Qualcomm China 2015 Summit Forum held in Beijing

On August 9, 2015, to "new technology, new chapter" as the theme of Qualcomm's 2015 Summit Forum held in Beijing, a total of including industry departments, operators, universities, mobile phone OEM / ODM, industry associations, developers, mobile Internet start-ups and media, analysts such as nearly 700 people attended the event.

At the summit, Qualcomm further emphasizes the development of the innovation and development of driving technology progress and industrial rise, showing the forefront of mobile technology, and promised to support Chinese "Internet plus" strategy and China semiconductor integrated circuit industry development, also issued a new market oriented China company brand image, convey Qualcomm always focus on the future to "brand positioning at the moment to enjoy the future", leading the industry to carry out investment so as to accelerate the whole ecosystem development commitment.

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  • 2015-09-10

    16:00 2018 completed the first edition of the 5G standard

    Judging from the global 5G development situation, our country is now mainly rely on 5G to promote the group to do 5G. From the entire research pace, ITU currently identified the naming of 5G. After the ITU research, the industry's overall technical standards research focused on 3GPP to do, is expected to start in 2016, ready to start the 5G standard research, in 2018 to complete the first version of the 5G standard.[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:55 Mobile Internet needs increased two times per year

    From the application point of view, generally speaking, mobile broadband mainly reflected in several aspects, one aspect, said us now mobile Internet will increase the demand, each year if increased by 2 times, and the increase still in the event, in mobile data will continue to need to happen when, this for operators requires more spectrum. From the spectrum, today most of the low frequency spectrum has been used, from the 5G, the spectrum may be slightly higher.[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:45 Revolutionary technological innovation in 5G Era

    From technology, there will be two aspects will be relatively large changes, or require revolutionary and innovative techniques, we believe that in the face of the future of the entire 5g. The first problem is that flow is very large, the flow is very big, it is necessary to as our equipment manufacturers, we are duty bound, you need to bring down the cost of traffic and traffic cost down is very important.[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:40 Communications to guide the development of intelligent vehicles

    In the four stages of the development of the automobile, we think that 3 and 4 of these two stages, communication can play a very important role. From the car itself is concerned, we have the intelligent car is divided into three areas:[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:35 Future mobile Internet, Internet of things driven 5G Technology

    We have always said that future 5g for the two major driving force, one is we now may be familiar with the mobile Internet, there is a IOT, for the mobile Internet, we summarize 5g actually should focus on, especially in 4G now is quite difficult and cost efficiency is not high case solved the problem, one is we called ultra high speed, ultra dense region of the demand.[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:20 New technology and new chapter Qualcomm2015 Summit Forum

    New technology and new chapter Qualcomm2015 summit continues. The first roundtable discussion theme for the 5G approach Internet plus, please moderator Posts package deputy editor, China Research Institute of communications information communication standards institute director Wang Zhiqin, HUAWEI wireless equipment department chief strategy officer Yu Quan, Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, Che Zaixin information service industry union secretary general Pang Chunlin and Vice President Fan Mingxi Qualcomm doctor of technology. Wang Bing: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, volume very fortunate enough to be able to and several together to discuss the future development of mobile, over the past few years past influence our biggest change our way of life most is the mobile communication, changing the our work, changed our life, change our entertainment, change our shopping, even changed many people's sleep time. Each generation of mobile communication development will bring the next life...[details]

  • 2015-09-10

    15:00 Changing the boundaries of the Internet

    Hello, I'm Pankaj Rajesh. Today, I will introduce some of the content of Qualcomm in research and development, as well as our efforts to change the boundaries of the internet. First of all, I would like to introduce Qualcomm research and development in the global layout. Qualcomm in the United States and a number of countries around the world research center, established in 2001 in Beijing, CDMA Qualcomm R & D center is one of the earliest R & D centers set up outside the United States in the United states.[details]

  • 2015-09-08

    14:20 Together with China to enjoy the future at the moment

    Meng Pu (Qualcomm China Chairman): distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Qualcomm China's partners, media and analysts, friends, good afternoon, everyone. First of all, I am on behalf of Qualcomm, welcome to attend today's 2015 summit forum. In the mobile Internet era, in fact, it is difficult to gather all the industry's big brothers in a place to meet. You may be through the smart phone navigation to determine the way to the venue, someone may just come back from the holiday, but also immersed in the excitement of the parade, will recall the day by the phone's huge lineup. I think since we have come to the event, as in the afternoon down in the hands of smart phones, and we share the mobile Internet industry and Qualcomm's influence on, and the future of Qualcomm will be how to partners with you in China cooperate, create a new industry, and...[details]

Scene pictures
Presentation guests
Meng Pu Qualcomm China Chairman
Vice president of Yan Chenwei Qualcomm products
Vice president of sales, Zheng Jiansheng Qualcomm
Vice president of R & D Fan Mingxi Qualcomm
Wu Xinyi Boston Consulting company partners
Liu Xiangming "commercial value" magazine publisher
Deputy editor in chief of the people's post and post of Wang Bing
Yu Quan HUAWEI product line chief strategy officer
Huang Yuhong China Mobile Research Institute
Dean, Bi Yalei Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology
The general manager of mobile phone Li Rui Shiner Ltd
Zhu Fanghao our Internet technology CTO
Pang Chunlin car information union secretary general
Yu Kai robotics horizon founder
Tian Gang, deputy general manager of Tencent intelligent equipment center

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Opening video & Introduction



Speech: now enjoy the future.

Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China



Speech: the mobile revolution - the mobile industry to promote economic growth

Wu Xinyi, MD and Boston Consulting Company (BCG) partners



Speech: cross-border: the nature of the future of Technology

Pankaj Rajesh



Afternoon tea and Works Exhibition



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Group Director / host


How to promote the Internet plus plan 5G

Fan Mingxi

China vehicle information service application Alliance (TIAA)

Zhiqin Wang, China Communication Information Research Institute (CATR)

Yu Quan, HUAWEI wireless network product line chief strategy officer

Wang Bing, deputy editor in chief of the people's post and Telecommunications


Beyond smart phones

Dr. Zheng Jiansheng, vice president of sales, Qualcomm

Tian Gang, deputy general manager of Tencent mobile Internet business

Yalei Bi

Yu Kai

Liu Xiangming, "commercial value" magazine publisher


In the new era of intelligent mobile competition

Yan Chenwei

Dragon flag



Music as (LeTV)

Li GM, of Sino MR Handset Rick



End of event and feedback information collection