Hadoop2.5.1 summary: the latest compilation of 32, 64 installation, source package, API download and new features, etc.

Spark: distributed data computing project more powerful than Hadoop

2014 China's big data industry survey of the first batch of large exposure

2014 China data industry survey will be all-around insight into current data ecosystem, understand the needs of big data platform developers, analysis data industry development trend and direction of the product, provide a reference for the big data technology practitioners and entrepreneurs have.

U.S. largest dating sites Hadoop use OpenStack, eHarmony to reconstruct their own

One of America's largest dating website eHarmony continue to maintain growth, sustained for more users to quickly find the right object, eHarmony CTO Thod Nguyen said we're openstack, Hadoop, spark, docker and technology into their company's technical architecture.

[BDTC] at Yixin Zheng Hua: financial big data like Spark and Docker have a brilliant future.

Should believe is the world's largest P2P Financial Services Company, the company set up a big data Innovation Center at the end of 2013, designed to promote financial innovation and technological innovation, such as wind control and anti fraud. Zheng Hua on Spark, Docker and other new technologies in the application of the letter should be very optimistic about the prospect that they can help to improve the efficiency of the letter IT.

[SMS] Tencent official website officially launched DATA.QQ.COM data

The era of big data, industry giants are in invested heavily to build their own data platform. Analysis mining reserves in gold deposit data value. After Baidu, Tencent today also on the line Tencent big data platform (data.qq.com). Tencent's big data analysis and mining capabilities open, providing a platform for the external services.

[BDTC] Lai Zhaohong Preview: how to build a big data platform with low delay!

Before the meeting, CSDN and meeting the big data infrastructure "speakers Lai Zhaohong do a simple communication, he how to construct low delay data platform do the brief answer, and more content will be in December 14, 2014 China large numbers according to technical conference and share!

China big data six technology changes

2014 China big data technology conference (BDTC 2014) will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing in December 2014 12-14. The General Assembly held a special session of the previous session of the General Assembly highlights to record the development process of China's big data technology field, and based on the current situation of the ecological circle of BDTC 2014 outlook.

Big data gives the city traffic wisdom eye"

With the development of cloud computing big data technology, urban transport problems ushered in a variety of opportunities to solve the problem. As China's leading big data vendors, the wave has developed a smart traffic big data solutions, which greatly promote the wisdom of transportation, the realization of the blueprint.

LinkedIn open source big data computing engine Cubert, and to create a new language for this

LinkedIn announced Tuesday its open source data calculation engine Cubert. Reportedly, the open source framework will let engineers use a special algorithm, in not to waste CPU resources, more easily run the query, the company but also for the development of a new language Cubert script.
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