Secret 2014 China big data technology conference: why hundreds of companies are hot to participate? (with the group buying list)

Less than two weeks away from 2014 China big data technology conference, the conference together not only many well-known domestic and foreign big data agencies share, participate in actively purchase of enterprises also exceeds 100, of which there are a large number of enterprises participating groups.

[BDTC] Wen Qing Preview: the use of NoSQL technology to solve the new problems

Wen Qing will be in December 14th, 2014 China big data technology conference, big data technology sub forum, share a NoSQL case, by the actual needs to introduce the application of NoSQL technology. Jie Wenqing believes that NoSQL uses a new method to solve new problems, especially the use of memory based data management.

Based on Hadoop, the relationship between the smart home and cloud computing solutions

Major news: 2.6.0 Hadoop release

And the mainstream counterparts, to participate in ten China big data technology conference 2014 reasons (issue strategy)

Held in Beijing on December 12-14 BDTC 2014, the father of Hadoop, cloudera chief architect Doug Cutting, openstack foundation will director Du Yujie, spark source company databricks Software Engineer Xiang Rui men will participate in share.

[BDTC] at Zhou Qi: how big data traffic information benefit of production and life

High German is the earliest research one of the map navigation and traffic information of the company, has the domestic the most comprehensive and complete traffic information collection and dissemination system, every day to receive billions of taxi industry and the public to return the location data, they in the data storage, processing and application of accumulated a lot of experience.

Overview of Hadoop software

[BDTC] Lei Baohua Preview: network infrastructure development in the era of big data

Big data and cloud computing basically is the arrival of synchronization, they bring the profound changes in the computing model and, therefore, the network brought new requirements and network infrastructure construction way has also produced profound change. And with the scale of the network is not expanded, how to better management, scheduling network?

Hive: data warehouse tools based on Hadoop

Hadoop 2.5.2 Apache release: YARN new part of the function

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