Big data core technology and Application Forum: business application and technology ecosystem exploration

Baidu bright, Microsoft Liu Zhen, China Telecom Wang Xinggang, Sohu Li Tao, AdMaster Lu billion Lei and other experts from the business applications, technical practice, the collection of ecological circles and other aspects of the interpretation of the core competitiveness of large data.

Architecture practice from Hadoop to Spark

This paper mainly introduces the TalkingData in the process of building a large data platform, and gradually introduce Hadoop, and to YARN Spark and Spark based on the process of building a mobile big data platform.

Secret Sponge: unified Hadoop, Spark, SDS, Swift big data operating system

Sponge is a simple multilayer, totally POSIX compliant distributed NFS, Hadoop compatible, object storage, cloud storage, SDS, container mechanism support, integrated spark for computing engine and computing technology of distributed system based on memory, data storage, management and calculation of organic integration, with real-time consistency.

Analysis of large data base test - or TPC-DS TPC-H

In order to select suitable large tested on benchmark data to facilitate enterprise. In this paper, the analysis in the summary foundation of the existing research results, further discussion of the benchmark data should have the elements; and on this basis, compared with the existing methods of big data benchmark, then discusses the tpc-ds benchmark.

"Hadoop technology" author Zhai Zhouwei: I indissoluble bound with Hadoop

Zhai Zhouwei, senior Hadoop technical experts, "Hadoop open source cloud computing platform", "Hadoop core technology," the author. Recently, CSDN reporter to him were interviewed and asked him to Hadoop development status, characteristics and development prospects of interpretation, and the road along the journey.

World Strata+Hadoop 2015 knowledge

SHW is big data event of the world's largest. The readers bring the conference of knowledge as well as silicon valley big data field of the latest trends and development trends, including government and big data, technical data, large data and commercial, China's large market, new database.

Teradata: Digital Banking is simply how to use technology to control and analyze data in real time

Digital bank technology investment growth is rapid, has more than ATM, the physical branch, the sum of the call center. How to integrate different data sources with the data as the core, and through the analysis of the basic information, related information and network, to realize the business depth mining and value-added services, is the bank must face the challenge.

Hadoop new role: secondary data warehouse

Analyst Gilbert George survey of the SQL-on-Hadoop market, evaluating the six solutions. These six "interrupt vectors" will affect the market and next year's players: model flexibility, data engine interoperability, pricing model, enterprise management, load optimization and query engine maturity.

Talking about the YARN Hadoop resource isolation mechanism

When talking about resources, we usually refer to the memory, CPU and IO three kinds of resources. By default, YARN will not isolate any resources, of course, if the use of Java language program, you will use the JVM built-in isolation mechanism for the isolation of memory resources.

Alibaba technology expert Yang Xiaoming: Based on Hadoop technology for geographical space analysis

The traffic will produce the massive vehicle location information and road related statistical operation is quite huge work. This paper introduces a method of using the geographic grid for data association, and using the two order of the Shuffle process to achieve efficient statistical distribution of location points on the road.
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