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[observation] where is Ali yunqi?

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Recently, I have often asked me, where do you think Ali yunqi is good, why will it attract so many people's attention? In fact, he has been thinking about this problem, one started with the electricity supplier e-commerce platform, has become a cross-border cloud computing company, and we are done very successful, really worth all people thinking. However, associating Amazon, a seller who sells books online, can also become the leader of the global public cloud market, and the rise of Ali should be reasonable.

However, what we need to think about is why so many IT companies, known as technology, have lost to the "unknown technology" business platform in cloud computing. What are the common features of Amazon and Ali clouds that make them the first to do the world, a top chair that can achieve China's cloud computing? I think it may be able to see some of the clues from the Ali yunqi conference.

Technology is no longer the short board of Ali, but it has become a blessing for Ali.

The application of scene after double eleven and the world's unique experience harsh test, the original do not understand technology, Ali, already the Phoenix Nirvana, the former an ignorant person, from the Yunxi conference released a new mighty storm can look like. From the dragon cloud server, Raytheon research since the server to a proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud storage array, and then to the ApsaraMobile development platform, from Tmall to M1 routing intelligent service robot to DataV big data tools to PolarDB database, heterogeneous computing platform, ET brain, Ali provides almost from soft to hard, from the calculation to the store the network, from cloud computing to big data into a comprehensive solution of artificial intelligence, products span wide, variety, performance is strong as the acme of perfection. Ali said do not understand technology, now is really the face pops.

More importantly, after so many eleven double ordeal, although Ali also experienced many setbacks, but eleven had Ali excellent technology, can deal with severe test scenarios on the ingrained impression of the broad masses of the mind, Ali in his speech, often with a double eleven for example, for its own technical strength cry. "Even a double eleven application scenarios so we can take time for, and what we should not believe you can make all the other competitors immediately shut up.

Laosun believe this is that Ali cloud can quickly obtain the main reason for many enterprises trust.

Dry goods are full of ground gas and have become a sign of the Yunqi Conference

In fact, down to earth has become full of dry cargo Yunxi conference signs, Laosun personal feeling, Yunxi meeting in addition to the first one or two paragraphs before God leaders talk a bit empty slightly, the other is full of dry cargo down to earth, not what the concept and theory of too much hype. Now, let's look back at the four - day issue of the yunqi conference.

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The first day of the Keynote, Ma Yun's speech shocked the industry Dharma Institute released a cover and contain everything, since Needless to say, from the beginning of Zhang Jianfeng, each issue is full range from dry cargo, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data to quantum computing, smart city and other technology foresight can be said to be covering almost all of the fields.

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Second days Keynote more to talk about, eyeful is down to earth issues, Li Jin's speech can be said to be watertight, a torrent of new release is too busy to attend to all have no concept of full speech, but also, the existence of the concept of things, is really a series of technologies, products and applications are not even let you doze off time. The speeches of the later guests are also commendable. It can be said that there is no "slot point" in the whole process. However, Tang Xiaoou, who was the last speaker, revealed many "slot points", which caused laughter at the scene.

In addition to the two days of Keynote, Yunxi conference held more than 120 meetings, including the ATEC ATEC financial summit, quantum computing technology open summit, summit, open source technology innovation and entrepreneurship, the annual summit of TechInsight, ClouderLab, new retail summit, summit, chief of places and activities, more than 800 guests from technology, industry share the latest developments of the technology industry, the forum and activities in terms of quantity, quality and the number of participants are called excellent, some forums even squeeze squeeze into the phenomenon, for example the old sun quantum computing.

As for the reason why so popular these forums, he think that the four words: down to earth!

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It's a yunqi conference, and it's actually the big body of "the people of the river."

From the small shrimp Music Festival to yunqi night run, from Ma sang drag run, rainbow run, Yunxi meeting how to look like a traditional impression technology event appearance, like a big party a collection of "quack" the brightest people, we can at the meeting, with the rain sing together in the rain, can also play in the exhibition, a variety of interesting activities, of course, more time or walk in between the various forums, absorb the knowledge they want. In short, feel the Yunxi Congress give people is in a free and casual atmosphere, can make friends, exchange of experience, knowledge, Monkey think, this is one of the reasons should Yunxi Congress are so attractive.

