• 2015 China artificial intelligence conference was successfully held in Beijing

    -27 (China Artificial Intelligence Conference) was held at the Friendship Hotel Beijing in July 26th CCAI2015. The conference organized by the China Association for science and technology, Ministry of science and technology, guide to Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Artificial Intelligence Association launched, CSDN contractors, designed to create the annual gathering of the artificial intelligence in the field of domestic largest, specifications of the highest academic and technical, apex level experts and scholars and industry at home and abroad together, many academicians, it giants, Dean of the graduate school, a top company responsible person will be the latest application share the theme of the report, 1000 + first-line technical field of the elites to participate in the discussion. [detailed]

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  • July 26th
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  • 17:00After the end of the five group discussion, the future of artificial intelligence and robotics sub forum to enter the whole discussion session, the experts to solve the problem for the audience to make a detailed answer. [details]

  • 15:45The first discussion direction: "what is artificial intelligence? What is a robot? What is the relationship between artificial intelligence and robotics?" (1), iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Hu Yu said: artificial intelligence has two levels: artificial method to make the machine intelligence; mechanical or computer behavior behavior looks smart. The ability to think more of a machine is more like a brain or a brain. Graphics recognition, speech recognition and other technologies are in order to make the machine can have more like people's behavior. Artificial intelligence and robot are two aspects of a thing. Artificial intelligence, for example, is a noun in the computer science, and the robot is a noun in the machine and electronics. (2) Professor Zhao Jie, a professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, said: "the concept changes with the development of technology. To the ultimate goal, it's like a human being. Not only function, shape, but all aspects of people like. Now the difference is due to the lack of technical development. The relationship between artificial intelligence and robotics? This is a simple and complex problem. Because what is human, it is difficult to define. Philosophical perspective, with the perception, thinking, decision-making and execution capabilities of the machine, to help people achieve production and other objectives. (3) Xu Fang, President of SIASUN Robotics Institute, said: the existing robots are taught how to do it, not what they do. The "teaching" process, is the most important relationship between the robot and the robot. (4) small I robot co founder, President and chief technology officer Zhu repeatedly said: enough complexity will be able to produce intelligent. Intelligence is not unique to a person. More robots are automated machines. Robot is a kind of application of artificial intelligence, intelligent robot is a kind of synthetic embodiment of artificial intelligence, it is the goal of human, so that the machine can finish the work. In the development process, there will be a lot of different. [details]

  • The second direction is "artificial intelligence" in theory, what are the major advances in technology?" (1), iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Hu Yu said that artificial intelligence development very quickly in the last five years, he believes that the main performance in two, artificial intelligence voice and image development. (2) small I robot co-founder, President and chief technology officer Zhu Pinpin think cloud recognition has entered the industrialization of application, he said the future of artificial intelligence explosion, three elements are indispensable, including very strong ability of computing, algorithm, data. (3) Research Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Qiao Hong for the development of artificial intelligence has two directions, one is biological heuristic, the other is fully functional. (4) Ministry of science and technology research and development center researcher Liu Jinchang believes that the reason why the last 5 years of artificial intelligence hot up, with a saying that the robot is far away from us to come to our side. The main reason is that our national leaders attach great importance to the second financial sector to recognize that the robot is a good direction, including the entry of large enterprises, these factors have contributed to the rapid development of artificial intelligence and robotics. (5) School of mechanical engineering and automation, Professor Wang Tianmiao added, artificial intelligence and robotics development thanks to the demand of industrial robot rapid growth, followed by the acquisition of the artificial intelligence and robotics company large foreign Internet companies.

