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In-depth understanding of SparkBy reading the spark source, in-depth understanding of principle of spark internal subsystems, and provide reference for performance tuning and development work.
Learn Shader Unity togetherThe Unity shader is not a unique language, but a kind of code generation. For who want to learn unity shaders, from the most basic Shader Architecture to the shader creation, learning step by step shader just slowly master Shader Language, and then learn the development of late effects.
Android Development NotesAndroid Development notes, record the experience of Android development work to share with the summary, to facilitate readers to quickly improve the Android development skills. This column is divided into five categories: display, storage, communication, publication and tuning, advanced usage.
The art of algorithmsThe program was his internal logic rather than the external manifestation of the guidelines, we love to a large extent is program to achieve the perfect logic, and external things just take out to share with everyone happy means, right?

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[mobile development] Erase SD [IMX6DL]fastboot partition implementation

V2009.08 u-boot: The default system only supports FastBoot erase NAND function, and we use the SD, SD and EMMC are based on MMC, U-boot MMC block erase itself has a function, so we can use it to block the corresponding flash. In writing before, we need the corresponding partition information, FastBoot init that will need to be partition The information is added to the table partition, which...
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[mobile development] 6.4, Studio GPU Monitor Android

Monitor Android contains Monitor GPU, it will be a visual display of the time to render the form. Monitor GPU can help you: 1, quickly view the UI form generation 2, to identify whether the pipeline is beyond the use of the pipeline in Monitor GPU to display a running application 1, open a project 2, in the physical device or virtual machine running applications 3, display Monitor Android 4, click Monitors to display and display GPU...

[mobile development] Master Objective-C] memory management

Master Objective-C] memory management reference books: "proficient in Objective-C" [United States] Lee Keith directory proficient in Objective-C memory management catalog Memory usage of the program Manual management Basic principles of MRR memory management Use MRR Automatic reference counting ARC rules and conventions Use ARC To process the memory usage of the loop reference program, the Objective-C executable program is composed of (executable) code, initialization and initialization of the program data, link information, relocation information, local data and...
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[mobile development] 6.3, Studio CPU Monitor Android

Monitor Android contains a Monitor CPU that allows you to easily monitor the use of CPU for your application. It shows try to use the CPU. In Monitor CPU display is running the application 1, open a project 2, in the physical device or virtual machine running applications 3, display Monitor Android 4, click Monitors and display Monitor CPU. As graph: Author: Song Zhihui Personal micro-blog: Click to enter...

[mobile development] 6.2, Studio Android memory

Monitor Android provides a Monitor Memory, so you can easily monitor application performance and memory usage, and you can find useless objects, local memory leaks and memory usage for connected devices. Monitor Memory shows how your application allocates memory, and displays it in a visual way: 1, according to the time to display a graph of the available and allocated Java memory 2, according to the time display of garbage disposal events 3, initialize the garbage disposal event Monito Memory...

System operation and maintenance URL Nginx rewriting

1.URL Rewrite Module (Rewrite) abstract This module allows the use of regular expressions to rewrite the URI (the PCRE Library), and can be used in accordance with the relevant variables to redirect and select different configurations. If this directive is specified in the server field, it will be executed before the requested location is determined, and if there are other rewrite rules in the location after the instruction is executed, they are also executed. If this instruction is executed in location, the new URI is generated, and then the location is determined again...
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[programming language] HDU 5289 RMQ+ rule

Click to open the link As for a sequence of numbers and then ask your maximum number of intervals and the minimum value is less than k, output Ideas: for maximum and minimum value difference we directly use RMQ st can quickly obtained, and then find the current I to back where is can be, the thought and foot to take exactly the same for out on the line, output note long long on the line, nothing to #include #include #include #include #include Na using...
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[programming language] JAVA code reuse mechanism reuse class inheritance syntax (Fu Yuanma)

preface Inheritance is part of all of the OOP language and Java language is indispensable. When creating a class, always in succession. Therefore, unless it has been explicitly pointed out that to inherit from another class, otherwise it is implicit from the standard Java root class object of inheritance. Combination grammar is plain, but the use of inheritance is a kind of special grammar. In the process of inheritance, you need to declare "the new class is similar to the old class". This statement is written by the left side of the main body of the bracket before writing, followed by the name of the base class exten...

[mobile development] Wpa_supplicant madwifi hostapd detailed analysis (ten) - WPS principle and implementation two

In front of the WPS interactive process has a general understanding, and now look at the WPS interactive frame format and the information carried by each frame. WPS using 802.1x and EAP transmission band of the registration agreement interaction information. These information inside will carry a big endian ordering attributes on the field. This agreement will correspond to a custom method EAP. WPS does not need AP support RADIUS, also does not require the network contains an authentication server, in fact, a lot of AP with the function of WPS only supports WPS use 802.1x...

