• MySQLMySQL is the most popular relational database management system, the application of Web is one of the best RDBMS application software. It is open source software, can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership. In addition, due to its high performance Community Edition, PHP and Apache collocation can be composed of a good development environment.

  • AndroidAndroid is a Linux based mobile operating system, set up by Google Open Handset Alliance (OHA, Open Handset Alliance device) continued leadership and development, the design is mainly used for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

  • Java SEJava SE is the Java platform standard edition, for the development and deployment of desktop, server and embedded devices and real-time environment in Java applications. Java SE for the development of Java Web service in the library, at the same time, Java SE provides the basis for Java EE.

  • Java WebJava referred to as dynamic Web resources development technology for Java Web. Java language biggest use is in web application development, the use of the language can not consider the difference of the platform system, a system in the development of application system can be without any modification will be able to run in a different system.

  • Apache SparkSpark is an open source data memory is currently the most popular computing framework, using Scala language, developed by Berkeley UC of the AMPLab laboratory at the University of open source and in 2010. In general, easy to use, it has experienced a rapid development, has become the most active Apache open source project.

  • PythonPython is an interpreted computer object-oriented programming language, syntax, concise and clear, rich and powerful library. To draw a clear style in the design makes it become a readable and maintainable, and was welcomed by a large number of users, a wide range of uses of language.

  • SwiftSwift is a new programming language for writing iOS and OS X applications. The language combines the advantages of C and Objective-C and not C compatibility constraints. It is safe to use the programming mode and added a lot of new features, make programming easier and more scalable, more interesting.

  • DockerDocker is an open source, can be used in any package "LXC container" operation tools. If the VMware virtual machine, KVM packaging, the packaging is the application of the tool. It is a well deserved PaaS.

  • machine learningMachine learning is the study of how the computer simulates human learning behavior, to acquire new knowledge or skills, knowledge structure has been reorganized to continually improve their performance. It is the core of artificial intelligence, is a fundamental way to the computer intelligent.

  • The development of micro channelThe development of micro channel micro channel public platform, enterprise information, services, and other content by way of micro channel web performance. Developers using the technology of micro channel open interface can be two times the development of the public accounts by a media based marketing tools into service products.

  • RustRust is a new programming language developed by Mozilla Corporation, and hopes to become a system programming language, high running performance, avoid almost all of the wrong and ensure thread safety. This means that the language can be used to build an efficient and reliable system.

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CSDN blog expert, open source database middleware is the core of the development of Mycat members. In the software for 10 years. Now, Tiens Group as a senior DBA engineer, responsible for company e-commerce web database design and optimization, database architecture planning and deployment specification formulation, the core of the application software design and development work.

The cumulative audit includedOne thousand three hundred and fifteenA knowledge

CSDN blog expert, BBS moderator, general manager of Shanghai R & D Mutual Information Technology Co. Ltd.

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Hangzhou trillion Information Technology Co. Ltd. director. In 2008 jointly established Hangzhou trillion in 2013, the formation of micro channel project group, responsible for micro channel third party industry application development.

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Fan Ping Deng, the best-selling book "in-depth understanding of Android" series of total planning and writer, author of "in-depth understanding of the Android: Volume I", "in-depth understanding of the Android: Volume II" and "in-depth understanding Android:Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS volume" three books. A former SONY mobile senior architect, senior software architect Tieto. Now at the head office of the Ministry of science and technology of China Minsheng Bank, development of intelligent POS machine software and hardware system and hard work.

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CSDN blog expert, focus on the large enterprise application development, distributed, of high concurrency and other fields, is committed to the development of high performance distributed application maintenance.

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CSDN blog expert, Hammer Technology Co. Ltd. Web engineer. Focus and test automation, good Python development of automated testing tools, writing test scripts.

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