  • Third groups of discussion: "artificial intelligence and robot in the next 5 years or 10 years, whether it will become a wind? What is the first to enter the practical products?" (1) Xu Fang, President of SIASUN Robotics Institute, said: industrial robots have come into reality. Vision and touch will be the focus of the future. Precision assembly will become possible. Intelligent industrial robots will be popular in the future 5-10 years. Originally the car and other high-end industry applications, and now the use of a wide range, not suitable for people to work in the scene can be used to replace the human robot. (2) Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of automation researcher Qiao Hong think: in the short term, IT/ Internet speed in the robot. (3) Professor Zhao Jie, Harbin Institute of Technology, said: the robot research institute, said: now the meeting will talk about the robot. Originally the robot to do, artificial intelligence more tall on. After the combination of artificial intelligence and robotics, what requirements will be put forward, after all, the robot is a manifestation of artificial intelligence, including the structure, function and other aspects. In turn, the robot's intelligence also has a demand for artificial intelligence, such as vision, handling the accuracy of the object. Integration of good, will be the next 5-10 years of development highlights. (4) the Ministry of science and technology research and development center researcher Liu Jinchang said: the government's support and support, artificial intelligence and robotics will certainly become an outlet. When it comes to development, to solve the rigid demand for food and clothing, such as the outbreak of the home robot will soon. (5), iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Hu Yu said: "from 0 to 1," this book, there is a word for artificial intelligence and robotics: the United States in recent years into a lot of research and development funds can fly car. Finally, the lack of the 140 character (referring to the twitter). What the real world needs is the physical, the synthesis thing, but the virtual and the information but it develops faster. In addition, the interaction of emotion is a kind of expression of immersion experience. So pure virtualization of artificial intelligence in the developed, but also can not solve the needs of physical and emotional. (6) small I robot co founder, President and chief technology officer Zhu repeatedly said: small I robot in the past six months, the valuation turned nearly ten times. Capital market is the most recognized development of new technology. Whether it is the way to do with the robot intelligent robot, or from artificial intelligence to do the robot, is one of the. Whether it is the United States a new research and development of the sweeping robot, or the Chinese intelligent vacuum cleaner to change the sweeping robot, are the same. So the integration of human intelligence and machine must be the next outlet.

  • Fourth discussion direction: "if there are investment opportunities, what are you more optimistic about the project?" (1) small I robot co-founder, President and chief technology officer Zhu Pinpin: investment two aspects, technology research and development of core competence and in accordance with the extension direction of the industry development trend, better able to output the core competence of the corporation. For example, we invest in the United States face recognition of a family, to simulate the real situation. (2), iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Hu Yu: customer's point of view, the artificial intelligence and robotics will invest around the direction of the children and the elderly. (3) SIASUN robotics academy President Xu Fang: civil service robots in the field of intelligence also need to invest. Including voice has not been achieved and people can freely exchange. On the other hand, in the cognitive, deep learning and other technical aspects should continue to invest.

  • Fifth groups of discussion: "our country in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics research strengths, weaknesses and recommendations?" (1) Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhao Jie, director of the Robotics Institute believes that the development of artificial intelligence must pay attention to the cost of technology, technology, low cost of the topic can not be ignored. (2) researcher at the Ministry of science and high technology research and development center Liu Jinchang expressed for artificial intelligence development needs of the first real depth fusion, in addition to the technology, and a is the tolerance, including artificial intelligence and robot talent collaborative development. Second enterprises need different development, cannot follow suit. Third find a suitable direction. (3) researcher at the Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Joe said for temporary disadvantage of artificial intelligence, he suggested that one is tolerance, more tolerant, and a is enterprise and talent of the joint, at this point he agreed with the views of the above two.

  • 15:40On the afternoon of the 27th "artificial intelligence and robot of the future" forum hosted by the school of mechanical engineering and automation, Professor Wang Tian Miao, he first introduced the attended the forum six guests, namely Siasun Robot & Central Research Institute president Xu Fang, Zhao Jie, director of the Institute of Harbin Industrial University Professor, robotics, researcher at the Ministry of science and high technology research and development center Liu Jinchang, iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Hu Yu, researcher at the Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Joe, I robot co-founder, President and chief technology officer Zhu Pinpin. He said that the current artificial intelligence has been gradually from the laboratory into the community, into life, from the concept to the product, so now have to understand what is artificial intelligence, what is the robot. [details]

  • 14:25"Big data opportunities and challenges" sub forum to enter the discussion session, the experts for the problem of the audience to make a detailed answer. [details]

