• 2015 cloud + future Tencent cloud technology leadership summit held in September

    September 15th, Tencent cloud and CSDN will be held in Qianhai, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong jointly organized 2015 cloud + future Tencent cloud technology leadership summit. When the number of T4 Ka, Tencent technology Internet plus the industry heavyweights such as personal experiences and stories about technology in practice, in the future of the world out of the ordinary imagination. [detailed]

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  • 16:25Roundtable links from CSDN cloud computing under the auspices of the channel editor Guo Xuemei, to participate in the round table forum of six guests are: Tencent cloud developer relations group director Huang Xitong; calculation, director of the Department of Hong Kong University of science and technology, micro channel chief technical advisor Yang Qiang; Chinese information no obstacle products union secretary general liangzhenyu; leancloud founder and general manager Jianghong; hungry CTO Zhang Xuefeng; lithography era, vice president of technical R & D center Yang Senmiao. First of all, distinguished guests were introduced to themselves, and then, we will be on the future of what technology has a very good outbreak of discussion. Yang Qiang think this a few years of artificial intelligence research found that from the data which can get a lot of things in the past is not, so machine algorithm with high data makes artificial intelligence now get a breakthrough, this connection also produced the intelligent. Now intelligent generation brings us two different aspects. One is our service can enter thousands of households. The second change is the depth of the service, the past of the Internet service is relatively shallow, the future of artificial intelligence is to imitate human behavior. Liangzhenyu that in fact, in his opinion, Internet technology for the future change has now begun, China has tens of millions of very special people, they are hearing impaired, visually impaired such disabled, actually before the maturity of the Internet technology, they live a primitive man like a kind of lives, isolated from the world, until the advent of the Internet, for example I visually impaired employees, he can in his room with hungry to the meal, with micro channel movie tickets go buy the movie tickets go out to see a movie, the future development of the Internet technology, to expand our each person and Internet connection between the way. Yang Senmiao said the future of entertainment in terms of the foreseeable technology too much, face recognition, precision positioning, brain wave identification, including AR, also includes a sense of body and so on. Jiang Hong believes the next step of the Internet, whether it is from the industry, or from the technical terms, are all aspects of the Internet and traditional life closely integrated. I think the next few years will be like this, most of the new products, it is more of the Internet and a certain industry, or even a combination of aspects. Zhang Xuefeng said hungry now? Positioning has been slowly from a takeaway began to position in life, distribution alone is not enough, the hungry? There are more than 4000 their delivery staff, plus Jingdong now also help us distribution, but still not enough, now more popular is crowdsourcing, is not entirely their own people to do, this is a technology to bring change. Finally, the forum to enter the question session, participants on their own issues of concern to the round table guests on a one to one question.

  • 16:05Tencent Cloud Security Service Center Director Weixiong speech around Tencent cloud service security system, Tencent cloud service security system includes three parts. First is the front-line customer service, the second is expert service system, and the third is to include our back-end operation and maintenance support team. Front line customer service this one, Tencent overall uphold the principle is that we have a problem to find us through a variety of channels, but also to help a large family, efficient and professional to solve this problem. Expert service is mainly through the hope that we in the pre-sale, sale, the sale of these links to provide customers with one to one expert service. Cloud support in the pre stage of the architecture, Tencent cloud will be based on the customer's industry characteristics, needs, to help customers customize the specific solutions and landing scenarios. Link in the sale, for example, like the special demand to support this piece. How can we have a very efficient, high quality to help customers solve the problem out, mainly to help you in the process of cloud of landing out to solve the problem, the team including data experts, security experts, network of experts. In the escort phase (partial sale) will help customers, such as the release of the version of the platform, the operator's changes and so on, Tencent will help to coordinate, as far as possible to avoid potential risks. Support for operation and maintenance, in which a piece of cloud, it faced is different industries, different customers, so in the operation and maintenance of cloud, Tencent is not just help customers quickly solve the problem, from the edge to solve the problem out, to do the problem of terminator. Finally, he shared the first half of the data, web vulnerability attacks automation protection to reach 1 billion times, the cloud host brute force automatic interception to reach the end of the machine, DDOS supply automation protection nearly 10 thousand times. Nearly 100 times the flow rate is above 100G. In addition, Tencent in the fight against the black, but also continue to strengthen our own security fortress. For example distributed DDoS protection, current immediately to 4T and distributed anti attack node currently has more than 100, also through the whole monitoring ability, together with the corresponding automation switching, automation of operation platform, from the discovery to switch can reach the second level, to in this a safe, we should is completely reliable Tencent.

