This conference will show the latest developments in the field of technology and applications, such as the world's fastest supercomputer Tianhe two gathered in China and even the world's most cutting-edge super core technology, the user conference Tianhe two relevant responsible person will be the core of the Milky way two, the core of scientific and technological innovation. Hundreds of HPC experts, users gathered in this high performance computing user conference. Then, super computing systems and applications with spark collision will create super is the one and only the gluttonous feast! The conference will show the latest technology in the field of super.

National 863 Program of high performance computer and its core software major projects the overall team leader, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor Qian Depei international, Peng Zhen of the wave of the group vice president, Tsinghua University High Performance Computing, director of the Institute of Professor Yang Guangwen, vice president of IDC IDC HPC user forum general supervision Earl C Joseph, Beijing Computing Center for scientific research in the United States renewable energy National Laboratory Research Center for materials research laboratory director Wei Suhuai, vice president of Intel Corporation and technology calculation Hazra, general manager of the group, Rolls Royce high performance calculation technical director Yoonk Ho, MD, and the National University of Singapore vice professor Yan Shuicheng Dr will keynote to perform.

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The scene.

Agenda of the conference

  • Main forum
  • Sub Forum: HPC new products and new technologies
  • Sub Forum: deep learning
  • Sub Forum: Science and Engineering Computing
  • Sub Forum: industrial applications
  • Sub Forum: talent training and ASC16 super contest