  • 14:15Koala credit chief technology officer Ge Weiping to share the relationship between credit and data. He believes that the data and credit are inseparable. More types of credit related data, so to collection and utilization can reflect the ability or willingness of data, such as credit data, financial data, public payment data, consumer data, in the era of mobile Internet can according to the position information authentication efficiency, Internet information can also join evaluation. Processing these large data, the need to use Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Impala and other technologies. Specific credit modeling approach is to take the traditional statistical theory and large data technology joint modeling, the greater the amount of data, the more able to enhance the model predictive power, the higher the processing capacity, the more obvious the modeling advantage. [details]

  • 14:05Spring rain mobile health CEO Zhang Rui specific analysis of the digital medical core - EHR. Defining EHR has four aspects: real-time health flow data, duration of disease data, node health level data and health consumer behavior data. Among them, the real-time flow of data is mainly collected by the human body heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose, exercise, body temperature, breathing and other vital signs data, mainly from wearable devices, etc.. Duration of disease data from the hospital, but because of the information island, there is a great obstacle to the application. EHR bring change, first of all, from the doctor to see you, from the doctor center to the user center, from the hospital center to the living room center, from the cure to the disease to earn money. There are still some problems need to be resolved, such as Chinese users EHR data portraits, EHR on the downstream hardware and EHR interface standards, etc.. [details]

  • 13:55Computation of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Heqing theme is "big data and artificial intelligence", his introduction to a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology foundation includes: distributed and parallel computing environment, expert rules knowledge search, unstructured information processing, cognitive learning process. For data, how to develop artificial intelligence. He thinks that need to cognitive science based, on intelligent algorithm as the center, through computational intelligence as a means, progressive layer by layer to enhance the intelligence. In addition, there is a need amalgamation of software and hardware, interdisciplinary intelligent information processing to achieve. At last, he introduced the characteristics and challenges of the big data mining algorithms. [details]

  • 13:45Fudan University Professor, Shanghai Key Laboratory of data science director Zhu Yangyong said that big data is the current technology can not deal with the data set, which for the practitioners of artificial intelligence is good news, because there are more things to do. Today the reason for speaking of big data, and said before information is differentiated, and not take big data hat is big data, the data is refers to according to measurement issues to provide services of large data sets, the floorboard of big data technology and data applications. The key technology challenge of big data problem is: to find the value of the hidden in the low value density data resources, in the hope of time to complete all the tasks. With data to solve the problem, and solve the problem of data, combined with data science. [details]

  • 13:35Tsinghua University Department of computer science, deputy director of the national "one thousand people plan" distinguished experts Zhu Wenwu said, including man, machine, material produced by the ubiquitous data, the data will bring changes to the industry and business opportunities. Data science, the data explosion will be the theory, experiment, calculation of the unity of the subject cross, from the calculation model driven into data driven, will bring a breakthrough in the calculation of data. Network world, the physical world and human society, three yuan of large data, the core issue is the heterogeneous Association, knowledge discovery. If you can better combine data driven and knowledge driven, big data will have more room for development. Brain computing is a big idea, and it takes time. [details]

  • 13:3027 afternoon, "big data of the opportunities and challenges" forum under the auspices of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Shi Yong began, he summed up this afternoon to discuss the direction, mainly includes the following questions: 1. Data and artificial intelligence. 2. Data of scientific theory and scientific data 3. Non structure and semi structure data structured problem. Data complexity expression and social data. Data open, property rights and privacy issues. Big data and human health. Big data and credit scores and social management. [details]

  • 11:45IFLYTEK chairman Liu Qingfeng introduced the latest progress of iFLYTEK artificial intelligence. He said that iFLYTEK speech interaction of three technical support (speech synthesis, speech recognition and natural language understanding) have reached the advanced level in the world, has repeatedly gains international awards. He introduced the research goal of super brain cognitive intelligence: the machine can understand the thinking, including language understanding, knowledge representation, association reasoning and autonomous learning. [details]

  • 10:45Hefei University of Technology Professor, countries "one thousand people plan" distinguished experts Wu Xindong's speech on the theme is "big data knowledge mining". In his view, big data has become a hot topic in the world, but what kind of scale is called big data? There are different definitions and interpretations from the aspects of database, statistics, mathematics and so on. But the need for its core technology is the same, data association and analysis. In January 2014 published the "Theorem HACE" papers, XPLORE IEEE monthly downloads are very high. Among them, HACE is heterogeneous, sources, Complex, Evolving, relationship Autonomous abbreviation, the core is to find data through the data association. In the eyes of Hefei University of technology, large data processing framework with four layers: data computing platform, expert system, personal information protection, data mining. [details]

