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KVM's father's new work ScyllaDB: C++ compatible with the development of the Cassandra database database, the performance of 10 times

This year on half of the cloud calculation activity once invited KVM father avi Kivity failed. Originally they hold strokes: with C + + de novo development has a compatible Cassandra column databaseScyllaDB, based on the new Seastar server side application framework, their own test data show that the performance compared to Cassandra increased by ten times, a single server can support 1 million transactions per second. Project has been open source.

The name Scylla from the sirens of Greek mythology in the first six and 12 arms, glance one of petrochemical furies Medusa's sisters.

They introduce themselves to you:

In ScyllaDB, we carefully use the underlying knowledge for big data technology. The data structure used is not more than CPUCache line(line cache), using the polling mode driver instead of the interrupt, disk access to theWrite amplificationTo do the test, the cache should be anti scan (scan-resistant). We bypass the task scheduler and the TCP/IP kernel so very proud. We also fully tap the latest features of C++14 and gcc5.1, trying to be a non volatile random access memory commercialization.

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