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For the three consecutive quarter of three digit growth aliyun Q4 revenue surged 126%

On the evening of January 28, the Alibaba Group (NYSE: Baba) released the fourth quarter of 2015 (fiscal year 2016) for the third quarter earnings, its cloud computing business Ali cloud maintained strong growth, revenue growth of dazzling. Reported, Ali cloud fourth quarter revenue of $126%, an increase of three over the same period last year, third consecutive quarters of double-digit growth. The 2015 annual data, Ali cloud business three, Alibaba group leading technology competition.

The night of 28 to 29 morning, including Ali cloud, Amazon, Microsoft, the world's major cloud computing service providers will continue to publish in 2015 the fourth quarter earnings, market for each cloud calculation quite expect business revenue growth. This one, Ali cloud first released Q4 earnings to 126% quarter growth, once again maintained a three digit growth.

In the last quarter, Ali cloud revenue growth of 128%, Amazon AWS growth rate of 78%. Microsoft, including Office365, including smart cloud revenue growth of 8% in the first quarter. Needless to say, cloud computing is becoming a new commercial infrastructure, but also the various technology giants competing for the new battlefield.

IDC latest statistics show that as of the first half of 2015, the world's public cloud computing market share of the top five service providers were Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, RackSpace and Ali cloud. Ali cloud has already become China cloud computing market is the absolute leader, considering its 2015 in the second half of the year for two consecutive quarters of high growth, the global market or have formed "3A tripartite confrontation" pattern (AWS, alicloud, azure).

Alibaba said in the earnings report, the rapid growth of cloud computing business thanks to Ali cloud continues to expand domestic and foreign markets, and provide a wealth of products and the world's leading technology.

Earnings, Alibaba special mention, Ali cloud in October last year to break a world record. Founded by Jim gray, the father of the database sort benchmark evaluation contest sort benchmark, Ali cloud to 100 terabytes of data sorting time is shortened to 377 seconds and broke the record previously held by Microsoft, Yahoo and other institutions researchers.

Not long ago, Ali cloud released the world's first stop big data platform number plus, the opening of Alibaba ten years to accumulate big data technology and platforms, the first appearance of 20 products. This is the world's first big data included in the background before the big data open platform.

In 2015, Ali cloud to help Alibaba built the world's largest hybrid cloud practice, to the public cloud with a proprietary cloud form successful operation of Taobao, lynx, pay the core trading treasure, 11 double peak trading system created per second 140 thousand pen, pay per second peak 85 thousand and 900 pen. In addition, Ali cloud also help China's largest TV station and China's largest railway ticketing system 12306 successful handling of very difficult challenges.

In the integration of the world stage and compatible with the open source, Ali cloud reflects more and more strong technical self-confidence. Since the end of last year, Ali cloud and universal data, Kyushu cloud reached a strategic cooperation, through the output of the ecological partners, a leading global hybrid cloud technology, including users in different areas of openstack, Hadoop, spark, VMware can quickly obtain the ability of public cloud services. In January this year, Ali cloud also joined us technology manufacturer NVIDIA (Nvidia) to enter the cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Cloud computing market has great potential, Ali cloud in the international market also launched more layout. Since last October, Ali cloud has expanded data center located in the west coast of the United States and Hong Kong, and represents the future will in the east coast of the United States, the Middle East and Europe, established a new data center, and constantly improve the "global network layout.

Outside comments generally believe that the first echelon of the cloud computing market has been basically formed, and will continue to solidify. IDC in a report said that for the public cloud market, by six or less cloud service providers monopoly roughly 80 percent of the global market share, respectively for Amazon, Ali cloud, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.