams. Hope to help you better prepare for the exam, I wish you success!

AIX certification

AIX certification as the industry's important system management certification, by a lot of corporate identity, gold is very high. Here, we will launch a series of certification articles and tutorials to help you better prepare for certification exams. Of course, these content is also very good learning AIX data, you can make a more systematic understanding of the operating system, so as to become a qualified administrator.


Management Information certification

Management Information certification for Management Information products (Informix and DB2), the basis for the development and management of specialized settings. Certification exam is also a lot of DB2 and Informix enthusiasts, developers and administrators are keen to pursue the goal. In order to help you through the certification, we specifically Mangement Information area in the Management Information certification related articles, tutorials and information summary of a topic, for your reference.

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WebSphere certification

Want to be a "IBM Certified Business Analyst" or "MQ WebSphere solution designer"? Access to IBM professional certification is the strength of each of the technical enthusiasts to prove. In this column, we put together the resources related to WebSphere, including the Business Modeler WebSphere, MQ WebSphere certification exam of the classic series of tutorials. In addition to provide related products download. This information will be updated and enriched to assist you through the IBM certification.

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Rational certification

Rational software delivery platform provides an integrated development environment that supports the development of global cross regional distribution teams, and can better realize and manage software delivery and system architecture, as well as the quality assurance of the whole life cycle. Application Developer Rational as the main Java for the majority of developers, can help you quickly design, development, analysis, testing, planning, and deployment based on Web services, J2EE, Web Java applications and Portal applications. Do you want to be a developer of Certified Associate Developer IBM? A series of seven tutorials can help you prepare for the IBM certification exam 255, "Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6 Rational for development".

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PMP certification

In the promotion of PMI, project management professionals has become a "golden job", project management certification examination (PMP) has become a hot spot in the professional certification. This series describes and answers a series of questions related to the PMP test, such as registration qualification, registration process, reference materials, preparation method, how to develop a plan, as well as the need to focus on the difficulties and other issues.

SOA certification

IBM provides you with a comprehensive SOA certification exam from junior to senior. These certification will cover the basic concepts of SOA, technology, related standards, architecture and other knowledge. SOA certification exam study is a step by step to understand and recognize the advanced concept of the framework of the process. At present, we provide you with a "SOA solution Designer Certification" of the learning content, this intermediate certificate is suitable for enterprise application components, business integration solutions for the design experience, and is responsible for planning SOA solutions to the end of the SOA project team's consultant and architect.

Linux certification

If you are a fan of Linux, don't miss our Linux Linux Professional Institute (LPI) exam preparation. The series covers three levels of the Linux system administrator, the primary certification (LPIC-1) test, the intermediate certification (LPIC-2) and the advanced certification (LPIC-3) test. Learn Linux basic knowledge, easy to prepare for the Linux System Administrator certification exams, from this beginning!

XML certification

IBM is the first organization to provide certification for the XML and its related technologies. As XML is becoming more and more popular, this certification has also gained people's favor, and now it is one of the most popular certification of the development staff. The purpose of this certification is to allow developers to design and implement the XML and its related technologies, such as Schema XSLT, XML and XPath and other technology required knowledge. If you are just getting started, or just contact XML and related technologies, through this step-by-step series of tutorials can let you better prepare for the XML and related technologies this certification exam.

To learn more about IBM professional certification exam information, please visitIBM global professional certification website (English). The website provides the IBM's current all kinds of professional certification exam information, including: the name of the certification, to get the certification by the certification exam, test objectives, xamination and how to prepare certification exam and so on.