  • 15:45Qianhai micro public bank science and technology retail customer product department general manager Lu Road and the topic of the speech is the based on artificial intelligence for future mobile bank design ". He first introduced the application of artificial intelligence in the bank. Artificial intelligence is moving from service to sales, and hopes to become an entry. Then he believes that the threshold for self-help mode, he believes that there are three main, first need to accurately understand the customer's business, the second is the customer's trust of the software, third of the need to be familiar with the operation of the customer. For artificial intelligence, it also has a lot of shortcomings. The first is when the scene is broad, the artificial intelligence can not answer, the other one, when the following is a long time, artificial intelligence can not understand your appeal. Eventually you will find that it is a guide to the entrance, but also depends on the final step, or self-help services, whether you are to complete the payment or to enter the password. These are not in fact we think the future of mobile banking will also like this, we have to solve this problem. So for a next ATM where, he said now in all bank outlets can be seen, called VTM, which is actually a traditional bank aware of some scenes to human interaction. In the middle is the our app; in fact, it is also a version of the ATM, but is it moved to the mobile phone, it is interactive, or a self-service. We hope to solve the problem of self-help through the public issue of the intelligent robot mode, we hope that more is customers don't need to see a picture to understand, you only need to tell my demands, then I clearly tell you, how to reach your demands on it. Finally, he believes that the essence of all systems is the exchange of information. In the banking sector, based on the scene and the construction of a professional deep learning artificial intelligence. Build no self-help, the future of mobile phones do not need the future of smart mobile banking is a trend in the future.

  • 15:2558 city, senior vice president of Xing Hongyu today to share the main theme of the poly 58 city of the technology evolution and selection process is how to think, the core contradiction and vision, and in this inside and Tencent have how binding. Currently 58 city users over 300 million, mobile terminal accounted for 70%, With the rapid growth and development of the whole business, we have seen some very big challenges and problems in the business side and product technology side. One is the entire user volume is very large, there are hundreds of millions of visitors every day. Another, and now the mobile terminal access has become a problem that needs to be considered for each business. There is also a relatively large change, with the 58 in the entire platform to develop in depth, we are in each area to seek the development of vertical. For 58 such a very large platform volume, but also face some of the rapid growth of the business and the need for iteration, 58 in the end how to do technical choice? When the business is a general demand, or it can be used in general technical ability to achieve, 58 will choose to use the third party. We choose and Tencent cooperation mainly has three aspects, the first is the cooperation of the picture services, second with Tencent cloud cooperation is safe, the third is the migration of the room. Finally, he believes that in the lack of talent and talent growth with a variety of the company's demand for innovation, you can send some stripping to third parties, here he is also looking forward to the Tencent cloud can provide more quality products, better service, the future is more competitive price, to the majority of developers to bring better service.

  • 15:05Dragon Ball live CTO Tan Zhenlin brought the video, information revolution "speech, he said Pearl live is a very popular gaming industry. For the characteristics of the gaming industry he thinks there are two main reasons, the first is a good games gaming products, it has very broad mass base. Second, wonderful content with high ornamental. For the development of E-sports in recent years, he believes that there is a great hero is video. Video is a very intuitive and very easy to interactive content, easy to understand information carrier, it in the course of the gaming industry development play a significant role. For the previous high cost video, large bandwidth cost, development is very difficult, talent is hard to find, mobile phone traffic issues such as cost, now is not the problem. First of all I would like to thank all the cloud service providers. In the past few years the bandwidth costs have been greatly reduced, and this fact, for as the application is concerned, decreased the cost of it is very obvious. Also in the country's promotion, we can see now telecom tariff, mobile tariff is also declining, the cost of the user acceptance of these content is also declining. He believes that as a carrier of information, the video will be a revolution in the way we now express our Internet expression. At last, he introduced his own experience from the aspects of technology, team, management and so on.

  • 14:45Giant network of the studio producer Hu Yuanxing, first introduced the characteristics of the giant network. First, the giant network is a focus on the development and operation of the game company. Second, the market share of small. Tencent Inc account for more than half of the share of the game, the share of other companies accounted for about half of the increase together. Third, the giant network is a traditional game company. Some of the current tour, including the development of some of the past two years, some of the page tour company, they naturally chose the Gong Youyun, including Tencent cloud, Ali cloud. But as the traditional game companies, it still has a lot of history, our company in 2005. The server has five or six thousand, for the traditional game client, including traditional business, how to switch to the top of the cloud, they also have to weigh and consider. For the history of the giant network it, all the process, whether it is business or technology, are in fact a change process, in the process of this change, they always adhere to the one that will never change is change. This is the reason why they are closely combined with the clouds. Give two simple examples, the first is the traditional end of the tour journey of this game, the journey of the end of 2006 tour of the highest online at the same time more than 1 million, a single area of the same service online at the same time more than 50 thousand people. Server structure is complex, there are gateways, scenes and database of multi-layer structure. Then is the massive storage of data, in 2005, when the data came back every day is about 50G. Then the network structure is also very complex, there are iron, Netcom, China Unicom, China Telecom, as well as education network, how to connect these multi network operators together. End tour has a characteristic, is open area cycle is relatively long, generally a week to open an area. Later two weeks a district, because its user guide flow is not so big. Second last year released the journey pocket edition of this tour, it is characterized by its user import volume is particularly large, the unit area of the same service at the same time the number of online 1000 people. The server structure is very simple, basically a area of a server. Open area of the cycle is quick, the game has just begun beta opened nearly 300 District, this is some of the characteristics of the end of the tour and tour. He also shared the giant network is how to choose to use the cloud, mainly divided into three levels, the first is the core data mining, also, some of the game's basic services, including login, SDK service and so on. If you do these, the cost will be relatively large, so the use of public cloud, as far as possible to put this on the public cloud above. Third is the operation of the server and the game server using the public cloud. Finally, he proposed the cloud + game challenge, the first is the i/o performance of the problem, the second is the cluster in the cloud of practical, third is the use of Windows version in the cloud environment, the fourth is the public cloud security issues.