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"The chivalrous person's feelings for the state and the people."

In fact, every time the Yunxi conference, the most attractive is the Ma Yun's speech, Ma Yun's provocative speech, he previously only seen Ma Yun's speech, this time listening to Ma Yun's speech at the scene, he finally learned why Ma Yun's speech so attractive, because the main line in Ma Yun's speech there is always a feelings of cable, the whole speech wisdom and humor, take the Yunxi conference address it, before a lot of people questioned Ali is a mainly foreign investment company, and Ma Yun by saying "we are the use of foreign capital to the best China company", will be the understatement of the question is invisible. The establishment of the Dharma school is even more will "chivalrous person, for the state and the people" feelings will convey an easy job to do nearly 10 million audience to the scene and watch the meeting.

"The Alibaba is no longer an ordinary business company, and we have a great responsibility in this country and in this era. Ten years ago, I told Alibaba: "the development of China's e-commerce is good, and it has nothing to do with Alibaba, but the development of Chinese e-commerce is not good, and it has something to do with Alibaba. Because at the time, 90% of the Chinese E - commerce talents were in our company, we did not do it, which meant that the country did not do it. "

"The Alibaba is no longer an ordinary business company, and we have a great responsibility in this country and in this era. The Alibaba must be a company that creates the future, and is the engine of the innovation of the country and society and the world. "

So Alibaba hopes to go out of its own mode. We will learn from IBM, learn Microsoft, learn from Baer laboratory, learn great experience and lessons in the past history of human technology development, but we must go out of our own way.

"With today's China's resources, China's responsibilities, human resources and capital, we can completely get out of our own way in the field of science and technology to build our own first class. We must think that the damoyuan must also surpass Intel, and we must surpass Microsoft, and we must go beyond IBM, because we were born in twenty-first Century, and we have the opportunity to take advantage later.

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The frequency of the verse, everywhere with patriotism as the core, is bound to arouse the audience patriotism and hatred at the same time, but also with the "big man Chinese traditional culture system, the chivalrous spirit for the state and the people", nature can get the recognition and sympathy of the vast majority of people. In this recognition and resonance, the image and status of Ali Yun, including Ali Yun, has been greatly improved.

Ecology, the most important, is always in the end

However, these are said in front of the foreshadowing, Ali in the Yunxi conference to show the most powerful place or in the cloud ecosystem it wide, in the Yunxi conference, a total of more than more than 400 well-known technology companies in the exhibition, the exhibition area of over 30 thousand square meters, showing the various fields include artificial intelligence visual, intelligent, unmanned and intelligent computing chip, Home Furnishing, city management innovation. Including Moutai, BGI, Xugong, panda car, Xiaoshan technology, seven cattle cloud, IWC data, Hua Qiyun, PHILPS, Schneider, BOSCH, MDEC, Docker, Splunk, NetApp, PCCW, SAP, MediaTek and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. At the same time, in the yunqi conference, Ali also announced the cooperation with many well-known enterprises, and issued a number of new products. For example, Intel and Ali cloud in Asia for the first time issued a joint encryption calculation, Xilinx, ABB, DataArtisans, Elastic, red hat, CISCO, Ruijie, wave, rhinoceros Siyun and other more than 10 enterprises in the General Assembly announced during the new progress of the technology, products, programs, services and other areas. At the same time, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhongshan University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing University of Technology, Harbin Institute of technology and other universities have announced and Ali cloud technology research, personnel training and other cooperation programs in the direction of the general assembly.

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In this large-scale showcase, both Ali cloud the inherent advantages of the Internet business users, there are a large number of users of traditional industries, more of the world's top business cooperation, which fully demonstrates the strong ecological Ali cloud, also shows that the breadth and depth of Ali users, that in such an environment, Ali the cloud can bring to the user is not only the base of Cloud Architecture, can be more powerful ecosystem Ali cloud based on this construction from the basic platform to the application to the industry association, technical research, personnel training integration platform, and the Monkey think, this is why Congress Yunxi a year to do more than a year of success is the purpose, Ali yunqi Congress wants to convey out of it.