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Google product management vice president Ron Lior: technical insight + user insight into the world to make small products

In Geek Park Innovation Conference (GIF2016), Google vice president of product management, Lior Ron: problem for the mobile era "of the keynote speech, and accepting a reporter to interview, talked about the successful factors of product innovation, and Google in Google map (Lior Ron was responsible for Google map products), unmanned, IOT, such as field research.

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About innovation

Innovation does not have a unified answer. The key to innovation is that you need to continue to discover, to discover, and to invent again.

  • Google has a very good corporate culture to allow employees to make mistakes, to take risks.

  • Need to have the foresight, the need for innovative thinking, can not rigidly adhere to the way of thinking now, need to get out of the box.

  • You need to quickly deploy the appropriate conditions, such as you need to have a very rapid product model to build; in addition, you need to have a very small team, to support the deployment of very flexible.

How to make small products to the world

How to make a baby like a product into the world? This is a kind of magic. Google's products are small, but Google is going to create magic into the world.

Google search, Chrome Google, Map Google and so on, thanks to the success of two aspects:

  • Technology insight + user insight, which makes it possible to make a lot of things possible. All of the products it's success is to be able to integrate the product insight and user insight.

  • There is a good connection, must be able to provide a good search, technical insight and user insight into a joint force, the two together will be able to move towards the world.

Take Map Google as an example, to know the user's expectations.

  1. The millions of users of a wide variety of information fusion, and a lot of local experts to meet the basic needs of countless users.

  2. To know in the end is to search or to meet the browsing, to create an interactive way, the product should gradually change and guide the user's expectations, to get out of the comfort zone.

  3. Must have a state of mind, like a child to continue to ask questions. For example, we are not able to guide the direction of the navigation well? If you want to A or to B, then, is not we have outdated in navigation?

  4. Never compromise, the children of their own things are absolutely not compromise, if they are their own favorite things.

Hope unmanned vehicle technology to market within 10 years

Unmanned vehicle behind the principle, the first is the accurate design and real time updating of the map, the sensor data localization analysis, to guide the traffic. At the end of this is to understand the surrounding objects, obstacle recognition, traffic, car and to, and thus predict turn left or right.

Google maps have a lot of data sources, including data from the satellite, the user's data and various fields of data, very accurate, this is the basis of unmanned vehicle. Now the team and the map of the map of the team is relatively independent, the cooperation is not particularly close to each other.

Google unmanned vehicles up to now has 100 million miles of automatic driving away, at the same time, there are 300 million miles of the learning process, Google every day are in the optimization of the technology, last month also in rain tested driverless cars, and field tests carried out in Texas. There are still a lot of problems still exist, still need some time to truly achieve commercialization. Google hopes that this technology will be able to market in the 10 years.

Virtual reality experience is essential

Google has been hoping that the virtual reality technology to allow more people to contact, to better use, but also on the phone soon to be able to realize the application of virtual reality technology. Need in the consumer environment to provide you with a kind of access to the experience, which is essential for the consumer experience. But now the challenges still exist, the need to integrate different factors, different components, to provide users with a seamless experience. But with the advance of time, it is certain that these problems can be solved. Very expect such a platform to achieve success.

Brillo does not dominate IoT

In the IoT, Google has been committed to providing a good, and to provide value-added products. Many of the products are based on Brillo platform, but also need to ensure the security and connectivity products. Google also want to make Brillo more intelligent, able to have more data access, can have a better connection with the outside world.

For the mobile phone, its technology is a solution to solve all the problems. But for IoT, each object is not the same, each product shape, size, demand, are also very different. So there is no solution to solve all the problems. Of course, Google also want to continue to improve the ability of Brillo, so that it becomes more excellent.