  • 14:25Tencent platform security department responsible for Yang's speech on the theme of exceptionally attractive, called "waves", cloud computing is not only a piece of prosperity of fertile soil, it will give birth to the future business leaders. He said that the cloud security is now related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Enterprises should in the cloud security to play, need to hard power, Tencent cloud security solutions is special for, occupied their own technology is Tencent for more than ten years and hackers against proven techniques. Relying on Yu Dayu, through these hard power, Tencent to provide users with services. The biggest characteristic of Tencent cloud solution is for safety. It is Tencent's own personal use of technical means, after 10 years of their own when the mouse tried to technical means, is more than ten years of Tencent with hackers against over, to prove practical and effective technical means. Rely on to Tencent Dayu, can better solve at present small and medium-sized enterprises are now facing the DDoS attack of, for everyone is a matter of APP application on the phone app or website, it will face a lot of professional hackers to penetrate and attack, your user privacy and data theft. Tencent also provides vulnerabilities security solutions. The future will be integrated into the Da Yu system. So, through these hard power, Tencent to give customers a better guarantee, but Yang Yong believes that light has hard power, light and equipment is not enough, the key to deciding the outcome of the war is often soft power. In terms of soft power, he said that Tencent cloud security of soft power has 3 big a magic weapon, the first is the team, the team is for Spring Festival Gala, micro letter envelopes and other real battle of praetorian guard, elite, battle hardened; the second is big data, years of sword, data is king. Third magic weapon is and Tencent in the field of security operations together with the partners. Finally, he believes that Tencent cloud security in the future can give you more surprises.

  • 14:05Tencent platform data department is responsible for Jiang Jie share the theme is "big data transformation, the Internet has changed our life, and cloud computing and data change the Internet, big data changed the way we do business. Big data era has arrived, the next 5 years of data will grow, by 2020, will enter the EB era. For Tencent, from the beginning of the dozens of machines to the present size of the cluster, and even now the annual increase in the speed of double. And now, Tencent data warehouse storage of data has reached 200PB, the daily calculation of 15PB, through the global access to the data is about 3 trillion units per day, the amount of real-time computing is 10 trillion So many years, Tencent precipitation is the ability of two aspects, the first is the data processing capacity, the second is the data. Now through Tencent cloud, now has the ability to open up these two aspects. Big data ecology is very prosperous, but the threshold is very high, Tencent provides a large data suite, to provide a large data overall solution. Allow enterprises to use the big data platform for one minute, and provide application level solutions. In the mobile terminal, Tencent mobile terminal, the downstream channel and the ability to open data analysis. At present a lot of enterprise data is realized is accurate recommendation, and recommended three elements: data, systems, algorithms. In addition, he also introduced the framework of Tencent's precision recommendation technology. Tencent's current recommendation platform has been open to the outside world. Finally, he said, Tencent future will open more platforms and capabilities, for example, the future of Tencent GPU computing power will also be open. The future of the entrepreneurial team does not need to create their own big data platform, Tencent has to help companies solve a lot of problems of big data, including data and so on.

  • 12:20Tencent new products released finally, Tencent, vice president of the company, Tencent responsible for people Qiu Yuepeng and his team took office again thank you to Tencent's first summit, to listen to the technical Montana's share, listened to today we release of the three industries of new solutions, and 12 new products. Finally, he led Tencent cloud team thank everyone over the years to Tencent's continued support.

