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CSDN launch of the development of technology resources collection, according to the technical field, is divided into different learning routes. Covers entry, advanced and practical three stage, to help system developers to learn to master the special technology, rapid increase levels of development.

The learning route guest editors

Chen Yang
Chen Yang

Hangzhou product director

2008 jointly established the Hangzhou trillion in 2013, the formation of the WeChat project team, responsible for the application and development of WeChat's third party industry. Master of computer engineering, Zhejiang University.

Huang Rongzhen
Huang Rongzhen

Shenzhen cloud soft technology VP

In the first lead the team to develop China Merchants Bank credit card micro channel customer service, Minsheng Bank micro channel customer service, Guangdong Unicom voca applications.

Zhang Yongsheng
Zhang Yongsheng

Twilight interactive CEO

Since 2012 for a number of the world's top five hundred corporate customers to provide new media marketing services, more than 100 WeChat HTML5 marketing project combat experience.

Liu Yunqiang
Liu Yunqiang

Well known WeChat development Blogger

CSDN blog

Screen name Liu Feng, the domestic public platform for the application of one of the pioneers of the development of the public platform, perennial active in the CSDN community, and in the CSDN blog wrote a series of WeChat public platform for the development of the two tutorial. The author of the "WeChat public platform application development skills and case method,".

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With a large number of active users, WeChat has become one of the important marketing platform for businesses. The urgent need to provide customized services for businesses to provide a huge user base, attracting a large number of developers / developers to invest in the development of WeChat's public platform. Learning and mastering the development of WeChat's public platform technology, has become another important choice for developers gold.

In the CSDN station, with a large number of resources related to the development of WeChat, including the technology blog, the issue of discussion, tools, etc.. CSDN invited a number of WeChat development experts to take the essence of these resources, in accordance with the development of WeChat's learning route to display the station's high-quality resources, from basic to advanced development, to help you fully grasp the development of WeChat.

Here, we introduce you to the basics of WeChat development and advanced part.

Hot learning

 WeChat paid H5 page WAP terminal access

This article will introduce how to achieve WeChat payment in the WAP side, including the realization of the page and the background interface. The authors also share the pits and solutions encountered in this development process

Ants like to eat sugarPublished in2015-10-10

 WeChat payment development system development process and complete Demo display

WeChat has a lot of money to pay the pit, the official document is not comprehensive, and Demo more difficult to understand. If you need to pay attention to the details can not be realized, the developer will be a lot of detours. This article will explain the system to pay the development process and pay attention to WeChat, and the complete Demo.

Forget is the best rememberPublished in2015-09-26

 WeChat public service platform development (.Net Implementation): access to Token Access

As a developer, micro channel platform to provide you with the appid and secret, and these in the subscription number is not, so it should be service number to apply for, and obtain the access token can do to add menu, upload, download pictures and other functions. This article shows you how to get the Token Access.

HemengPublished in2014-02-19

 WeChat public platform development documents to obtain user location

Open to the geographical position of the public number, the user attention to enter the public number session, will play the box to allow users to confirm whether or not to allow the public to use its geographical location. There are two ways to get the user's location, one is to report to the session only once, one is to report every 5 seconds after entering the session. Public numbers can be set in the public platform web site. This paper will explain the process of setting up and implementation of the code.

Square fold studioPublished in2014-10-21

 WeChat public service platform development (.Net Implementation): to solve the problem of Token Access expired

Token Access is changed, under normal circumstances, it is valid for 7200 seconds, repeated acquisition will lead to the last acquisition of Token Access failed. And we can get the Token Access into a physical file or Application, the request to modify the contents of the expired, you need to read out. For more details, please read this article.

HemengPublished in2014-02-20

 WeChat public platform for the development of OAuth2.0 web authentication

OAuth is an open protocol that allows users to make third party application safety and standard way to obtain the user in a website, mobile or desktop applications stored private resources, without the need to supply a user name and password to third-party applications. This article will share the WeChat public platform OAuth2.0 authorization detail steps.

IamduoluoPublished in2014-10-22

 WeChat public account development tutorial: the creation of a custom menu and menu event response

For a service number, the developer can create a custom menu. This paper will explain the custom menu creation step, create a menu of difficulty, interpretation custom menu interface documentation, API documentation in interpretation of the restrictions on the use of, response menu click events. With code display, is to understand and create a custom menu menu event response is very good tutorial.

Liu Feng's columnPublished in2013-08-09

 WeChat public platform development: to generate two-dimensional code with parameters

In order to meet the needs of users to promote the analysis of the channel, WeChat public platform to generate a two-dimensional code with the parameters of the interface. With the interface, a plurality of two-dimensional codes with different scene values can be obtained. After the user is scanned, the public number can receive the event push. This paper introduces how to use the advanced interface to develop the function of two-dimensional code in the WeChat public platform.

