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Understand BDTC 2017 and four major foreign lecturers, early bird tickets officially announced

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Big data is a typical representative of the development of information technology, the main driving force is the 4 industrial industry a new round of the wave of technological change, technology developers, 2017 is obviously big data technology from the rapid development of an important year landing cross industry, a lot of technology, with the technical changes to the field of big data by leaps and bounds.

To this end, on 7-9 December 2017, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing, sponsored by China computer society, CCF big data expert committee hosted, technical research institute, Polytron Technologies Inc, CSDN branch DNT data co China Computing Science InstituteChina big data technology conferenceIt will discuss the intelligentized process and industry practice of all sectors of the society in the era of big data. In addition to Keynote, the organizers orchestrated a number of 12 special technology and Industry Forum, covering large data analysis and ecological system, database, big data cloud services, machine learning and deep learning, knowledge map, block chain, recommendation system, financial data, transportation and tourism industry, big data, big data and manufacturing precision of medical big data, big data security policies and regulations such as the theme.

At that time, nearly a hundred technical experts will provide thousands of technical data for thousands of big data industry elites, technical experts and opinion leaders, share the latest technology and practice insights and experience, explore the future of big data development, and appreciate the beauty of data and intelligence.

The "four major points" of China's big data technology conference will be watched first.

Ten resplendence

We have successfully hosted ten years of China's big data feast, and we have witnessed the establishment, development and maturity of large data technology ecology in China. China big data technology conference has become the most anticipated depth sharing conference of domestic and foreign advanced technology elites, and is a professional practice platform for big data exchange.


First of all, first of all, we would like to introduce our four heavyweight Keynote guests. They are:

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Xu z B

Professor of mathematics and statistics, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, PhD tutor, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and vice president of Xi'an Jiao Tong University. The chief scientist of the national key basic research program, "basic theory and key technology based on unstructured information processing based on visual cognition".

In 1991, he was awarded by the State Education Commission and the degree committee of the State Council, which was awarded by the State Council and the degree committee of the State Council, which has made outstanding contributions to China's doctorate. The 2007 research results, the basic theory research of data modeling based on cognitive and non European frameworks, won the two prize of National Natural Science. In 2008, it won the second CSIAM Su Buqing application prize. In 2010, it made a 45 minute report at the International Conference of mathematicians.

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Franklin Michael

Franklin is an adjunct professor of computer science at University of California at Berkeley. His research focuses on big data, database, operation system and network technology. He is a professor and chairman of the Department of computer science at the University of Chicago and a senior adviser to the dean of computing and data science.

Professor Franklin was named ACM Fellow in 2005 and obtained IBM Faculty Award and Google Faculty Research Grant in 2009.

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Jian Pei

President of the Canadian big data science research center, Professor of computer science at Fraser University in Simon, the famous research field of data science and big data, data mining and database system etc., expertise is for data intensive applications, provide efficient data analysis technology.
As ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow, he made a great contribution to "the foundation, method and application of data mining".

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Beng Chin Ooi

Professor NGS, Professor of the Department of computer science, National University of Singapore, and the director of the Institute of intelligent systems were selected as the "special professor of the Yangtze River Scholar" from Zhejiang University. In 1985 and 1989 respectively. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Monash University (First Class Honours) and doctoral degree.

In 2012, he founded the yzBigData big data management and analysis company. The Shentilium technology company was founded in 2016, focusing mainly on the AI and data driven aspects of financial analysis.

Thanks to the four top experts of big data who can come to the scene to share their research achievements in AI and big data, I believe that BDTC participants will benefit greatly.

Ten good practice

The conference will also ask the author of the top 10 TOP data to apply the best case practice to share their wonderful content with us at the conference site. We will wait and see which companies are enclosing TOP10, what they really have and how to represent the best data technology practitioners of today.

The beauty of wisdom

In addition to the database, algorithm, AI, block chain technology, the era of large data, the intelligent process of all sectors of the society become the focus of the industry. Industry forums such as finance, transportation and tourism, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, safety, policies and regulations, recommender systems will be close to the industry to show the beauty of the combination of big data and intelligence.

An early bird ticket

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At present, the first batch of "early bird tickets" for the 2017 China big data technology conference has been opened and clickedHereIf you sign up for a ticket, you can enjoy the lowest discount fare (as in Figure). The early bird catches the worm, you will have the opportunity to heavyweight big coffee laughing times and large data communication.

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