  • 12:05QQ, senior product director Mao Hua for everyone to bring a joint solution tencent. In fact, is an open platform based on intelligent hardware, currently known as QQ. Tencent hopes a lot of hardware devices available on the market through their access to the platform. They will provide a hardware SDK, also is in the hardware of the SDK is built into, it can be very natural, very convenient, very direct with the QQ or micro channel connection, whether to regulate the temperature of the air conditioning of simple, or audio and video transmission. In addition to account, as well as audio and video transmission, we can do some video in real time calls, as well as rights management. Currently equipment connection mode is mainly WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile network, QQ IOT hardware SDK fully endorse the above three kinds of connection mode, Tencent has already with many chip manufacturers, module manufacturers and mobile network operators have very close cooperation, like Intel, Qualcomm, China Unicom and said Huawei, ZTE chip production support QQ contact. The main hardware operating system is Android, ROTS, LINUX and IOS. Currently available on the market 95% of the devices are supported by QQ connection. In the mobile terminal and the PC side has a very good coverage. Tencent currently in the solution of the inside of the vertical field has provided more than 12 solutions. These solutions can see on the website of iot.qq.com, he said since the QQ IOT this platform to push out, there have been more than 2000 companies to apply for the beta, there is no completely open to the public to do the test, now offers is closed, category has exceeded more than 100 various types of equipment, they hope Tencent's ability to provide services for these partners, create their value for them.

  • 11:55Tencent audio and video center director Wang Shuai cloud brought us the latest cloud video cloud solutions. For video, it is divided into four categories: on-demand, live, interactive and cloud communications. We support this solution, before it has been in the company to solve the billion in the number of times, a million times the amount of chat and the amount of information. First class is on demand, which is the Internet the most mature of audio and video products, Tencent main for everyone to provide simple and easy to use, turn, ability, also combined with Tencent platform of resources for everyone to create a really handy video ecological. Live, live is a rising star, all contact with live is a bit too special live, here Tencent also give everybody provides flexible broadcast publishing platform, of course, at the access point, including bandwidth, a variety of carriers, Tencent here also has certain technical advantages, and it is also the Xpress broadcast, a mobile phone app, open living broadcast. In this regard Tencent also has many years of accumulation of the front end of the technical solutions. For example, they have hundreds of models fit the ability. There is also a high performance audio and video codec, as well as high reliable communication capability. Next interactive live. This is the threshold of audio and video inside the highest one part, but its development potential is the biggest, which in the future can be widely used in social video, online education, telemedicine, Internet banking and so on. Tencent mainly to provide you with a full platform, for example launch end, loaded their SDK, accelerated protocol by Tencent, to end the audience, and ultimately they can be achieve both ends of the delay in less than 400 mm. Last cloud communication. Cloud communication is to provide you with a one-stop communication services, which mainly includes the basic IM text, pictures, including voice capabilities, video capabilities, and finally can be covered with the ability of traditional telephone PSTN. Tencent has been adhering to the QQ's high operational capabilities, to provide a stable service, the future hopes to have more partners in the vertical scenario is very easy to construct a IM communication system capacity.

  • 11:45Tencent cloud platform cloud director of the Ministry of finance Hu Liming to give us the latest financial sector solutions Tencent cloud. The first is to provide our new financial area, specifically for customers to enjoy the financial industry. Area is completely network isolation, other network physical network and it is illogical, so it has very high security. Second, financial area in addition to provide a means of public cloud of 30 kinds of safety protection, additional 5 kinds of safety, for example the isolation of the physical machine, including the VPN channel, fortress machine, multi factor certification, special security and so on. Tencent is also the first in the field of public cloud to provide the financial sector to provide up to 10G bandwidth technology defense capabilities, which in other areas of the industry is not. The second is TDSKI. It is a revolutionary product, specifically for Tencent of transaction and payment, support Tencent more than 100 million QQ payment account and more than 130 billion trading volume, consistency and reliability of it is very high, very suitable for the scene of financial account security and transaction. TDSKI database has a very high scalability, in one second to complete the expansion of the business. It has very high reliability and can support across central and local disaster recovery, when not deployed across the center reliability can be as high as 7 out of the 9. Finally, in the case of this kind of consistency requirements for such a high database, its performance is also consistent with our high performance database standards, equivalent to 10 times the performance of the common self built database. Another new product is from Tencent internal excellent figure team face recognition technology, is currently the world's most advanced face recognition technology. Face recognition in the very many scenes of our financial gradually there will be a lot of pilot and application. For example, the witness account, loans, consumption and so on. From Tencent in the financial field open out excellent map of face recognition technology, in fact, is Tencent low-level image processing of a component, deal with every day more than 1 million copies of the picture, thus accumulated the world's top face model database, so in this year's world's most authoritative LFW and fddb evaluation have made the world's first rate, accuracy rate is as high as the 99.65%, far higher than the gross of 97.52% recognition rate can be achieved. Tencent Financial characteristics. Social is we biggest strength, Tencent and combination of social networking, another feature, to solve the financial plan and each vertical financial industry combined with very good, very focused, has accumulated a more than 700 financial industry customers. Finally he in October, Tencent will provide the first in the field of public cloud inside the regulatory compliance of the room, it can be in the room of standards, electricity and compliance is to meet the financial sector's most stringent regulatory requirements.

