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MySQL understands simplicity

Class hourSixty-fiveparticipate inOne thousand nine hundred and eighty-three

Depth study, 30 days, system training

Class hourSixty-twoparticipate inSix thousand one hundred and sixty-three

MATLAB basic knowledge points

Class hourSixtyparticipate inNineteen thousand and eighteen

Kaggle artifact: XGBoost from base to actual combat

Class hourFiveparticipate inThirty thousand two hundred and sixty-six

Android portal practical tutorial

Class hourSixtyparticipate inOne hundred and fifteen thousand six hundred and sixty-six

Probability and statistical inference for machine learning

Class hourEighty-twoparticipate inSix thousand one hundred and ninety-five

2017 Go language tutorial

Class hourForty-fiveparticipate inTwo thousand one hundred and sixty-three


Class hourEighty-eightparticipate inTwo thousand two hundred and seven

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2017 test system integration project management engineer smooth customs clearance package (the latest and most complete)

curriculumFiveClass hourThree hundred and nine
RMBNine hundred and ninety-five RMBFive hundred and eighteen

WeChat little program zero foundation tutorial

curriculumFiveClass hourFifty-one
RMBNine hundred RMBFive hundred

C++ audio and video actual combat technology package

curriculumEightClass hourThree hundred and eighty-one
RMBOne thousand and five RMBSeven hundred and forty-nine

The mathematical foundations of machine learning

curriculumThreeClass hourOne hundred and forty-nine
RMBNine hundred and ninety-seven RMBSeven hundred and ninety-nine

SharePoint from entry to the development of practical tutorial

curriculumTwoClass hourForty-five
RMBEight hundred RMBSix hundred and ninety-nine

VueJS front end engineer course package

curriculumTenClass hourTwo hundred and seven
RMBThree hundred and thirty-nine RMBTwo hundred and twenty-two

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AgainstStudentTwo hundred and sixty-seven thousand and five

Hai Peng Xiao


AgainstStudentOne hundred and sixty-four thousand five hundred and forty-five



AgainstStudentTwo hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-three



AgainstStudentSeventy-one thousand four hundred and sixty-five

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