Ali cloud intensive release of hybrid cloud, PAI DT, E-MapReduce and other 15 new models

Cloud computing is unstoppable trend, 20 thousand people involved in 2015 Yunxi assembly innovation and entrepreneurship among the global event. October 15th, Ali cloud released the PAI E-MapReduce, DT, hybrid cloud, cloud server 2, IOT solutions, such as 15 new products, and for the first time in products, solutions, big data, open source, operation and maintenance capabilities, ecological and other categories, once again reflects its leading position in the field of computing. "We're going to be able to work as a creative entrepreneur, to make computing a DT engine for the world." Ali cloud senior director Li Jin said. [details]

Graphic record

  • 15 days 11:05Dialogue: computing without borders, Yu Sicheng, vice president of the round table in the host Ali cloud computing open, participate in the discussion guests including the general manager of Bruno Asia Pacific Peraudeau Mudoh, CEO of Cloud Vander Ng LINKBYNET, chief executive officer He Mingyang, Media Remark chief executive officer Shing Tao Kai.

  • 15 days 10:50In the second shot & small coffee show chief executive officer Han Kunming for "small coffee show, everyone is a big director on the topic we learned that small coffee show developed only the two days, thanks to a series of public cloud services; and in massive user support, small coffee show only by two rear end engineer and a maintenance personnel completed. Finally, in response to massive user peak, small coffee show by flexible expansion to cut costs. There is no doubt that small coffee show is a complete cloud building.

  • 15 days 10:35In the cloud peace of mind, with big data care for each beating heart, keynote speech, Ricky, founder and President of Wang Yuansi said that the current domestic awareness of the disease and treatment rate is far below the United States, in which the awareness and treatment of hypertension and even less than the United States 80. For patients with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or more than a country, through the cloud peace of mind this open and free platform, the agency will open up all kinds of human health data, while timely according to the data of the patient's treatment options to adjust.

  • 15 days 10:20In a keynote speech entitled "let the computer understand the world", the joint founder and chief technology officer, Zhao Yong, pointed out that in the past few years, Progress of the sensor to the computer vision with a very large space for development, but turning to the field of video surveillance, data is more than just being stored, simply can not be effectively analyzed, and computer vision is able to bring more possible. Take the realization of automatic driving, combined with deep learning, computer vision technology can replace expensive sensors, but also can easily collect location information.

  • 15 days 10:00Ali cloud heavy product release link, Li Jin, senior director of cloud computing from Ali released a number of new products, including Ali Docker container services, which is the gospel for Docker developers and users. In addition, he also released a IoT solution and big data solutions. He mentioned, Ali cloud domain name resolution has risen to second in the world, Ali also launched a cloud resolution enterprise edition. It is worth mentioning that Ali will be made one enterprise mailbox and IM, from the E-Mail era into the C-Mail mailbox.

  • 15 days 09:50Tianchi data contest winners awards, awards honored guests Ali cloud President Hu Xiaoming for the winners, he said that the future of the calculation of the ability to develop the company, the government and so on, because we believe that the calculation is public service, so that Tianchi platform to more innovators, for social services, reduce social costs, improve efficiency. After that, he said he was grateful to all 24959 contestants this year, as well as the teacher behind.

  • 15 days 09:3015 am the main meeting, Alibaba Group Chief Technology Officer Wang Jian first came to power, he shared the main three parts, first, he first talked about today's general assembly in the end is what kind of meeting, because in the past we talk about a lot of talk about the cloud, and talk about the calculation is relatively small, and in this conference, to talk about the calculation more. Second, over the past few years, we have witnessed the Internet is becoming the entire economic and social infrastructure, which is the driving force of Alibaba innovation. He believes that in the past when we talk about big data is not confident, because the value of the data is not because of the big". Today's era, the data into a form of data, the value of more than everyone expected, the data is not because the big and become valuable, but when the data in the Internet to produce value precipitation. Third, when the Internet becomes the infrastructure of the whole society, data become the production of information, how we make the value of the data, Wang Jian believes that only when the calculation must become a public service, the data can be changed.

  • 14 days 11:2014 the Lord will last a theme as "computing to create new business value" dialogue session is presided over by the co-founder of Ti media, "commercial value" publisher Liu Xiangming, the State Grid Corporation Ministry of information and Communication Director Wang Jiye, customs administration technology development division deputy director He Yu, China Unicom Group Software Institute, general manager of Xiang Dong Geng, SAIC Group Information Strategy chief architect Zhang Xinquan to participate in the discussion. They shared their views on the road of cloud of large enterprises. Participants on security and to IOE and other cloud computing issues of concern to participate in the discussion, it is safe to say, in the field of cloud computing is unable to avoid the subject, but the enterprise in the cloud before the need to understand the advantages of cloud computing, to avoid the impact of security. The IOE, participate in the discussion of the guests said, companies need to consider their own situation, not just parroting, blindly follow the trend, but to considering it the actual situation of the enterprises themselves.

