InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition IBM

InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition IBM is a free, downloadable, non - productive BigInsights version, through Hadoop Apache (including the MapReduce framework and Distributed File Hadoop Systems) with original and enterprise ready technologies and features from the entire Big (including SQL IBM, text analysis and Combined with the use of BigSheets, to achieve a cost-effective way to large, complex data into a new solution to gain insight into. To obtain support or to deploy to the production environment, please use the Enterprise Edition BigInsights.

InfoSphere Quick Start Edition IBM is a free download version, there is no data and time constraints. Start Quick Version is applicable to any enterprise that wants to use the BigInsights function, so as to experience Hadoop And exploring different use cases.

Product specifications

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Sixty-four An operating system: Windows, Linux & reg TM(HTTP or Director Download)

VMware image, Windows & reg(HTTP or Download Director)