Live: see 90 IT (yuan) get along well with the ape workplace (2)

Online 2015 21 - 01 19:30 - 21:30


[year end planning, career planning special, dedicated to the upcoming work of you.

You, perhaps a big three, four of the students
Is about to be or are facing the confusion of graduation and employment

You may be a young man who has just stepped into the society.
In the future development of the ideal future salary.

Listen to those things Master Huaqing teacher about the workplace.
Big company OR small company, how to choose?
How to make your career fast?
How to change the workplace rookie big bull?

Huaqing vision for your career, occupation development of mine ""!

[live course arrangement]

Second say: first into the workplace, you must know the IT Office of the unspoken rules"

Still does not always keep pace with boss rhythm and distress?? still melt into the office of the interpersonal circle and crazy?? why others a meteoric rise, a promotion and a raise, and she is always on a treadmill? Why the "game" is always the best of both worlds, and she is always unpopular? Don't own nest at home drill cattle point, even if you crazy tie villain, curse this unfair world is useless. Work like a battlefield, you must follow the rules of the game.

1) just into the workplace, what are the learning attitude, attitude to work;
2) how can we not only do the work well, but also enjoy the life happily?
3) how to establish a more solid relationship with customers, colleagues, boss?

Teacher introduction

Huaqing Xi'an Center Gold lecturer / Professor Guo

The years of embedded system development, project management and training experience
The actual participated in dozens of domestic embedded project
The obtained results of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards

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Chapter 3: entering the workplace "rookie to occupation planning?"

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