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Ali cloud: the security of the future is SaaS

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Starting from the beginning of 2009, to now Ali cloud has provided five levels of computing, storage, network, security, data and other services, and constantly polished to improve the various core competencies. For example, in early 2016, Ali launched a number of cloud platform, designed to open up the whole chain of data production, and in June 29th the cloud habitat conference Chengdu summit, security has become the protagonist. At this summit, Ali cloud chief security researcher Wu Hanqing introduced Ali cloud security technology and strategy.

Ali cloud senior director Xiao Li said at the meeting, Ali cloud has been in the financial, manufacturing, entertainment, meteorology, health, water, transportation, energy and other industries to play a role in the industry to upgrade. Effectiveness, innovation, safety is the third big advantage of cloud computing, high-risk exploit, or a data breach some of the problems of the traditional enterprise, has been Ali cloud continue to crack. For example, the current Ali cloud every day can resolve 20 million Web application attacks, 1000 times DDoS attacks.

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Ali cloud is the ability of internal security services, to help enterprises solve the four major security pain points:

  1. In the face of network attacks can not protect business availability
  2. Led by hacker intrusion data leakage
  3. Because garbage registration, hit the library, malicious spike resulting in loss of business
  4. Because the text, pictures, video violations lead to regulatory risk

Wu Hanqing concretely introduces the Ali cloud safety concept: the practice of Ali cloud customers shows that cloud computing is actually more than traditional IDC more secure, but safety is not only a cloud computing service providers, but also requires the user to jointly do a good job in safety work. Ali cloud put forward the model of shared responsibilities: Ali cloud is responsible for ensuring the security of cloud platform, the user is responsible for system on cloud security management responsibilities.

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In the part of user security, Ali cloud through its security brand network shield to provide a complete security solutions. Wu Hanqing introduction, cloud shield product family of products has reached 11 models, for network, server, data, business and mobile security needs of different levels.

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Behind these products is the core, Ali cloud based cloud computing, big data threat intelligence. Ali cloud that collected by Ali cloud all abnormal behavior data and large-scale machine learning techniques, we train a predictive model covering the latest attack, Ali cloud security products can be in different scenarios better perceived threat, the initiative to guarantee the safety of users.

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In addition to release mobile security, security manager two new products, Ali cloud also released and NSFocus, constant information, Ivy cloud security, rattan network risk perception, Joaquin and data security company cooperation, which means that the third party security technology of SaaS is already gradually landing, Ali cloud security is one of the key work in the future will be for the construction of the ecological. At the same time Ali cloud also believes that security is not a company thing.

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Wu Hanqing said that in the past by hardware to provide a safe way, will become the SaaS model. This is because of the cloud computing technology architecture and business model (lower cost, business extension boundary) to bring the dual advantage of that cloud computing has been in alternative to traditional IDC. Traditional security solutions to the problem, although forced to cloud, but still not familiar with the SaaS play, and Ali cloud can provide them with the support of SaaS, open to partners, including the support of operational tools.

Of course, on the other hand, based on the objective existence of the current hybrid cloud, Ali cloud also provides a hybrid cloud solutions.

For SaaS, Wu Hanqing stressed that according to him the SaaS partners has achieved unified account, the interface to achieve cloud platform native, a key to buy a consistent experience (he thinks this is significant difference on the Ali cloud and azure, AWS). To this end, he proposed the four unified account, interface, sale and after-sales.

In addition, Ali cloud also released a data security white paper, published in the white paper on Ali cloud security 2 million 300 thousand user data security aspects of the establishment of the process, mechanisms and specific practices.

White paper, all development, maintenance, customer service and other may come into contact with the inner system of Ali cloud, they each landing have strict identification, ensure the account and production equipment "don't misuse" and "theft", "can not be used indiscriminately" three no principle.