  • 11:35Tencent cloud technology director Zheng Lifeng Tencent cloud cloud storage related to the two new products: one is the cloud database, the other is the object storage services. Tencent cloud launch of high-performance cloud data version of the database service, which can reach 37000 times per second. This means that you need 20 database services, now only need one, the benefits brought about by the cost of operation and maintenance, operation and maintenance of the complexity has been greatly reduced. In fact, this is not only the case, the user's R & D only need to let his business code to connect to the database, you can support a daily access to the 1 billion level of the database. More than a second, it means that every hour you can carry a visit to the first time, which makes the business structure is unprecedented simple, and even you can not need a cloud pipe end, so that the business code directly connected to our database. Capacity aspect. Tencent cloud in December 2015 will launch a large capacity version, we will give a version of the 3T capacity. The fourth quarter of this year, we will launch other database engine, next year will launch the mongoDB database, the database is unprecedented fast, but also to make the business architecture unprecedented simple. Object storage service. Tencent QQ space business, micro channel, QQ are in the use of a large number of every day 9.5 million users in the use of our object storage service every day up to 2.5 million visits, the size of the entire storage has reached 600P, can be well deserved, Tencent is currently the largest object storage service vendors. Behind such large numbers mean of two aspects, one is Tencent needs massive storage capacity, also user virtually to China every user, he at any time, any place access our storage service, must be very smooth. To do this, Tencent in technology and software algorithms do put a lot of, for example in terms of hardware facilities, they deployed across the country as many nodes, throughout each region of China, every corner, including the still small and medium-sized operators which erected many line, so that small operators access speed is very fast, also in the network news Teng construction of the global traffic scheduling system to allow users to the closest node access to our storage service. There Tencent to do China's global routing optimization, and the optimization of the domain name resolution.

  • 11:25Wang Huixing, vice president of Tencent cloud computing to bring us the basis of Tencent IaaS products in the past some time to do the efforts and major breakthroughs. First see is our network, Tencent is a distributed network architecture, with the network architecture in the past 10 years constructs the letter, QQ, QQ space of such platform level products is expected in the first half of next year officially put such a basic network architecture can force through our solution, the partners gradually launched and open. The first is the BGP cross domain switching. Through such a BGP inter domain scheduling the ability to flow outside dozens of G, from East China dispatching to the south, or from scheduling in South China to East China, North China, can be easy to achieve. All of this is actually the core ability of such a distributed infrastructure based on. Here is a simple data, in 2015 beginning to now, Tencent has experienced a total of 90 times of the external network service interruption, but Tencent and did not let our partner service interrupted because of the irresistible force, Tencent cumulative partner changed into a total of 3993 minute interruption of service optimization. Next Tencent cloud security. In October Tencent further to Dayu upgrade, improve the anti Strike ability. At the same time, Tencent will also push out a called Royal days products, help the programmer, architect, so that they can be more easily. Finally the network cloud disk upgrade. Here are a few indicators, IOPs Tencent is expected to can do 60 times the power of IOPs, this figure is not particularly shocking, leading in the industry, which is slightly. Highlights in 7 days at any time, the disk data is required to restore. In the fourth quarter of 2015, Tencent will launch high performance version of the cloud disk and IOPs it will have a very big improvement, but this is not all, Tencent will in next year first half to push out reached 10 million times IOPs operational capability of the cloud disk, allowing storage capacity building on top of the more colorful the infrastructure.

  • 11:15Tencent's cloud 2015 new release link, Tencent, vice president of the company, Tencent is responsible for Qiu Yuepeng said in 2014, Tencent's partner's income more than 100 million, he felt that the opening is not only a kind of attitude, is a kind of ability. In the past few years, we have built 5 data centers in the world of Tencent cloud node, more than 400 data center nodes, it is with such a huge amount of service, so that our new business space can be born. In August he came to Jay Chou Tencent LO as an example and parade ceremony as an example shows that it is because there is such a foundation Tencent cloud support, so that thousands of live broadcast has become possible. Security, he said Tencent has accumulated anti DDoS attack, anti invasion, to business security, information security, to prevent fraud etc. a series of security ability, today, Tencent will also such ability fully open to the partners, help partners can be in the Internet better run their business, including the ability to the whole network over 2T anti DDoS Defense, and single point over 500g aegis anti high area. At the same time, he also believes that the future of cloud will become the basis of the connection of commercial facilities. In the future in the cloud will have more and more connections, you can own partner is connected with, you can connect with the latest technology, can also with a network connected in the interconnection of all times, will create a lot of new business models and new business opportunities. As Tencent as a very important cloud computing vendors, Tencent in this year launched a very important cloud + plan, including cloud + partners, they hope in the future with more than 1000 partners together for cloud customers provide very good cloud ecosystem service. On June 15th, Tencent also launched the cloud + business plan, invested more than 1 billion of funds, to help entrepreneurs can be more simple use of cloud computing, more high entrepreneurs, who can get up to millions of support, so that entrepreneurship is more simple, so that entrepreneurship is more successful. In addition, he also hopes to be able to invest more resources in cooperation with the government, with the traditional enterprises to support such a transition. So after the announcement of the cloud + business plan, within two months, there have been more than 60 of the venture capital and we reached a cooperation agreement, there are more than 300 companies will be their services to the Tencent cloud. Finally, he led the team Tencent cloud for everyone to bring today's new Tencent cloud links, including financial, video and material in conjunction with the new solution for the three directions.

