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Tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin: to change the world with technology, through the Internet and traditional industry barriers
Tuba rabbit, known as the "home improvement industry Uber". From trading to guarantee transaction to server remodeling, delivery orders, tuba rabbit architecture from LAM...
E bag wash Cen Yonghong: 20 times more than expected under the pressure of the structure, how to change?
"Internet plus" fashion, as washing O2O star in the field of entrepreneurship, has just won $100 million B round of financing e bag wash build framework to start from 0...

Information dynamics

Tencent cloud officially launched the package plan, technical community cooperation will be fully launched
Recently, Tencent cloud and open source platform for China to reach a strategic cooperation, the first batch of open source Chinese public projects on the eve of the new year's eve...
2016 strong rise of cloud computing, Tencent launched the first shot of the cloud
At the beginning of the new year, many people will find a taxi, surrounded by the cloud of advertising. January 2nd am -4 am, teng...
[rise] a poster for you to uncover the mystery of human travel
From the original era, the agricultural era, industrial era, and then to today's mobile Internet era, the change of human travel way every time...

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