  • 14 days 10:35This morning will be the main link in the dialogue started in under the auspices of the Gartner, the global executive partner Zhaoguang, and the theme of the dialogue session is "calculation reconstruction of the new world, to participate in the dialogue session guests, including docker global vice president Nick Stinemates, Intel China Research Institute Dean Wu Gansha, sunshine insurance group vice president of Su Wenli, Haier Group Chief process officer, chief information officer she min, China Radio International chief engineer Wang Lian. After the guests themselves, they talked about their own business in the field of cloud computing practice. Cloud computing big data to build the IT pattern of the enterprise will have a profound impact on small businesses and large enterprises, if there is no investment in strategic technology, will be competitors corner overtaking. After China and the United States in the big data technology differences, Wu Gansha said that the technology is zero time difference between China and the United States, big data technology ecosystem is open source ecology. China is likely to walk in the forefront of technology and ecological construction.

  • 14 days 10:25Ali cloud computing President Hu Xiaoming and Foxconn technology group, vice president Chen Zhenguo jointly issued a clean rich come true project for the intelligent hardware entrepreneurs empowerment. "Tao Fu come true" co sponsored by the Ali cloud and Foxconn, open Foxconn world-class design, research and development, patents, supply chain, wisdom and ability, Ali cloud cloud computing platform and data processing ability, Ali business tmall Taobao platform and the ability to help small intelligent hardware entrepreneurs quickly benchmarking world-class quality, make excellent intelligent products.

  • 14 days 10:20In the release environment, Wang Jian said, the future of the Internet is to create a more credible future, and China's top institutions and Alibaba on behalf of the future of technical cooperation is very exciting, while he said, this is the first time in China to take the technology is to change the market era.

  • 14 days 10:15阿里巴巴集团首席技术官王坚和中国科学院院士潘建伟正式发布阿里云量子加密通信技术,通过量子加密方式加强互联网安全。未来互联网世界将更加安全。

  • 14日09:55马云表示这样的大会特别有意义,因为这里聚集了众多真正有创意、创新的人。随后他认为相信今天的创业环境、基础设施、融资环境、人才的素质都比15年前更好,其实创业的机会无处不在。他认为当前企业正在从它时代走向DT时代,这个时代的能源,不是石油,而是数据,在这个时代,马云认为中国一定会成为数据大国,而他相信计算能力将成为生产力,数据将成为生产资料。如果它时代诞生的是知识,那么DT时代带来的就是智慧。最后他认为,通过数据人类可以更好地了解自己,人类将向贫穷,疾病发起挑战。DT时代将更加公平,更加开放,DT时代,小企业将得到与大企业更平等的竞争机会。未来20年,中国将真正进入市场经济,这将是巨大的机会。

  • 14日09:35浙江省委副书记、省长李强随后发表了演讲,首先他表示,来到本次大会,让他感受到年轻人的活力,创业创新的热度,更重要的是让他找到了浙江经济转型的未来。云栖大会超过2万4千人,分布面非常广,几乎遍布中国每个省,这足以让人感受到云的魅力和数据价值。他认为,数据充满价值,云端构筑未来。大数据时代已经到来,数据就是资源,数据就是价值,数据意味着大变革,浙江正大踏步的走向云计算大数据时代。最后他表示现在浙江在打造数据强省方面具备三大优势。第一,浙江的数据资源非常丰富;第二,市场需要强烈;第三,浙江产业优势明显,特别是杭州。另外,他表示浙江省政府正在建设数据管理中心,这将进一步加快政府数据的开放,打造”云上浙江,数据强省最后他也欢迎全球的大数据企业到浙江来投资发展”。

  • 14日09:30浙江省委常委、杭州市委书记赵一德发表开场致辞时表示,与本次2015杭州云栖大会的主题”互联网、创业与创新”一样,杭州同样致力于创新、创业的培养,也希望更多创客能入驻浙江,加入杭州。

Keynote speaker

Li Qiang, governor of Zhejiang Province
Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba
Wang Jian, chief technology officer of Alibaba Group
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Jianwei
Ali cloud computing CEO Hu Xiaoming

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In order to be unable to calculate the value

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Ali cloud six anniversary event