HUAWEI cloud computing solution FusionCloudHUAWEI cloud computing solution FusionCloud

Data Center Virtualization to enhance the efficiency of IT and create customer value

Data Center Virtualization in server virtualization based, through software integration and resource abstraction, building computing and storage virtualization, resource pooling, centralized management and unified scheduling, to achieve resource flexibility and flexible heat transfer. At the same time, Data Center Virtualization but also for the protection of the data center from the virtualization layer to the business layer, data protection and disaster tolerance, to achieve cross data center application scheduling, enable enterprises and carriers in the business to achieve sustainable development.

Application case

Chengdu industrial cloud for small and medium enterprises to flourish
Chengdu industrial cloud goal is to respond to the national "two" integration strategy, building into an industrial community ecosystem, to the city of Chengdu industrial park enterprises to provide information products and services in line with the development of its business services.
HUAWEI help Guangzhou City Board of education building research network cloud platform
In October 2010, the general office of the State Council issued "notice about carrying out the national education system reform pilot", a group of reform has a clear goal and specific policy measures of education reform project officially became a national education system reform pilot project, Guangzhou City "relying on information education to promote the balanced development of regional education" etc. three project was identified as the national education system reform pilot project.
Chinese Sinotrans deployment of cloud computing to enhance the value of IT
Sinotrans company land, sea and air freight, warehousing and terminal services, express delivery, shipping agency and freight forwarding business as a whole, is China's largest integrated logistics service provider.
HUAWEI cloud computing power to carry out ICT business in Sichuan Telecom
With the global after the rapid development of the environment, people communicate more and more diverse, increasingly rapid development of information technology, Internet give people bring new wealth of business experience, which for telecom operators proposed new requirements.