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"Near Carpenter" bird cloud computing CTO Zhou Shengqiang: to put an end to camouflage, do IaaS field of technology innovators

The Carpenter "section 119, cloud computing can be divided into start, development and maturity of the three stages of growth and development process also appeared in the cloud computing false pretender, quality doesn't pass, or be a serious defect service, for the progress of cloud computing has a very profound negative impact, this period we interviewed bird cloud computing CTO Zhou Shengqiang.

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CSDN: would you please tell me about your personal experience and the division of labor, the size and the background of the whole team?

Zhou Shengqiang (CTO):Has just graduated from Shenzhen, has been nearly 10 years, has been engaged in the work of the Internet related. I graduated from the communication engineering, the first job is to work in an electricity business company, is fully responsible for the entire infrastructure to build and network maintenance. At that time the basis of the structure is to use the VMware product, which is the first contact with a number of cloud computing. Later, we have been studying VMware virtualization technology, has also been in some companies with related projects. Now choose to start their own business, want to be their own brand of cloud computing.

At present, our team from the establishment to the present, just six months time, has reached more than 300 people. Inside a clear division of labor, which more than 100 people belonging to the R & D team, mainly in charge of all company project platform research and development work; a security team of more than 50 people, responsible for the user's network security, system security, data security; operation and maintenance comprehensive service team of more than 50 people, responsible for the user's after-sales technology and value-added services of docking; residual more than 100 people belonging to the marketing system, divided into market, business and customer service team.

Today, our shareholders also include a search team of Cardiff, push Jiang Likun, love net etc.. Cloud computing together with the layout, to open up the domestic cloud computing market, boosting the development of the domestic internet.

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CSDN: please talk about the birds cloud computing in doing things, and why choose to engage in this field?

Zhou Shengqiang: birds cloud computing has been in doing one thing is how to make users more convenient, more convenient, more efficient cloud deployment. I believe we all know, now cloud computing providers for after-sales service is always uneven attitude, basic it is invariably go work order line, short may need a few minutes to wait for a response, and long may have to wait a few days to respond. But for users, the timely response, quickly solve the problem in order to ensure the smooth development of the business. So birds cloud must pay attention to and improve the service to the user experience, we respected the Banc Secretary 1v1, 90 seconds response and locate the user.

As to why choose this field, with my own experience is closely related, because of their own professional and later long-term project combat research has accumulated rich experience. For the cloud computing technology, industry trends and so on, are relatively clear understanding of. So I think this industry, as a lifelong career for the struggle.

CSDN: at this stage, the domestic IaaS field pattern is what kind of?

Zhou ShengqiangFrom the market share in this regard, it is undeniable that Ali cloud or occupy the most important position; Tencent also rely on Tencent Tencent powerful game operators to obtain a fairly good market share. A dominant situation would have become a history, and in the field of domestic IAAs lies in the product itself, with talk and not the brand effect, really good IAAs is the need for continued performance of the stability and security of traditional IT architecture and the agile, elasticity and price.

I and my team is in the field of IAAs of painstaking research starting from, including CPU, memory, storage, networks, and other basic computing resources, for the user to create a key type of cloud in the deployment environment, the purpose is to satisfy the user's changing needs and resources integration of Internet wide circle.

CSDN: what are the needs and pain points for developers to cloud service solutions? Bird cloud computing can bring them what changes?

Zhou Shengqiang: for different areas of the developers we give the financial cloud, cloud gaming, electricity providers of cloud, cloud multimedia, medical cloud, and cloud community six of cloud solutions.

First, in terms of financial cloud, as we all know, Internet banking has become the one big trend, many financial institutions have begun to realized to using the Internet to better carry out the service, but based on the traditional structure of the direct marketing and clearing system is very easy to meet the bottleneck. In the product selection and design, we strive to financial users to create a safe and reliable operating environment, in the aspect of hardware, we adopt the latest technology of cluster, multi node involved in computing, can automatic parallel processing and load balancing. Because of our cloud server cluster, the hardware redundancy is very high, can easily deal with the problem of hardware failure. Network, we provide financial cloud users provide BGP multi line line line, the best access route is by backbone routers on the network according to the routing hops with other technical indicators to determine, the server will not take up any system resources. Both the upstream and downstream routing of the server can choose the best path, which can realize the high speed single IP access. Corresponding to our financial cloud users to provide a reliable technical support for the operation and maintenance team, to help customers complete the planning, implementation, application migration from the early to the post operation and maintenance of each stage of the work.

And in the cloud of this game, we have the industry's leading telecommunications high anti nodes and domestic high-quality BGP multi line network resources, designed specifically for cloud gaming to create a game clusters of low virtualization, high stability, every data center we are equipped with the independent Gigabit fiber, to build a perfect real-time monitoring and fault alarm technology. Can effectively defend against DDOS attacks, to protect the user network security. At the same time, ultra high I/O independent cloud server, read up to 2Gb/s, write up to 800Mb/s, effectively avoid the game Caton phenomenon. Through the latest security technology to achieve high security isolation capabilities, to protect the gaming user experience. On this basis, we also provide the game cloud users with distinguished 1 to 1 VIP distinguished service, providing professional architecture guidance on the deployment of the game on the line, providing professional escort support, 60S rapid response and other technical support. It can be said from the construction of infrastructure to the game on the line to the late fine operation, we cover the entire game project development cycle of the entire service.

