IBM & reg; rational & reg; performance tester is a performance test tool (stress testing) can be recognition system performance bottleneck and its causes. Rational performance tester combines multiple and detailed features to simplify the test create, load generation and data collection process can help test team to ensure the ability of the application to meet the customer's production environment to the actual load.

This trial version has all the features of the product. Download this beta, assessment period is 30 days.

operating systemEditionSizemodedownload
Windows, LinuxV8.3110 MB - 125 MB*IBM Manager Installation (recommended)Download immediately
AIX, WindowsV8.32130 MBHTTP|Director DownloadDownload immediately

* Installation Manager IBMAbout 90 MB. Trial version of the software itself, the size of the file and the time required to download will depend on your choice of product components. The use of Director Download through the 1.5 Mbps network connection is expected to download about 4 hours, significantly less than the use of Manager Installation.

Performance Tester Rational trial version allows you to simulate 5 concurrent virtual users without a license. When you install the trial version, Performance Tester Rational installation file will start a license management wizard (Key Administration Wizard License), prompted to enter the installation permit. You can choose"Cancel (Cancel)"To continue to complete the installation without a license.

If you want to use more than 5 concurrent virtual users in the product evaluation process, pleaseContact Rational Sales Representative.

You download this product trial version of the software at the same time, has been obtained through ourLimited online support programTo submit technical issues to the authority.

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Supported language: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

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How to convert a trial version of the code into a formal product code

Convert trial version code to the formal product code is a simple process, after you buy the product, by installing a license can be downloaded from the IBM activation tool can be completed. You do not need to uninstall or reinstall the product. Please note that this product is also available with optional additional packages to enhance the function of the main software download after you purchase the Advantage Passport.

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