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June 2016: 60 years of artificial intelligence, the key technologies in the post - depth study period

readFifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven

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From the 1956 Dutt Maus conference, the development of artificial intelligence is now 60 years. This year, one of the original participants, revered as the father of artificial intelligence Marvin Minsky died, and Google deepmind development of AlphaGo go system of artificial intelligence with a 4-1 record foiled the top players in the human.

Retrospect the past 60 years, the artificial intelligence development stage division of opinions may be, but all of them are difficult to deny, artificial intelligence experienced several boom and winter, and nowadays is worth deep neural networks brings "summer" -- the support of speech recognition, image recognition accuracy has more than human, which allow the practitioner to feel excited. To avoid the cold winter comes again, we need to correctly understand the essence and value of technology, will be the most essential change in the actual development.

This issue of the cover report, brought the following practices to share:

  • Artificial intelligence 60 years, we need to pay attention to what (Zhou Jianding)
  • Norvig Peter: artificial intelligence will be an important part of software engineering(Norvig Google, Peter research director)
  • Speech recognition system and iFLYTEK latest practice (Wei Si, Zhang Shiliang, Pan Jia etc.)
  • Use depth learning to build intelligent chat robot(Zhang Junlin, PhD)
  • Unmanned: three artificial intelligence application created "old driver" (Han Wei, Yutong intelligent team captain)
  • Appreciating know surface must be intimate -- on the artificial intelligence technology in the recommendation system application (loud Jie, Yahoo Research Institute senior R & D managers)
  • Mobile recommendation system - interest Feed technology architecture and Implementation (Chen Kaijiang, while chatting co founder)


CSDN ten major information
I/O Google 2016: the real starting point for artificial intelligence (Song Rui, amber weather co founder and COO)


  • Unity3D game development pipeline (Fan Songyang, dream city interactive research and Development Department Manager) with architecture and tool chain optimization

Cross platform development and the rise, so that the use of Unity3D and Cocos2d-x mobile game development team growing. From the current game market, by virtue of excellent quality to win the user, become more and more mainstream. This has put forward higher requirements for the development team. Based on Unity3D, this paper discusses how to build a suitable game development pipeline.

  • Secret N Android new compiler tool JACK&JILL (Li Xiaoyang, the U.S. group client Android Development Engineer)

In the revised version of the SDK 5 Android, on the line of the two new compiler, called JACK&JILL, which symbolizes the Google in the further enhance the variability of the process. JACK&JILL integration of the confusion, resource cropping, Multidex and other tools to the Gradle plug-in to join the compilation process, the use of IR as a jayce, completely out of the dependence on the class byte code file. This article will carry on the depth analysis to the JACK&JILL, and carries on the explanation to its use.

  • When Microsoft Oxford plans to meet WeChat APP - WeChat to achieve some (Wang Yuxiang, Microsoft MVP)

Microsoft Oxford program (Oxford Project) provides a series of machine learning API, including computer vision, speech recognition and language understanding and other cognitive services, it can be for the development of WeChat how to bring interesting features? Please see this article decomposition.

  • How to compile Android project (Zhang Hongyang, CSDN blog expert, Android Development Engineer) based on compile time annotation

The through the concrete example describes how to write a based on the project of compile time annotations, to sum up, main steps: project structure division, annotation module realization, the annotation processor write and announced the API module compilation. Learning through text should be able to understand the principles of this type of framework based on compile time annotations, as well as how to write such a framework.

  • Use Unity to develop HoloLens applications (Zhang Changwei, a full stack engineer, Microsoft MVP.)

Developers have received HoloLens developer version of the same time, but also started the development of HoloLens applications. Core characteristics of the space mapping, scene matching and natural interaction, to practice to explain how to use the unity engine develop a simple HoloLens application, and to the development of their own experience of summing up and share.

big data

  • High performance database middleware MyCAT (full spring, Baolong Group, DBA)

The origin of MyCAT in Cobar, Excel and predecessors, in addition to continue to enhance the original excellent distributed pools points table function outside, and combined with cluster management, automatic expansion, intelligent optimization, become Internet high-performance middleware.

  • OpenStack can replicate the success of Hat Red? (Liu Shimin, cloud architect)

This article will discuss the business model of OpenStack, and take Mirantis as an example, compared with the Hat Red business model.

  • Container performance monitoring and log management (Lin Fan, DevOps, ThoughtWorks, Inc.)

In the operation and maintenance of infrastructure, monitoring and early warning of the service condition and performance is to reduce the potential failure risk of the most effective measures, to run the log to collect is after the accident happened fast locating problem, backtracking a reliable means of field failure. This time we'll talk about the implementation of performance monitoring and log management in the container technology architecture.


How many times, I open the task manager to see its busy figure. How many times I want to loudly say to it: "Butler brother, you rest, tell me what are you busy at?"

  • The architecture design of advanced bank fraud (Yang Shuiling, handed down financial CTO)

Blowout development in the field of Internet banking at the same time, the security problem is increasingly serious, the author of the bank as an example, a comprehensive interpretation of the anti fraud architecture design.

Knowledge base column

PHP Learning Guide (Han Tianfeng, founder of Swoole open source project)
PHP concurrent I/O programming of the road (Han Tianfeng, Swoole open source project founder)
PHP knowledge base content selection


Comics - why do you need a cat (Xi Qiao)

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