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Fifth CCF big data and computing intelligence contest showdown peak, millions of prizes gathered at home and abroad data scientists

Abstract: in September 24th, the fifth session of the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) data and computational intelligence contest (Big Data & Computing Intelligence Contest, referred to as "BDCI") the launching ceremony held in Beijing Meideya The Heart of Pai.

Today's big data has entered the stage of intelligent data characterized by extensive data correlation, cross domain integration and deep application. The data has become a strategic resource and economic assets, mining massive data analysis through the method of machine learning, encourage interdisciplinary exploration of cross-border cooperation, based on big data, involving government governance and industrial upgrading of the algorithms and solutions have become the urgent demand of the development of the times. In July 2017, the State Council issued "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", by 2030, China AI core industrial scale more than 1 trillion yuan, driven by the industrial scale more than 10 trillion yuan, the talent gap is close to twenty million. The network released "2017 Internet Report" shows the flow of talent, data development with an annual salary of 200 thousand high paying jobs among the Internet industry TOP10 list in NO.1, a data scientist is as high as 500 thousand, and will be hard to find.

As the output of a large number of high quality big data and artificial intelligence personnel to the society, many industries and fields to help finance, retail, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, agriculture and other market players successfully complete the intelligent enterprise based on large data transformation and upgrading, CCF (China Computer Society) continuously hosted the five session of the big data and computational intelligence the contest (BDCI), are Baidu, Ali, Tencent, China Mobile, China Unicom and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad China support, but also have ants gold clothing, gridsum technology, the data of a number of large data innovation and industry enterprises to actively participate in. The rapid growth in the number of teams, the 2016 season attracted overseas universities and other research institutions, scientific research institutions at home and abroad of thousands of players, as there is a dream, creative, have the ability of young people to play ability and cleverness and realize the dream of data provides a very good platform.

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In September 24th 2017, the fifth CCF big data and computational intelligence contest was officially launched in Beijing Meideya The Heart of Pai contest sponsored by CCF, CCF Big Data Committee of experts and the high performance computing of the CCF Specialized Committee, CCF Chinese information technology Specialized Committee, Specialized Committee, CCF CCF database for young computer science and Technology Forum (YOCSEF) and DF data (DataFountain, DF). And Zhongguancun big data industry association jointly hosted.

The ceremony was released from the game and leading enterprises and innovation of enterprises in 12 high quality big data and artificial intelligence problems, involving precision marketing, semantic recognition, image recognition, weather forecasting, public opinion monitoring, financial risk control, AI writing, AI judges, sharing and management of city bike more popular direction that will provide a lot of business from the real scene with massive amounts of data for the application of AI intelligent, Natural Language Processing, user portrait, recommendation system, such as ship identification problem is as high as 100 thousand pictures from 200GB data, through this contest will effectively promote the field of big data and artificial intelligence technology innovation, product innovation and application the floor plan. The 10 companies will offer up to 1 million yuan reward for the winner.

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DF data competition platform will be joint enterprise and research institutions for outstanding participants to provide professional cloud computing platform support.

Opening ceremony also arranged a master forum, sofa interview special link. The field of artificial intelligence sharing ant big coffee gold suit in the practice and application of intelligent finance; experts and business executives together to explore the technology associated with big data, artificial intelligence and talent cultivation problems, the future development trend on artificial intelligence.

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CCF big data and computing intelligence contest (BDCI) competition has been successfully held four sessions, each team has doubled growth trend, is expected in 2017 will attract 20000 athletes at home and abroad. Competitors may enter the official competition platformDF data contest platformSee the details for participation in the challenge. DF data competition platform will continue to be online and offline to share and exchange activities, we will invite the Kaggle contest winners, ant payment service providers, such as the title race well-known big data and artificial intelligence, CEO CDS, enterprise CIO, CDO industry, problem analysis, practice sharing will also answer; and CCF a road into the Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tianjin University, Beihang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science & Technology China, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Central South University and other 20 universities, YOCSEF forum YOCSEF Suzhou, YOCSEF Shanghai, YOCSEF Chengdu, YOCSEF Xi'an, YOCSEF Wuhan, YOCSEF Guangzhou, YOCSEF Xiamen city for technology sharing and case analysis. Please look forward to.

DF data race platform will jointly Zhongguancun big data industry association, Tsinghua big data industry association, Shanghai big data alliance, alliance, Zhejiang big data industry technology application jinjilake grand data industry association and other industry associations organizations set up the chief data scientist Club (Chief Data Scientist Club, CDSC). CDSC to promote the Chinese of big data and artificial intelligence ecological development, leading the new scientific China voyage data as its mission, will continue to carry out online data (100 scientists continue Zhongguancun big data industry alliance "big data 100"), the line salon, according to the number of data scientists scientists face, data scientists into the enterprise etc. activity. CDSC uses the invitation system, the first members from the previous DF data competition platform, winner, proposition, enterprise chief data scientist, Kaggle and other data contest platform winner, industry, enterprise, CDO and so on.

According to the organizing committee, after the ceremony, thousands of the world's teams will be fierce competition from the preliminaries and the semi-finals to the finals for a period of 3 months, decide the enterprise individual award, CCF award, CCF group special award, BDCI award. Who will end up with 1 million bonus and medal? What are the top talent in big data and artificial intelligence?On December 24, 2017, the prize giving ceremony and final Carnival will be announced in Jiangsu, Changshou City. Please wait.