Rational Rhapsody IBM product family

IBM & reg; rational & reg; Rhapsody & reg; product family provides multiple versions to help systems engineers and embedded software development staff analysis, design, development, testing and delivery of embedded and real time systems and software.

For system engineer,Rhapsody Architect for Systems Engineers RationalThe basic version has brought the need for the use of SysML/UML management functions, including the Constraint Evaluation Parametric module can be used for business cases.Rhapsody Designer for Systems Engineers RationalThe basic edition also includes a design verification simulation function.

For software developers,Rhapsody Architect for Software RationalVersion provides reverse engineering and support C, C++, Java and C# code framework to generate a feature.Rhapsody Developer RationalVersion also provides a visual development environment, can support the target embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) C, C++, Java and Ada code generation.

Two trial options are currently available: "assessment" page in the following sign select "download" option to download a trial version of the 30 day trial period, or select "sandbox" page to sign in the online server of Rhapsody for four hours of the online trial.

This trial version has all the features of the Rhapsody Rational version, and provides a lot of additional features and plug-ins. Download the trial version, the evaluation period is 30 days.

Do not want to download and install on your local machine? Alternative inTry online sandbox.

Operating systemEditionSizeThe wayDownload
Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, WindowsV8910 MB or 1140 MBHTTP|Download DirectorImmediately download

Use Director Download through 1.5 Mbps network connection is expected to download about 40 hours 2 minutes to 10 hours 1 minutes.

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