Simplified, Linkedin how to use big data to cash

The LinkedIn business data analysis department, the analysis of big data is not what a superior, complex boring work, but a door fan art for the simple, efficient and practical.

Intel Dai Jinquan: Spark is a new processing engine and analysis engine in Hadoop ecology

After the next generation of big data analysis based on the Spark software stack, the speech, we interviewed the chief architect of Intel's big data Dai Jinquan. In depth understanding of the Spark application scenarios, technical constraints and the future development direction, the interpretation of the Spark is the next generation of Hadoop ecological processing engine and analysis of the reasons for the engine.

It is easier to make concurrency and fault tolerance: the Akka example tutorial

Akka written in Scala language, for the development of high concurrency, distributed and fault tolerant applications to provide convenience for the developer to hide a great degree of complexity. The use of Akka certainly need to know more than this tutorial content, but I hope that the introduction and examples to attract your attention and continue to understand Akka.

Big data Technology Forum (on): Hadoop, Spark technology into a leading role

BDTC 2014 data technology forum, deputy director of Baidu's big data Department, Xue Zhenghua and China Mobile group company business support system department project manager He Hongling co chaired the morning forum. Cover database compression technology, Spark, 12306 system optimization, recommended systems and advertising monitoring technology and other exciting content.

Big data infrastructure Forum (bottom): storage, computing, architecture in the application of large data

2014 China Big Data Technology Conference on the afternoon of 14 big data infrastructure forum, from memory, calculation, architecture technology experts respectively delivered a speech, to share them in the field of big data technology application and practice.

The forum big data ecosystem: Hadoop and Spark.

Experts in 2014 China Big Data Technology Conference on the second day morning big data ecosystem forum, Apache spark PMC member Meng Xiang Rui, Apache Hadoop and tez PMC project members bikas Saha, the Ohio State University Lu Xiaoyi, Huawei Xu Jianpeng etc. focused on large data hot technology to start a speech.

MongoDB Beijing 2014 - MongoDB and Hadoop perfect big data program - Zhou Siyuan

[BDTC2014] on big data and deep learning equated?

In recent years, domestic and foreign Internet companies and traditional companies mostly have been aware of potential value of the assets and large-scale data, how to low cost and efficient storage and processing of hundreds of TB and EB magnitude data become a great challenge. Big data triggered a new round of IT industrial revolution".

Star Ring Technology CTO Sun Yuanhao: unity, low-cost, real-time, integration, the 2015 major trends

Star Ring Technology CTO Sun Yuanhao's speech theme is the evolution trend of the 015 year old data base technology". Period, he shared a Spark data: the world has nearly 50 companies around the Spark to provide products and services, 11 to provide commercial Spark version.

Butler Ben: big data use cases and solutions based on AWS

Butler AWS describes the Ben large data lifecycle end to end combination: collection, streaming media, storage, database, data warehouse, NoSQL and analysis. He said AWS to provide easy to use big data management services to help customers manage large data by reducing costs, rapid expansion, improve the speed of innovation.
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