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It Xiaolong math library

Qualcomm Xiaolong it math library (SML) to achieve high performance of more than 200 basic linear algebra assemblies (BLAS) function. Now you can download and install the program (OS, X Windows or Linux), for ARM to compile, associated with SML rather than OpenBLAS or ATLAS.

What can you do?

To improve the next generation of embedded system more easily perceived cognitive and better connectivity, more intelligent and more convenient interactive to use Qualcomm & reg; a complete set of hardware and software solutions.

Qualcomm set of hardware and software tools can help you out of immersive, console quality games and graphics development on mobile devices. Through all over the world of billions of snapdragon IT equipment, our optimization tool can help you show your game can achieve what kind of effect to the whole world.

Qualcomm & reg; is pushing the innovation of Networking (IOT), so that developers can use the tools they need to create Internet applications, experience and equipment. When hundreds of billions of items to establish connections through the cloud, IoT can open a higher energy efficiency, personalized services and new experience.

Xiaolong "mobile processor is developed by Qualcomm & reg; complete system on chip solution scheme series, the series to adapt to user needs and provide excellent user experience and longer battery life.

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DragonBoard 410C

The DragonBoard 410C will be the first on the development board Qualcomm snapdragon processor 400 series of it. It has many advanced features, a powerful processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, support for GPS. All of these advanced features are integrated in a development board with the size of the credit card. Snapdragon410 processor based on 64bit computing...

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[information] things can save lives?

Qualcomm new season Invent-Off #WhyWait game is about to begin. Developers will face new challenges in the game of invention and creation. How to develop a 410C based Dragonboard is likely to save a life in the key moment of things.

Qualcomm Internet of things Dragonboard Maker snapdragon

Time: 10:20:20 2016-07-01Sources:CSDN information

[information] new exhibition and exploration: the new Web application of Qualcomm patent technology

Author Rosenberg Donald is VP Qualcomm. He shared the view of promoting the development and commercialization of technology from the perspective of intellectual property innovation.

Qualcomm LTE 5G Internet of things Smart home V2X

Time: 10:55:32 2016-06-30Sources:CSDN information

[Video] V2X communication, let the car networking is not limited to car entertainment

Let the car networking, can provide car entertainment, which is the most common impression of the car networking. However, with the emergence of 5G, we can use the car in the future to discover the surrounding services, and other vehicles at 150 kilometers per hour interactive data, and ultimately achieve no congestion, low accident rate of intelligent transportation.

Qualcomm 5G V2X Vehicle networking Internet of things

Time: 03:50:58 2016-06-29

[Video] Vulkan video tutorial Triangle 5- sample pre row

This is the fifth section of the Vulkan video tutorial. Qualcomm senior engineer Feldman Mark in the video with the case and the actual code on the SDK for Vulkan Triangle Adreno sample.

Qualcomm Vulkan OpenGL 3D graphics Android Adreno

Time: 10:26:24 2016-06-28

[blog] Symphony System Manager SDK Qualcomm use for example

Symphony System Manager is Qualcomm products, providing the overall CPU, GPU and DSP power and performance management and let the program can in the stringent requirements of low power consumption, low heat dissipation to stable frame rate is running. This paper explains its use in the Android environment.

Qualcomm Android Performance management performance optimization CPU GPU DSP

Time: 01:30:43 2016-06-27Sources:CSDN blog

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