  • 9:35Executive vice president of Microsoft's global executive vice president Shen Xiangyang to do the theme report Vision The - Past Present, Computer, Future and. He first introduced the the original intention of the Microsoft Project Oxford, Oxford project is mainly a can help developers create intelligent application of rest API and SDK development package, is a series of CAN intelligent data analysis and can let you become more "intelligent" service. It provided for a rest API and SDK, enabling developers to use the Microsoft natural data parsing algorithm function. The solution to add intelligence service. [details]

  • Currently offers the following API: facial API - Microsoft cloud based face recognition algorithm, can be used to detect and identify the face of the picture. Visual API - API is a set of advanced image processing algorithms, can be based on visual content to return information, and generate the image. Voice API - API provides the most advanced algorithms to deal with voice, the use of these API, developers can easily add voice control functions for their applications. In some cases, these API are also able to achieve real-time interaction. Intelligent language understanding service (LUIS) provides a quick and effective way to add language understanding to the application.

  • For computer vision, he reviewed the past 50 years of the development process, the key stages of experience, the current development of the status quo and the next development trend. At the same time, he shared the secret deep learning, including deep learning's definition, from where, he said deep learning's main reason for the outbreak of the first data is more, followed by the calculation speed. Lastly, he mentioned the latest research results of Microsoft coco system and Microsoft wheatgrass, wheatgrass launched in 1 year, there have been tens of millions of users, he said that artificial intelligence will be integrated into Microsoft's latest operating system, for computer vision, he predicted that the next research direction is the "two high a fine", namely high data, calculation, accurate calculation.

  • 8:35Academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, China artificial intelligence association chairman Li Deyi published the theme of the report of the brain cognitive formal -- Talking about the from R & D machine driving a brain ". He said that in order to explain the mystery of brain cognition there are two ways, the brain's cognitive neuroscience methods, and brain cognitive physics methods. Combination of cerebral cognitive physics method, biological research brain called form, mainly three issues: cognitive brain form can not be to focus on the social attribute of the cognitive and brain, as the head of the world brain is reaction to the objective physical world? How do people acquire knowledge and skills from the external environment? How the human brain is known to solve the unknown? How can the human brain's imagination form innovation? [details]

  • He believes that the connotation of brain cognition, including memory, computational cognitive and interactive. Memory is more important than calculation. He explained that the nature of brain cognition is statistical knowledge, the world's cognition is not a complete, the need to repeatedly repeatedly, in the constant perception, cognitive action in the process of formation of uncertainty, which is the evolution of. Dynamic evolutionary process from the time perspective is integral, it becomes memory. Computational cognitive, the human brain is not a variety of computing, there is only one calculation method - similar to the calculation. Cognitive interaction has the duality, but another important characteristic of brain cognition is brain through the perception of the outside world interaction system. The latter is subject to the limitations of the von Neumann computer.

  • Based on the above three aspects, Lee shared the driver's brain research, he believes that the need to know how to ignore and focus, to understand the abstract and separation. Specifically, the driving machine selective ignoring cognitive brain on the endocrine system of somatic nervous system, of heart and lung function, for their own survival related behavior control and regulation, only concerned about the safety of driving this particular attention. He demonstrated the 2012 design of the Beijing to Tianjin highway full of unmanned, full name without manual intervention. Design, including perception, cognition and action three functions, including long-term memory, working memory and action memory is very important, using GPU plus CPU plus FPGA plus ASIC technology. Li Deyi finally said that if the human brain specific problem domain cognitive ability can be localized terrain type, even in the micro does not have the organizational structure of the similarity.

  • 8:30Entered the second day of 2015 China Conference on artificial intelligence, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, China artificial intelligence association chairman Li Deyi, Microsoft's executive vice president Shen Xiangyang, Hefei University of Technology Professor, national "one thousand people plan" distinguished experts Wu Xindong, iFLYTEK Chairman Liu Qing Feng will deliver an important speech. The theme of the first half of the report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of the China Institute of artificial intelligence Tan Tieniu presided.

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