As for the electricity supplier in the cloud, cloud multimedia, medical community cloud and cloud this, we combine the needs of the industry, the integration of cloud computing, data advantage, using our high performance cloud computing and virtualization technology innovation, in these fields the user features flexible business, elastic expansion function, according to the need to pay to greatest degree guarantee user business operational security and stability.

CSDN: Bird cloud computing cloud services products in the development, updating, operation, maintenance process, whether to meet some of the more headaches? How to solve the problem?

Zhou Shengqiang: in the process if there are no problems is the most headaches thing, because often resulting in the outbreak of the big problem is that these accumulated small problem, and this problem bring losses to the user is immeasurable, clouds and birds users very do not want to this kind of situation. So I would rather birds cloud cloud services products in normal development, update, operation and maintenance process in bits and pieces appear some not to hurt the interests of users, operation and maintenance personnel, we resolved in a timely manner in order to protect the user data security, truly a preventive measure.

CSDN: would you please say something about the technical features or advantages of bird cloud computing compared to the same type of other products?

Zhou Shengqiang: birds cloud products with other same type products even compared with industry giants, in the configuration of the hardware facilities can I have a lot of confidence is not bad nickels, and even some aspects also superior to others of the same type products.

In terms of technology, birds cloud created three layer storage technology, the technology based on the excellence of the underlying hardware to the user data implementation of three layers of protection and backup: cache layer, precipitation layer, layer backup data processing, cache layer processing data backup and precipitation layer and buffer layer real-time synchronization to save the backup, the third layer: backup layer, also known as disaster recovery layer, cross the room to do data backup, using data slicing, data of the system for monitoring and tracking backup to prevent system operating system failure or failure cause data loss, any layer fault can quickly recover in a short period of time.

Besides our unique five minutes across the room heat transfer, breaking the geographical restrictions, can easily cope with the operational problems caused by time space. Last bird cloud to encourage users to support the hands of idle servers at any time to transfer, improve idle resource usage, reduce waste of resources and help users to effectively reduce costs, and thus launched the push function.

In the customer service also made great innovation, according to the business need a strong data effectiveness and customer service initiative launched Banc Secretary 1v1.

Bird cloud makes all the innovations are only to achieve a target requirements: to provide users with high availability of Gong Youyun, high experience of service quality.

CSDN: in the next two to three years, what is the focus of bird cloud computing planning, there will be a strategic layout?

Zhou ShengqiangBird cloud in the next two to three years is mainly to take the route of resource integration. To integrate the resources of the Internet, not only in product technology and service quality to give high quality user experience, but also in the user station and maintenance meet difficulties at any stage, provide to the user the most rapid and effective solutions. This is some time ago love net, Jiang Likun, and her husband only shares the primary strategic objective of the birds cloud, they are the leaders of the domain name registered investment, marketing, SEO industry, I believe that they provide the integration of natural resources is one of the best. The integration of bird cloud resources basically new resources layout Internet plus will contribute to an internet".

CSDN: I would like to ask a question that everyone is more concerned about, at present, the birds and the cloud is a cloud of cloud is a kind of relationship?

Zhou ShengqiangBird cloud is Qianhai Shenzhen bird cloud computing Co., Ltd.'s cloud computing services brand, focusing on cloud computing technology research and development and innovation. Shenzhen Peng Silver Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Love Network Co., Ltd., Jiang Likun (push the founder), Huang Fenghua (husband, founder of the search only), Cheng Huan joint investment and, the registered capital is 240 million yuan RMB. Chong Yun Yu for Shenzhen Chuangyu Technology Co., Ltd. operation, only contact is only birds cloud, founder and CEO of sun loudly, worked in the green box cloud service technical director, early in early 2015 has from a Yu cloud left, and in July this year founded Shenzhen before the sea birds cloud computing Co., Ltd., birds cloud and a Yu cloud without any involvement.

CSDN: finally, what do you think will continue to be the basis for the future of cloud computing services in China? What advice do you have for this?

Zhou ShengqiangNow: "Internet plus" has become an unstoppable trend, but if there is no IaaS as the infrastructure support, then the "Internet plus" is nothing but empty talk only; another example O2O, ordering, or whenever and wherever possible to buy tickets for the hotel, if there is no IT CPU, memory, network, security this set of facilities, storage, no, not the middleware, all of which are castles in the air. Therefore, the future of this cloud based services will become more and more important, its universal scope with the development of the Internet plus "the trend will be more perfect.

Cloud computing as a science and technology in the field of "water" and "electricity", is divided into beginning, development and mature of the three growth stages, and our current cloud computing is in the development of this step, at this juncture, it is prone to cloud computing false pretender, quality doesn't pass, or be a serious defect service, for the progress of cloud computing has a very profound negative impact. Here I holds very sincere attitude hope we all cloud service providers can unite with their own strength to the maintenance of the cloud of steady development, build good health of cloud computing ecosystem.

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