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Ex special ticket countdown four days Days China OpenStack first instructor issue announced

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Under the OpenStack foundation official authorization and support, following the United States Seattle, Tokyo, Japan, China, Taiwan and other places successfully held, Days OpenStack for the first time came to china. July 2016 14-15 day,Days China OpenStackWill be held at the Beijing National Convention Center, which will also be the most professional and authoritative and the largest technology event in the field of OpenStack in China.

As authorized by the OpenStack foundation, community volunteer group organized by the official activities. The meeting will be gathered at home and abroad IT leading manufacturers, C-level executives in various industries, telecom operators, OpenStack contributor, cloud operation and maintenance engineers, application developers and other professionals.
Will then have at home and abroad more than 70 openstack field strength of the lecturer, and more than 2000 attendees bring nearly 60 lectures / seminars, share and of openstack in the practical application of best practices and achievements, to help more enterprises to know the latest development of openstack technology, and according to best practices guide their technology selection and business operations.

Openstack foundation chief operating officer mark collier said: openstack days in China, held for the first time will be an important milestone in the field of openstack, then, will give China's tens of millions of developers and users bring a carnival.

Warm tip: in July 1, 24 points before booking and payment will enjoy preferential discount, price 400 yuan / Zhang, buy more than five people to enjoy a more price of 320 yuan / Zhang fold on fold, want to buy as soon as possible.(Ticket details link)

At present, the conference organizers announcedpartLecturer issues (ranking, continuous, continuous updates, the latest information, please pay attention toGeneral website):


July 14th

  • Clark OpenStack, chairman of the Alan foundation and SUSE industry innovation Director - opening speech
  • Bryce Jonathan, Director Executive, Foundation OpenStack - keynote speech
  • He Baohong, executive vice president of the cloud computing open source industry alliance - "OpenStack industry development trend"
  • Intel technology executives - "Source.Open Mind OpenStack.Open"
  • Jiang Xiaoli, OpenStack & Container open source ecological General Manager - "Cloud Open, accelerate enterprise digital transformation"
  • Ferrari Massimo, director of the global management division of red hat, "master OpenStack's journey to the clouds"
  • OpenStack Round Table Forum (community theme): open source and, what makes a successful open source community Why
    Moderator: Fifield Tom participating guests: Bryce Jonathan, Clark Alan, Sousou Imad, Taylor Monty, Lai Anni, Wang Qing,
  • China open source cloud Alliance - Theme Report
  • Trueblood Nathon, vice president of product management for Mirantis - keynote speech
  • National electricity grid information and communication industry group Cloud Computing Key Laboratory of people / Li Kyushu cloud co-founder and vice president in charge of - the Hanshan clouds based on openstack cloud of the electric power industry practice and thinking of "
  • Perez Development, Coordinator at OpenStack Foundation Mike, member TC - "calm and Keep use OpenStack consistently"
  • Taylor Individual, Director of OpenStack Foundation Board Monty, member TC, of OpenStack Infra PTL - "Works OpenStack... Who cares so? "
  • OpenStack Round Table Forum (technical topics) technical trends of OpenStack:The
    Moderator: Fifield Tom, participating guests: Taylor Monty, Perez Mike, Tantsur Dmitry, etc.

July 15th Keynote

  • Clark Alan, chairman of the OpenStack foundation, SUSE industry innovation Director - "the power of IT transformation and change"
  • Li Zhixiao, HPE, vice president of China, HPE China Cloud Computing Group's chief technology officer, the cloud way there are ups and downs, the safety and stability of the morale HPE Helion cloud professional services "
  • Round Table Forum (case)
    Moderator: Li Mingyu; participate in customers: banking, tourism, energy and other industries customers

Technology sub forum:

  • Liang Sheng, Labs CEO Rancher - "the value and practice of the container technology for OpenStack enterprise users"
  • Zhang Weiwei, director of research and development of cloud technology - to create a hybrid cloud management and PaaS platform based on Openstack
  • History day, HPE cloud computing platform Architect - "Helion OpenStack HPE 3 and professional services"
  • Jin Youbing, a scholar of cloud CTO "to reduce the cost and improve the performance of Openstack storage, how to win? "
  • Lin Xiaojun, IBM Software Engineer - "the application of Heat in the enterprise practice"
  • Wang Wei, UnitedStack has a cloud Senior Software Engineer - "VXLAN in the OpenStack enterprise network practice"
  • Wang Jun, red hat senior Solution Consultant - "NFV technology progress and Red Riding Hood"
  • Lin inwinSTACK, Rico Senior Software Architect - "Optimization Heat"
  • Qiu Yuwei, Bailian Group Integration Architecture, general manager of the Department; Lu Qichuan: Bailian Group Integration Architecture Department of architecture, director of the commercial aircraft cloud brigade -- Based on openstack cloud platform business best practice "
  • Yu Xingchao, UNITEDSTACK director of research and development of PuppetOpenStack Core project Reviewer - from 0 to 100:Openstack large-scale deployment of combat
  • Wang Donglin, founder of /CEO - "OpenStack scholar cloud machine: no delivery of pain"
  • Liang Liang, general manager of SUSE China - "Cloud OpenStack case sharing"
  • Lin Peifeng, technical director of SUSE China - Planning and deploying enterprise class OpenStack
  • Zhang Lei, OpenStack, cloud OpenStack development engineer, Kolla OpenStack core to open the need to use the container to upgrade the deployment of the upgrade
  • Tan Yusong / Department of defense - Automated Deployment and intelligent operation and maintenance of private cloud based containers
  • HP / Omer - "Haiyun JNC, large-scale cloud computing in the cluster database consistency solution"
  • Liang Jianmin, HPE Senior Architect - "based on the Stackato cloud native application development"
  • Guo Changbo, Oslo core reviewer OpenStack - "OpenStack Based Public Library - Oslo"
  • Li Mingyu /OStorage, founder and CTO, Li Zhonghua / HUAWEI storage product line open source - "OpenStack data protection (backup and double live)"
  • Wang Haomai - "the best practice of Openstack Ceph"
  • Huang Aptira, general manager of J. East Asia /Aptira India cloud application software engineering team director - "OpenStack migration and service (GUTS) and continuous integration that is the service (StackBuffet) of the open source tool"
  • Lijun progenitor / UnionPay Academy of cloud platform project person in charge of the total, Lee / Kyushu cloud co-founder and vice president of the China UnionPay based on software defined network and openstack next generation financial cloud design and practice "

Please continue to focus more on the topic and the general assembly.General website.

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