  • 10:55Intel sales and marketing division vice president, Intel, general manager of China Xia Lebei said nowadays, cloud actually has affected the society from all walks of life. Most of the time is to bring a revolutionary, subversive influence. Intel expects that by 2020, the number of services industry growth will be 2 times the annual rate of increase, while the next 5 years, the number of these smart devices will increase 10 times. At Intel, this phenomenon is called sensor. The world is a sensor device, all computing devices need communication. All of these can communication equipment itself has the capacity calculation, so these devices with various sensors. These sensors will generate data, these data need to cloud up. These cloud services fast growth rate is very alarming, we expect in the future growth aspects of the data, and its revenue, cloud services in 2014 has reached 800 billion dollars in revenue, by 2020 is expected to share the data may will reach 190 billion, and nearly 2000 billion dollars, China in which probably accounted for 20% to 25%, by 2020, China's share may be even greater. And when it comes to cloud services, performance, flexibility, security has become the most concerned about the problem of users. Among them, the performance and technology are closely related, in this regard, it is divided into CPU intensive and data intensive. In the CPU intensive on Intel provides a powerful and efficient Zhiqiang processor; in I / O throughput requirements are relatively high in the scene, Intel and Tencent jointly developed the SSD technology of new generation. In addition, there are some new technology worthy of attention. In 2020, I Intel is expected to have at least more than 30% of the work load will run on the FPGA, because FPGA can make it double the performance. In terms of flexibility, Tencent itself has a lot of accumulation, but also in many aspects of cooperation with Intel.

  • 10:36Share the Tencent network is introduced and the prospect of Tencent, vice president of the company Bie Hongtao. He first said 2013 Internet congress, Tecent CEO Ma Huateng proposed a future Internet seven target. First called connected to everything. Tencent actually do a lot of years to do the connection, from the beginning of the connection to the user, to connect the equipment, to the connection service. Today we also talk about the future may be things will be very exciting on the one hand, how to connect things and Tencent platform, etc., there are a lot of space to imagine. Back to the Internet, just a few years time, from the original to some connected to the computer and to the PC to PC machine to connect, to today's mobile Internet era, the various devices are connected together, can see basically connected everywhere. Tencent network development to summarize a few points, first of all, Tencent has a tix access internet network to help users touch to users. In addition, there are a network called the DCI, linking the global data center, we provide very good service. Finally, there is a network within the data center.

  • 10:15Yao Xing, vice president of Tencent Inc to share the theme of the evolution and development of Tencent technology, he believes that Tencent is an inevitable trend in the field of cloud, which is due to the long-term development of their technology is inevitable. Now we Internet plus, the real meaning is to connect everything Internet plus all services. When you want to connect all the services, cloud computing technology evolution came into being. He explained from the following aspects of the cloud is the real cloud solutions for the industry. First stage is massive (1998-2004), the most typical case is the QQ and Tencent games, user growth is very fast, he said they hadn't had a good profit model, because they hope to use the lowest cost competitors can not support service support. So the accumulation of technology is very critical, which is the reason Tencent win in the competition. The second stage is the operation (2004-2008), in order to QQ space, for example, the operation is to be sustainable, can be developed. Sustainable is to adapt to the rapid changes in the needs of users. The evolution of a lot of real needs may be used by users to use, in addition to the development of the objective environment changes, is the evolution of your technology challenges. The third is flexible (2008-2012), in the stage of flexible, in micro channel, for example, Tencent that services like water and electricity as something important, at this time, they need to do is to think of a way to avoid risks, will service more reliable. At this stage they are, and do their best to do whatever. Exhausting fully is to some pre judgment risk of exhausting the full, also is natural and man-made disaster, unable to predict things, we only ability. The fourth phase is the cloud (2012- so far), an open platform, including a variety of industry solutions, typical of two examples, one is drops, one is 58. They are Tencent's cloud service partners, and now has been developing very well. For Tencent's future is what, he said Tencent's future is basic resource for the better, the higher technical ability, more unknown fields. Finally, he stressed Tencent in the era of shuangchuang (public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples), Tencent very determined very obligations with you with the discovery and exploration in the future, because met the next best way is hands to create the future.

