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Samsung developer forum to open a new era of cooperation in the new era of innovation and quality strategy

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Abstract:Global digital media and digital integration technology leading enterprise Samsung Electronics, held recently in the "SamSung China Forum" (China Forum Samsung) held a new developer forum. The developer forum includes a number of activities, such as developer conference, product display and developer exchanges......

[2013 March 14, Guangzhou] March 14, a leading enterprise in the global digital media and digital integration technology, Samsung Electronics, during the recently held "SamSung China Forum" (SamSung China Forum) held a new session of the developer forum. More than 150 developers, partners and outstanding developers from famous universities gathered in the forum, and to discuss the development strategy of samsung.

The developer forums including developers conference, product display and communication of the developer and a number of activities, in order to realize the intelligent application and service quality strategy, for consumers to create a new intelligent life. As the world's ten largest brand, Samsung has a perfect combination of product lines, smart products camp covers mobile phones, TV, digital camera and other fields. Diversified intelligent products and unique content applications and services, has created a rich and colorful intelligent life for consumers. In the rapid penetration of intelligent terminal products, consumer demand for more and more applications today, Samsung is also committed to providing consumers with experience more excellent content applications and services. In this forum, Samsung said, hope is the multiple ways of through local rich content, based on differences in s-pen customization and Samsung UX design of operating experience, innovation allshare multi screen interactive and IM+RSS reading, and gradually establish a Samsung characteristic applications and services leading competitive; at the same time, Samsung will also for developers to provide a series of opportunities for cooperation and support, work together to provide a plurality of intelligent interactive user experience.

As an important part of the Samsung Developer Forum, Yue Guofeng, deputy general manager of Baidu mobile cloud division deputy general manager of the topic has become the focus of attention of the audience. Since the end of 2012 officially launched cooperation since, baidu cloud solution scheme has for the Samsung Galaxy note II, Galaxy camera two heavyweight equipment provides for user customization of cloud services, including large capacity can be expanded cloud storage and personal data in the cloud intelligent processing. The depth of the Samsung and Baidu cloud platform cooperation, aimed at promoting the establishment of a virtuous circle of developers to jointly reduce the cost of development and innovation, to achieve the innovation and development of business models. Up to now, Baidu cloud registered developers have more than 170 thousand, the daily help developers distribute mobile applications over ten million downloads.

Multi screen interactive development based on the Samsung Hub Ad advertising platform has become a lot of developers concerned about the new things. Samsung ad hub can through smartphones, tablet computers and smart TV multi screen interactive provides more advertising display and exposed the opportunity, and through the analysis of consumer behavior obtained accurate target user group. Compared with the traditional program within the In-App launched advertising, Samsung Hub Ad multi screen interactive advertising platform with real-time interactive, flexible high-end display mode, user precision and other great advantages. In June 2013, Samsung ad hub will achieve application in advertising, smart TV PIA advertising and triple screen interactive advertising; September version will support in the application of mobile Internet and smart TV advertising; the future will also extend to Samsung more intelligent devices, the digital advertising really smart to go into people's life.

Independent research and development of Samsung's ChatON fashion chat software developed by the Live ChatON is also expected to open a new era of IM+RSS. Live ChatON can help users select the content of the classification, and to support the immediate transfer and sharing of information between users, to achieve further escalation of interactive communication. Designed for developers to launch API ChatON tool to help developers make full use of Samsung ChatON social resources, integration of various social services. At the same time, the forum but also the depth of the s pen SDK 2.3 and allshare framework, these three tools will help developers to develop a richer content, allowing users to easily experience the multi screen sharing and interactive applications and services.

As an annual event for the Samsung developer, Samsung Developer Forum shows new products and innovative application development tools for developers to create a full range of support platform. This event has also become a unique platform for the development of the vast number of developers. Developers in the Forum on the collision of the most attractive thinking sparks. With the leading innovative strength and rich technology boutique, Samsung is expected to usher in a new era of mutual benefit and win-win development, and jointly create a more exciting life for consumers.

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