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Intel high-speed FPGA chip

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The graphics processor market mostly by NVIDIA and AMD occupy, Intel recently started production of their co processor, through the use of FPGA.

FPGA (field programmable gate arrays, customizable digital logic circuit) is a very fast chip, can be customized programming, to complete a specific task. Last year, Intel through salesAlteraEarned $16 billion 700 million in revenue, began to want to expand the market to meet the needs of different processors.

Intel recently began to serve the chip with FPGA, as an experimental project. Companies using their Xeon E5-2600 V4 processor equipped with 10 Altera Arria FPGAs, code named Broadwell-EP, a multi chip module. Xeon E5 chip has been released last month.

Intel spokesman said: with the progress of technology, FGPA and CPU can be deployed on the same chip." The release of the chip is in progress at the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, china.

FPGA is used by Microsoft to quickly calculate the search results of Bing, Baidu also use them for image search. The flexibility of FPGA is lower than that of GPU, it can accomplish specific tasks by programming the chip specific functions. FPGA performance in specific tasks to be higher than GPU, but the energy consumption is relatively more.

Intel plans to use FPGA for cars, robots, servers, supercomputers and networking devices. The chip maker has provided FPGA for genetic programming examples, and perform specific functions in the car's example. Intel will inherit the FPGA chip can reduce energy consumption, and can communicate directly with the CPU.

FPGA is also used in communications equipment, is also the star of the 5G market products. Intel's devices and components are also a lot of networking projects core devices, many of which are using FPGA to communicate with the cloud server.

Original:Intel starts speedy FPGAs into baking chips
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