  • 9:55DCCI Hu Yanping, founder of the Internet data center in the theme of "toward the cloud end, forget the cloud computing," the first question: "cloud +, cloud computing in the end in what direction?" , he believes that the server, data centers, storage efficiency and database these are the basis of. But more critical is the future of cloud computing is not calculated. He believes computing or, storage or, just as a standard, like water like, but more critical is at this stage, we see is the real scene oriented and oriented application scenarios such an infrastructure service ability. In 2010, they DCCI first proposed "cloud pipe end of philosophy, they said the Internet format is to an open and financial direction in the walk, and the open integration process makes the importance of cloud becomes stronger than in the past. Strong enough for the platform level of Internet companies to say that the cloud is OS, cloud tube end is the future of that OS. Future OS not Android, not windows, not IOS. But all these OS and clouds and thousands on million users of accumulation, which is a large virtual symbiont, the os the earliest time, we just from the perspective of IDC see to it, now is calculated from the cloud point of view to it, in the next five years, we will from the cloud tube end of the angle more to see it, because they have a close relationship, it is not just a product, not just a business. Finally, he believes that the future of cloud + in their view is SICAS, which is a reference to DCCI. That is now the cloud based on PaaS, SaaS in the solution of the application, the scene, the analysis of customer relationship management, and even office collaboration, payment and so on. The future of cloud it to each customer provided for is the ability to perceive and such perception ability, the combination of soft sensing, hard sensing, more important is cloud itself the basis of ability, the ability to perceive. Second is intelligent ability, artificial intelligence, neural network, or deep learning or, in the cloud platform, perception and intelligence will become the two basic capabilities, and then provide to each enterprise. Third is connected. This connection is no longer just a connection in the sense of the past open platform. Fourth is the application, only to the third phase of the cloud computing time, the real station in every enterprise and users around the scene of the application of the cloud platform will appear. Finally, security is a more important issue in a more open environment. Finally, he stressed that the end of the cloud is the future of OS, while the cloud is the future of the most basic part of the OS, the cloud and the future of everything is just beginning, it must be the cloud, it must be the end of the cloud tube.

  • 9:45Tencent senior executive vice president, Tencent social network business group president Tangdao Sheng said that with the recent years of cloud computing in the global outbreak of type growth, attention to the state of cloud computing, as well as the support of the Internet, cloud computing development ushered in the new peak. Tencent cloud the earliest hatching in the QQ, micro channel, games, open platform business, clearly feel of Internet in China, the pace of development: the era of people from the age of people and information to, and then to the current era of the interconnection of all. And the reason that the cloud + future, its main performance in the cloud services to reduce the threshold of all connections, so that all walks of life valuable information, data can be integrated to create a greater value for the user and society. In the future, many of the industry's innovation and competition will be data driven, therefore, choose the right partner of cloud services, in order to walk in front of competitors. Today, cloud computing, Internet technology has been more mature, the industry's competitive fight is not just can not build, but how can do better, faster, more secure. Tencent has launched a series of Internet industry solutions, including game solutions, mobile application solutions, video solutions, for customers to improve service quality, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost. Tencent also launched a cloud in the traditional areas of financial solutions, hardware networking solutions, and try and governments to jointly explore Internet plus government. Expected, will be invested in the next 5 years, tens of billions to Tencent cloud infrastructure and service system. At the same time, cloud services for social life has brought more likely, make better urban management: traffic management, the integration of social idle public transportation resources for the people; help medical institutions to establish a huge information platform, resources sharing platform, also can make education resources more equal, so that more people can receive a quality educational services, promote the creativity of the whole society, and education system upgrade. Can do this, because Tencent from 1998 so far, open data has become the world's largest data analysis platform, the total reserves of more than 100p, the calculation of the average daily amount than 5p, precipitation of 10 years of massive service experience.

  • 9:35Shenzhen City Vice Mayor Chen Biao delivered a speech, he said very honoured to be invited to participate in today's cloud + future Tencent cloud technology leaders summit. First he represented the Shenzhen municipal government, to visit Shenzhen to attend the summit of the guests a warm welcome, for you for a long time the concern and support of the Shenzhen Economic and social development, especially the concern and support the development of the Internet industry to express my heartfelt thanks. After that, he believes that Shenzhen is located in Chinese before the reform and opening up along, is the economic center of the city and the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Shenzhen in recent years to implement the central government to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy and action plan Internet plus, vigorously development of the Internet and other strategic emerging industries, the future layout of the first industry, efforts to form a leading the advantage in the new generation of the Internet, a new generation of mobile communications. Especially at the beginning of this year 8, the Shenzhen municipal government issued the "Shenzhen Internet plus action plan", the Internet plus Internet plus manufacturing, finance, Internet plus government services in 12 major areas of the layout, and further accelerate the upgrading of economic transformation, comprehensively stimulate innovation power, creative potential and entrepreneurial activity. Then he said that the current cloud computing, big data as the representative of the Internet technology has penetrated into all walks of life, as the driving force to promote industrial change. At present Chinese Tencent Inc as the largest Internet service provider and Chinese most service users of Internet enterprises, actively seize the development opportunities Internet plus era, give full play to the Tencent Inc's resources, is committed to using cloud computing, cloud technology, the Internet to promote the integration of innovation and industry, constantly strengthen innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, innovation off the record four linkage, Shenzhen speed up the construction of smart city, to build the Internet industry cluster and information economy strong city to make a positive contribution. He wants. Ladies and gentlemen, based on the new opportunities for the development of the Internet, earnest study of cloud computing and cloud technology industry development new trend, new trends, seek a cloud computing service upgrade and business remodeling with collective wisdom. In the end he wished the summit a complete success.

