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"Programmer" January 2016: the Internet application architecture

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What are we learning when we learn architecture?(Pan Xiaoliang)

Technical meeting on the structure of the sub field is usually quite popular, the reason is that these companies are generally more famous, and there are other people have a shortcut to find the idea to see what can be used for reference. But architecture this thing is really difficult to learn, companies of different industry, in different development stages, different team of technical reserves determines the people's architecture is very difficult to move to his own company. As an audience, I have heard very excited to go back to use the new technology and new methods mentioned, the reason is that a big company is also so used, the results of course is not very good.

Later I became a lecturer, to share their experiences, I realized, experience sharing this thing a little like through the rearview mirror to see the road, the road is clear; but when look ahead, the road is often unclear. When to stand in the limelight, I will naturally filter out themselves are not sure, put wasn't clear at the time of thinking into the foreseeable future of wise decisions. This filter, it is precisely the filter out of the most valuable things, that is the process of thinking.

An excellent architecture to share should be able to reflect the architect's thinking, the essence of the structure of the problem is what, as well as the problem of solving the process of thinking. Learning architecture is not to learn the specific technical program, but the architect's way of thinking. Try to be on the ground, if you stand in the author's point of view, how to think, how to judge?

This issue of the "programmer" cover reports, brought the following practice to share:

  • Millet network technology architecture change practice (Zhang Tao, millet Network Division)
  • Tuniu site wireless architecture changes in practice (Gao Jian, the way cattle travel)
  • Sogou business platform infrastructure evolution practice (Liu Jian, Dong Zeguang, Sogou architect)
  • 58 city high performance mobile Push push platform architecture evolution Road (Sun Xuan, 58 market system architect technical responsible person)
  • QQ member activities operating platform architecture design practices (Xu Hanbin, Tencent senior engineer)
  • Spark based on the realization of the realization of the system Baidu search system (Wang Quan, Wang Haojun, Liu Shaoshan, Baidu R & D center, senior architect)
  • Quick taxi architecture practice(Wang Xiaoxue, the original taxi drops travel Architects)
  • Hungry mobile App architecture evolution (Hu Biao, hungry mobile technology person in charge)
  • Performance optimization of home rice network(Hu Yong, Li Zhihui, home rice network)
  • Thorough understanding of automated testing (Lin Hanchen, cloud transit architect)
  • High concurrency design and challenges for the business system (Chen Kangxian, Alibaba Technology Specialist)


  • We need to solve all the problems at once -- an interview with Wiki creator Cunningham Ward (Lu Dongxiang)
  • CSDN ten major information
  • Foreign express delivery
  • Program world

Special topics

  • Docker 2015 annual review(Wei Shijiang, co founder and CTO;, Zhang Chunyuan, Xi Yun)
  • Deep learning: to promote the development of the NLP field of the new engine (Lei Xin, go out to ask CTO &Ticwatch; Li Li, go out to ask the Engineer)
  • The 2015 annual inventory database (He Hongling, AsiaInfo Wisdom Big Data Platform Manager)
  • 2015 mobile technology white paper(Bao Jianqiang, author of "App R & D")
  • 2015 China public cloud services market review and Outlook (Zhang Xiaodong, vice president of the science and Technology)
  • When the blue ocean is no longer blue, the 2015 year of the tour circle how to do? (Wang Shiying, vice president of the blue harbor interactive group)


  • Integration analysis of Streaming Kafka and Spark

    Streaming Spark was born in 2013, is the Spark platform for streaming processing solutions. This paper mainly introduces the Streaming Spark data receiving process module and Kafka integration related functions.

  • Open source big data engine: Greenplum database architecture analysis

    Greenplum is an advanced distributed open source database technology, which is mainly used to deal with large-scale data analysis tasks, including data warehouse, business intelligence (OLAP) and data mining, etc.. Since October 2015 officially open source, has been widely concerned by the industry at home and abroad. In this paper, the community concerned about the Greenplum database technology architecture is introduced.

  • The mechanism and implementation of Android platform crash capture

    Android system fragmentation caused by the collapse of the application is serious, in the simulator to run a good program to install on a mobile phone may be the phenomenon of collapse. And, often after the program is published in the user side of the collapse of the phenomenon. So, how to capture and collect the Android platform is becoming more and more important. Currently, the market already has third party SDK can help developers to complete this function, this paper will share with you the realization of these crash analysis SDK.

  • Data design method for LBS application

    Whenever you open a map data, such as Gao De, the United States mission, drops or a quick taxi, your mind will emerge a problem, these geometric data is how to design it? How to quickly display or navigate to the design? So this paper will talk about the LBS application of the data design method.

Comics (Xi Qiao)

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