Open source power open class sixty-third:MySQL technology insider: InnoDB storage engine

Online 2014 01 - 07 18:02 - 18:02

Guest speaker

Jiang Chengyao

ACE MySQL; Oracle; Hangzhou Research Institute; eighteenth MySQL ACE Oracle, fourth in china. ...


In earlier years, MySQL as shrinkage in the corner of the children, seeing the Oracle dB, SQL server, infomix, the heel of a Sybase opened and don't dare to make a sound. Today, MySQL has grown into a part of the army, and some of the original ranks of the army have disappeared. All this is the source of power, the power of the internet.


Today, there is also the Internet Co said no MySQL? There is no doubt that MySQL has become the most popular open source relational database system, and step by step to the original commercial database market. Can see Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Netease, Taobao, Baidu, Tencent and other major companies have used MySQL database, and even has been used as the core of the database system.


Database is the basis of the application of this application, the current almost all of the application needs to be combined with the database. So the number of Posts related to the database, the average salary is also in the industry's leading position.

However, the market for the MySQL database is very great, the staff of this course will enhance the students to improve the MySQL database, so that the nature of the MySQL database, students can diagnose the performance and failure of the database, as well as the MySQL database to build a high available, high performance and high scalability application framework.

Course syllabus


Course target:

[1]. to understand the architecture of MySQL database
[2]. to understand the history of InnoDB storage engine system
[3]. understand the application of MySQL in the production environment.
[4]. why MySQL is so popular


Course syllabus:

History of MySQL [1]. database
MySQL [2]. database architecture
InnoDB [3]. storage engine
[4]. high availability architecture design
MySQL [5]. Technology Outlook


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