  • 9:302015 "cloud + future" Tencent cloud technology leadership summit held in WeMedia from the media alliance founder Zhu Xiaoming. Zhu Xiaoming said that in the past a few years, cloud computing has like the water and electricity, in various industries slowly permeable, and has blossomed. Whether it is in finance, games, or applications, smart hardware, and even now a lot of traditional enterprises in the transformation of the Internet, cloud computing has become an important part of.

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September 15th

Topic report

WeMedia from the media alliance founder Zhu Xiaoming (host)
Vice mayor of Shenzhen Chen Biao
Senior executive vice president of Tencent, Tencent Social Networking Business Group CEO Tang Daosheng
DCCI Internet data center founder Hu Yanping
Yao Xing, vice president of Tencent Inc
Bie Hongtao, vice president of Tencent Inc
Intel sales and marketing division vice president, general manager of China Xia Lebei
, vice president of Tencent Inc, Qiu Yuepeng, head of Tencent cloud
Tencent cloud computing company vice president Wang Huixing
Tencent cloud technology director Zheng Lifeng
Tencent cloud platform director of the Ministry of finance Hu Liming
Tencent audio and video center director Wang Shuai cloud
Mao Hua, senior product director, QQ
Jiang Jie, head of the Department of Tencent data platform
Tencent security platform department head Yang Yong
Giant network Nebula studio producer Hu Yuanxing
Dragon Ball live CTO Tan Zhenlin
58 city senior vice president Xing Hongyu
Qianhai micro Banking Department of the Ministry of science and technology business department, general manager of retail customer products
Tencent cloud services security center director Wei Xiong
Round table forum, what will be the future world

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Assembly schedule

15 days in the morning
timeSubject orientationGuest speaker
Registration of the meeting, attendance admission
09:30-09:35Host openingModerator: Qinglong old thief
09:35-09:45Speech by government leadersLeadership of Shenzhen municipal government
09:45-09:55Leadership speechTang DaoshengSocial networking business group president, the group's senior executive vice president
09:55-10:15Toward the cloud pipe end, forget the cloud computingHu YanpingDCCI Internet data center founder
10:15-10:35Tencent technology evolution and developmentYao XingVice president of Tencent Inc
10:35-10:55Introduction and Prospect of Tencent NetworkBie HongtaoVice president of Tencent Inc
10:55-11:15Cloud + create the futureXia LebeiIntel sales and marketing division vice president, general manager of Intel China
11:15-12:00Tencent cloud team released a new linkQiu YuepengVice president of Tencent Inc, the person in charge of Tencent cloud
Tencent cloud product research and development team
Zheng Lifeng, director of Tencent cloud technology
Chen Jie Tencent cloud based product director
Hu Liming, director of cloud platform cloud platform
King handsome Tencent audio and video center director
Senior product director, Mao Hua QQ
12:00-14:00Lunch and rest
15 PM
timeSubject orientationGuest speaker
14:00-14:05Afternoon openingHost
14:05-14:25Big data changeJiang JieTencent data platform department responsible person
14:25-14:45The wavesYang YongTencent security platform department head
14:45-15:05Cloud + gameHu YuanxingGiant network Nebula studio producer
15:05-15:25Is dry! - Dragon live project experience.Tan ZhenlinDragon Ball CTO live
15:25-15:4558 city + Tencent cloudXing Hongyu58 city senior vice president
15:45-16:05Design of future mobile bank based on Artificial IntelligenceLu Dao LuQianhai micro Public Banking Department of the Ministry of science and technology retail customer product department general manager
16:05-16:25Tencent cloud services security systemWei XiongTencent cloud services security center director
16:25-17:20Round table talk about what the future world will haveModerator: Huang Xitong, director of Tencent cloud developer relations group
Moderator: Guo Xuemei CSDN technology editor
Yang Qiang, director of the laboratory of HUAWEI Noah's ark, Hong Kong Branch
Jiang Hong leancloud founder, general manager
Liang Zhenyu, Secretary General of China information accessibility Alliance
Is Zhang Xuefeng hungry CTO
Yang Senmiao, vice president of technology research and Development Center