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Full immersive 3D experience, analysis of the core gameplay of mobile games
ARM processor to enter the new era of FinFET technology of high performance and low power consumption and performance of smartphones, tablet computers and TV set-top box will also increase 40% or even several times, the metal frame through renderer computing to further enhance the ability of GPGPU programming, mobile game everywhere, the game industry has entered the A new era.
HTML5 game development how to solve the payment pain points?
That even that play, the spread of the virus, the high user stickiness, HTML5 games in order to ensure quality, gameplay, and expressive force does not lose the super app and original games and to greatly increase the dwell time of the user, and are more likely to spread, but pay rate has been a sore point. From enterprise custom to props, content to pay, how to realize?
Qualcomm Zhou Qing: the performance optimization of mobile platform games
From design to final GPU, every step is required to optimize the possibility of developers how to learn what is the bottleneck of the game itself? On May 18, Qualcomm snapdragon games and graphics developers seminar, Qualcomm engineering innovation center senior engineering director Zhou Qing this shared suggestions for the optimization of 3D graphics.
Qualcomm Zhang Tao: mobile platform to create advanced 3D effects
From the cartoon rendering, skin, clothes, fur, depth of field to the light of God, retro color, mobile platform on how to create advanced 3D visual effects? On May 18, Qualcomm snapdragon games and graphics developers seminar, Qualcomm senior engineer Zhang Tao depth teaches the method of drawing a variety of materials.
13 year old iOS developer: Sprite development Kit Swift Game Guide
The author Ajay Venkat is a year only 13 years old, IOS developers, he likes with the sprite kit 2D game framework to develop the game for IOS, in understanding to the many children of the same age are very interested in this, he himself with a swift language developed a game for example wrote this tutorial.

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