[programming language] Win10 uwp SMMs bed

This paper, how to use SMMs bed upload pictures, use win10 uwp post files, because I am a slag slag, if the wrong, please and I say, in the comments, or send me email please don't adverse remarks to find a good bed, can use post upload files in a simple, I do a tool, can upload pictures, use only need to / / incoming documents 42E32CBE4C4531C77E4DAB5853D7D4B9...
Lindexi_gd special column:Uwp entry 3 hours ago Reading (211)

[programming language] As God you know why Java string designed not variable!

String is an immutable class in Java, which can not be modified once it is. Once the instance of an immutable class is created, the value of the member variable cannot be modified, and the variable class has many advantages. These everyone know that you know why the Java designers to design it as an immutable class well, under the speak for everyone to explain. String pool The string pool is a special storage in the method area. When a string is created, the first will go to the pool of the string to find, if found, directly to the string to return to the...
Mr_Smile2014 special column:Java common problems 3 hours ago Reading (456)

[programming language] Python to achieve object positioning

Some time ago, the use of laboratory equipment to write a small project, a simple sort of (not perfect), and now share. The content is: using satellite positioning information receiver, receiver object position information (longitude, latitude, etc.) and analysis of these data and according to the longitude and latitude information clearance Baidu map API to access the object specific location information, position of the object. I used in my development language is python, the main: serial port communication, mysqldb library, urllib2 library, serve protocols base...

[programming language] Intervals LeetCode:Merge

Intervals Merge Total Accepted: 71689 Total Submissions: 275494 Difficulty: Hard A collection of intervals merge, all overlapping intervals. Given Example For, Given [1,3],...

[programming language] Permutation LeetCode:Next

Permutation Next Total Accepted: 70533 Total Submissions: 261357 Difficulty: Medium Next permutation which, rearranges numbers into the lexicographically next great Implement...

[mobile development] Android vernacular start (booting process Android)

Today we will go deep into the process of starting the Android process, from the user to press the boot key to the Android interface. Search on Google Android boot process will get a lot of good English articles, explain Android starts the process, each person tells the perspective is not the same, by reading and understanding of Android will more deeply. Here is the link, please don't open the wall! thank you Https:// Q=The+Android+?...

[programming language] 51NOD 1413 power binary (thinking)

A decimal integer is called the power binary, which is made up of only 0 or 1 when his decimal representation is expressed. For example, 1101110011, 2 are the power of binary and 12900, 0 is not. When a given n, calculate the minimum number of power binary to get n. Input Single set of test data. An integer n (1<=n<=1000000) is given in the first line. Output The output of the answer to the line. Input example Nine Output example 9 problem-solving ideas:...
Qingshui23 special column:ACM's ITAK Road 6 hours ago Reading (464)

[programming language] 51NOD 1417 heaven in the game (column equation solution)

Transfer gate Many years later, when Noder saw the Gypsies, think of that distant afternoon. Noder lying on the grass in a random look, the two floor of the coffee shop in the sun shining bright, like to evolve into a huge coffee beans. The weather is a bit cold, but the grass is still warm. Not far from where sat a gypsy girl, holding the tarot cards, with a headset, is on the edge of her dog. The dog looks a bit fierce, but the girl is pretty. Noder began to calculate the probability of success of a variety of ways to approach, however, the existence of the dog....... Strange things happened, the girl came over and put the headset on Nod...
Qingshui23 special column:ACM's ITAK Road 6 hours ago Reading (489)

[mobile development] 6.1, Studio Android Monitor Android overview

Monitor Android helps you monitor the performance of your application to help you optimize, debug, and improve your performance. Following functions: 1, Log message, the system defined or defined by the developer. 2, memory, CPU and GPU usage. 3, the network situation (only in the physical device used) Monitor Android provides a variety of tools to view the application of real-time information. When you run, it will capture data and save it to a file where you can analyze multiple views. You can also run the application...

[programming language] HDU 5702 Order Solving (structure of the sort of water title)

Title Link: pid=5702? Http:// Order Solving Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission (s): 184 Accepted Su...
Qiqi_skystar special column:Believe I can I 7 hours ago Reading (533)

[programming language] 51NOD 1279 throw plates (two points + thinking)

The transmission gate has a well, and the height of the well is N, and the width of the transmission gate is changed every 1 units. Now throw the disc from the well head to the bottom, if the width of the disc is larger than the width of the well at a certain height, then the disc is stuck. There are several kinds of fate of the plate: 1, fell to the bottom of the well. 2, was stuck. 3, fell to the top of the other plate. The height of the plate is also the height of the unit. Given the width of the well and the width of each plate, the number of plates in the well will eventually fall. As shown in figure well and plate information is as follows: Well: 5643623 Plate: 23524 in the end there are 4...
Qingshui23 special column:ACM's ITAK Road 7 hours ago Reading (545)

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