Qiuxuemei915Published in2014-11-20

 WeChat payment: server development detailed call WeChat client payment

WeChat paid by the Tencent WeChat and money paid through the joint launch of the mobile payment products, designed for the majority of WeChat users and businesses to provide quality and safety of payment services. This article will explain the development process of WeChat to pay.

Qiuxuemei915Published in2014-11-20

 Development environmental requirements and preparation of WeChat public

This paper mainly introduces the use of ASP. Net to develop micro channel public number related functions need to prepare in advance for matters, including development of server software development environment; to help document the subscription number, service, and enterprise must read; on-line debugging tools.

FuyifangPublished in2014-10-31

 Interface access, officially became WeChat developer

Officially entered the development of WeChat, the need to prepare in advance what work? After what kind of process need to be officially become WeChat developers, this article through the simple language, the process is described.

QivanPublished in2014-02-10

 WeChat public platform to build Sina SAE server

WeChat development must be the first to build a good server, used to store their own development of the program file. This article will introduce how to build a sina SAE server, and upload their own code package.

Star special 530Published in2014-05-16

 The use of edit mode for the development of WeChat's public number

In edit mode, you can set the automatic reply by simply editing the interface. Service number and the bottom of the custom menu function. This mode does not require programming. Moto Hirofumi will take you to understand the editing mode, and show how to set up an automatic reply and custom menu features.

Wan Jing dustPublished in2014-03-06

 The development model of WeChat public number development series

WeChat public platform is divided into two modes of editing mode and development mode. Development model mainly for people with the ability to use the development. After opening the mode, the user can use the open interface of WeChat public platform, through the programming method to achieve the creation of a custom menu, the user message receiving / processing / response. This article will introduce how to enable development mode.

FuyifangPublished in2014-10-31

 WeChat public information development of the whole picture message

This paper mainly introduces the use of graphic and text messages in the development of WeChat public account, as well as several forms of graphic message. This article will help you clear all of the text messages related to the problem, doubts and obstacles.

Liu FengPublished in2013-07-25

 The development course of the public number of WeChat: reception and response of all kinds of information

When the user to the public account message, micro channel server message via the post method submitted to us in the interface configuration information to fill in the URL, and we need in the URL points to the request processing the dopost method receives a message, message processing and response message. This article will mainly introduce how to receive the message sent by WeChat server and make response.

The good will always be safe.Published in2013-09-24

 WeChat development - automatic recovery and multi customer service development

Automatic return function, interaction time and customer service workload can be reduced substantially, in service, pushed activities especially, and customer service is automatically return a superset of, if the auto reply could not handle, want to transfer to the customer service. This paper will analyze the two functions of the technology to achieve a detailed analysis.

The wind like moonlightPublished in2015-04-30

Video tutorial

Blog column

WeChat public number development

For the micro channel to share public number series subscription number, service, and enterprise integrated development, mainly from preparation for the development environment, development mode, micro channel underlying framework is developed to build, the bottom of the base class writing, message sending, page authorization and technical discussion and communication.

WeChat public platform

Science and technology are developing, the times are developing. Today, WeChat's public platform for the development of more and more fire. In response to the call of the party, special open this column. Although the moment to write a few tutorials are more basic, but in the future will continue to update. Give, me five yeah!

WeChat enterprise development

WeChat enterprise interface development, convergence of the Tencent API all the interface case analysis, with the source code and examples demonstrate, suitable for beginners to learn and learn

[cocos2d-x] WeChat air war to explain

Cocos2d-x WeChat to play the aircraft combat exercise, the original source of WeChat to fight the aircraft source to share.

WeChat enterprise development

This paper mainly introduces the various problems encountered in the development and development of WeChat enterprise, and the process of the development of WeChat enterprise.

WeChat public platform development

Share WeChat public platform development experience, based on the Java language, we explore the development of micro applications (light applications)!

WeChat public platform development

WeChat public platform development, environment building, interface development.

PHP WeChat public platform development

Record the use of PHP to do WeChat public platform development process.

WeChat payment development

WeChat payment is an exclusive field of development of WeChat's public platform, this column describes the main points and knowledge of WeChat payment development.

WeChat development

WeChat public and enterprise development technology sharing!

Depth development of WeChat service number

Share the experience of WeChat service development. Refused to have no brain paste official documents from me.

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The learning route guest editors

Chen Yang
Chen Yang

Hangzhou product director

Huang Rongzhen
Huang Rongzhen

Shenzhen cloud soft technology VP

Zhang Yongsheng
Zhang Yongsheng

Twilight interactive CEO

Liu Yunqiang
Liu Yunqiang

Well known WeChat development Blogger