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IBM Security AppScan The R is a leading application security test suite to loopholes in the management of the entire life cycle of software testing. Security AppScan IBM Automatic vulnerability assessment, scanning and detection of all common web application vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflow and Flash/ flex applications and Web2.0 vulnerability scanning.

The characteristics and advantages of the AppScan include the following:

1) scans and tests, a wide scope of application security vulnerabilities) 2 can scan complex web applications 3) with high precision and advanced detection function, including analysis of dynamic and innovative hybrid glass box testing (runtime analysis, static Taint Analysis 4) rapid repair and priority outcomes, restoration into recommendations 5) enhanced your insight into organizational compliance with government and industry task, promote the 40 Xiang Hegui report.

Web applications support include: Adobe Flash, JavaScript, Ajax and simple object access protocol (soap), web services.

This trial version is provided. IBM Security AppScan Standard Version of the full functionality, without any functional limitations. The only limitation is that the scanning is restricted to a site, Altoro Mutual:

Use note:
Use evaluation license, you can scan the test site, Altoro Mutual: The use of predefined templates,, display it in a new scan dialog box. When prompted to enter user name and password, Use
user name Jsmith

How do you need to evaluate and test your own website, need to apply for a trial license:contact us.

The download option for scanning component of Web services. When you download and use this trial version, you can in the community of Appscan users Submit the technical problems and questions, please visit:AppScan Forum.

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