Mozilla is Rust company launched a new programming language, the 1 version of the official release in May 15, 2015. Rust's design goal is to make a system programming language, running high performance, to avoid almost all of the error (Fault Segmentation) and to ensure thread safety. This means that Rust can be used to build a highly efficient and reliable system.
Rust and other languages of the biggest difference is that it's type system, ownership (Ownership) and survival period (Lifetime), these are from some of the best practices in C/C++. For a senior systems programmer, using the rust will greatly reduce their check the wrong time, and for beginners, they use rust to write code, in obtaining similar to C / C + + running speed at the same time, also can avoid because of lack of experience and the error in program (crash).
Rust is a community project led by Mozilla, all people can directly participate in the development of the Github language. At present, RFC Request (For Comment Rust) has reached 1193, these RFC after passing, will be added to the Rust language.

Rust language foundationmore

Rust language foundation mainly includes grammar, including but not limited to the ownership, the survival of the concept of understanding, based on Trait object-oriented programming, generic programming, functional programming interface, macros, etc..

Rust application developmentmore

After learning the language foundation of rust shall by reading the source code of a number of small projects, and try to in the above to do some modifications or improvements to consolidate the basic knowledge, then choose a direction of interest (such as web, MCU, system components, games and other), to achieve a number of small demo.

Rust performance optimizationmore

After you can use the Rust to complete a project, you need to consider the design and implementation of Rust language, and to find their own procedures for the optimization of the point.

Participate in the development of Rust languagemore

In the Rust language to a certain extent, you will want to put forward some opinions of their own, or to promote the characteristics of some language into the Rust as soon as possible. At this time you can readRust developer documentation, and then for their own needs, to participate in the improvement of Rust.

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Rust special contribution expert

  • Zhong Yuteng

    Circle known Rust senior users, graduated from the Department of computer science, University of Hong Kong, is now a micro channel game development team, responsible for the development of micro channel game center, the game recommended system development.

  • Wu Weiyuan

    Rustcc member, Coroutine-rs co founder, UESTC students, Strikingly data engineers, Scala, Julia, Rust, Golang and other languages have in-depth use and research.

  • Zhuang Xiaoli

    Nearly ten years focused on easy language ( programming platform for research and development, as long as the Dalian Wu Taoyi language software development Co., ltd.. Currently in charge of video training software development in the education industry.

  • Tang Gang

    Rust Chinese community owners, the mother ask CEO, former beauty consistent network co-founder and CTO, had in Godson Menglan as nearly three years of R & D engineers.

  • Wang Chuan

    The people of Liangshan, founder of the Rosette Nebula, University before write all kinds of basic, before written in Java, before doing poineering work written in Python, then what to do.

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