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FIT2CLOUD access to web technology, strategic investment, deep focus, hybrid cloud management, value delivery

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Hybrid cloud management platform provider FIT2CLOUD (Fei Zhiyun) today announced that the strategic investment from Internet infrastructure services network platform ChinaNetCenter, Yoshitomi venture capital with the cast and Ginkgo valley. The investment will be mainly used to deepen the FIT2CLOUD hybrid cloud management product research and development system construction, expanding industry and regional market coverage, and improve the enterprise service team construction in three aspects. Based on this strategic investment, FIT2CLOUD and network technology will seek greater room for cooperation in the future, focusing on areas of cooperation, including managed cloud services (Managed Cloud) and so on.

FIT2CLOUD was founded in 2014, the enterprise cloud management platform and its independent research and development (CMP), DevOps public cloud platform and cost management platform and other core products have been applied in the customer's Bank, securities, insurance, third party payment, manufacturing, media, Internet and other industries in the IT environment. FIT2CLOUD enterprise cloud management platform management object covers public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, virtual environment and physical environment, to the enterprise customer delivery uniform for a new generation of hybrid nano tube, IT infrastructure deployment, automation and intelligent automation operation ability, instrument dial.

"FIT2CLOUD CEO," Ruan Zhimin said:

With the popularity of interactive IT (System of Engagement), cloud is becoming the main form of enterprise's construction and operation. Enterprise IT infrastructure is facing the cloud native, cross cloud, cloud + traditional IT coexistence situation. In the past three years, FIT2CLOUD has been helping Chinese enterprise implementation of a new generation of hybrid IT infrastructure management and delivery, provide end-to-end DevOps client application to continuous delivery solutions help enterprises, and presents the Intelligent Management Dashboard contains resources, assets and financial, for the customer. In the actual combat process, FIT2CLOUD's product system continues to optimize, professional service experience has been constantly enriched. Get ChinaNetCenter strategic investment will not only enhance FIT2CLOUD in product development, market development, professional services and other aspects of market competitiveness, but also for the two companies to the depth of cooperation in the field of business opened the imagination. Future FIT2CLOUD and network technology will focus on their respective fields, combined with its own technology, products and resource advantages, and seek greater room for cooperation.

ChinaNetCenter was founded in 2000, as the Internet infrastructure service provider platform, its main business includes Internet content distribution and acceleration (CDN), cloud computing, cloud security, global data center (IDC). Network technology in the global context has more than 1000 CDN acceleration nodes, of which more than 300 overseas acceleration nodes, the global operating room more than 200, more than 3000 service customers.

It is worth mentioning that, in 2017, the successful acquisition of CDNetworks technology Korea's largest CDN company and CDN-Video, Russia's largest CDN operator, quickly expanded its territory to the west of the Pacific ocean. At the same time, based on the accumulation of CDN services, network technology began to deep layout of cloud computing field, and actively expand the broad market of the industry cloud.

Zhou Liping, vice president and Deputy Secretary of network technology, said:

Cloud computing market space is vast, with the deep development of cloud computing, enterprise users for cloud services and cloud management demand is increasingly strong. As a pioneer in the management of hybrid cloud market, FIT2CLOUD has formed a strong product and market advantages, very promising to develop into a leader in this field. We are also very optimistic about the synergy value with FIT2CLOUD.

Li Jianquan, deputy general manager of fortune venture capital venture management, said:

As one of the venture capital funds set up early in China, Ji Fu ventures has been focusing on cloud computing and its extended market as one of the key layout areas.

Yoshitomi venture optimistic about the development potential in hybrid cloud management market FIT2CLOUD and future development space, but also hope that more enterprises through the cloud and the matching of cloud management capabilities to achieve business transformation and innovation driven and sustainable development.