Spark actual combat, the first part: the use of Spark language development Scala application

Life of a SparkSQL job

SparkSQL combined with SparkStreaming, the use of SQL to complete the data statistics in real time calculation

7 of the most common Hadoop and Spark projects

San Francisco Summit Spark 2015, to witness China's technological strength

In the summit experience the deepest is China's spark development too fast, the spark launch databricks CTO Matei zaharia focus on keynotes pointed out: the spark of the largest cluster from Tencent, 8000 nodes and a single job maximum respectively Alibaba and databricks -- 1PB.

IBM released Spark Apache cloud services

&amp Mesos; YARN, on the challenges faced by cluster resource management

This paper summarized since the evening of July 2, 8:30-10:00 CSDN spark of high-end micro channel group discussions, the major share of experts, including: talkingdata, vice president of research and development Yan Zhitao, GrowingIO Takeshi. Admaster Technology Vice President Lu billion Lei, spark Committer, Mesos/Hadoop contributor Jun Luan Xia.

A scalable movie recommendation system based on Spark and Flask

[welfare] four God tonight micro channel Roundtable: YARN or Mesos? Spark pain points

Tonight, with four gods dating. Talkingdata Yan Zhitao, AsiaInfo Tian Yi. Admaster Lu billion Lei, spark Committer, Mesos/Hadoop contributor Jun Luan Xia together to discuss the yarn on spark pain points and optimization, the status of the yarn in the Hadoop, and mesos application status and characteristics.

Elephas:Apache Keras deep learning framework on Spark

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By CSDN and the "programmer" magazine editor and community co - building, covering large data and Hadoop field, extraction of the most essential Hadoop and big data technology content, four per week to send.

Spark community activities