2015 China Internet Security Conference

Chaoyang District National Convention Center, Beijing, 9, 29, 9, 2015, 30,, 2015


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Activity introduction

2015 China Internet Security Conference (ISC) will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from September 30th to September 28, 2015. The general assembly by the people's Republic of China National Internet Information Office Network Security Coordination Bureau, the Ministry of industry and Information Network Security Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Network Security Bureau guidance, China Internet association and the 360 Internet Security Center jointly sponsored by the national computer network emergency technology processing coordination center, the national computer virus emergency treatment center, China Information Security Evaluation Center, China Network Space Security Association and China Information Security Certification Center and other relevant agencies to support.

As Asia's largest information security field, the most professional annual meeting, 2015 China Internet security conference, will further explore the global information security trends, share the most cutting-edge security technology research results and practice, focusing on national network space security, information security industry development, cloud security, security, mobile security, data security, emerging threats, software security, electronic evidence and other popular technology and industry topics. 2015 ISC will also increase the threat intelligence and other topics of concern, as well as the support of security innovation. 2015 ISC will set up 12 forums for the discussion and exchange of popular security issues.

2015 ISC evolution of the higher standards of the guests, the lineup is more powerful. Both United States of network security forces commander and other domestic and foreign officials, including burner, Palo Alto networks, such as Google well-known enterprises technology executives, and all kinds of new corporate security technical supervisor. 2015 ISC will be a feast of information security technology.

In addition to the wonderful speech of the experts, the 2015 Internet security conference will include security training, exhibition, offensive and defensive, business exchanges and other forms, designed to create more opportunities for business and users to exchange and learn.

2015 China Internet security conference ahead of scale. ISC 2013 participants were nearly 1.5 people, more than 40 exhibitors; ISC 2014 more than 2 participants, exhibitors as many as 80. ISC2015 audience will be expected to more than 2.5 people, more than 120 exhibitors.

Activity schedule

  • September 29th
  • September 30th
Security Leaders Summit

Opening speech

Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


The message

Guo Qiquan, chief engineer of the Ministry of public security, network security, researcher, doctoral tutor


Welcome speech

President Qi Xiangdong 360


Cyber warfare and infrastructure security; national network security and security industry

Commander Keith B. Alexander - former director of the national security agency's first USA Cyber Command


In the face of pain, seeking win-win: to create a new network space security order

Hao Yeli, vice president of the national development and innovation strategy


Cloud security and security in the future

Heiser Gartner - vice president of Jay research


National network security strategy

Tension - China Institute of modern international relations, President of the Institute of information and information and social development director, researcher


See: to give the user, especially the ability to see the security threat is the key

Zhou Hongyi - 360 company chairman and CEO

New threat Forum

Emerging malware constitutes a new threat to global security

Alto Palo - Technical Director of Asia Pacific


Detection of unknown threats on the terminal by artificial intelligence technology

CEO/ Stuart founder McClure Cylance


CA APT attack and defense

Symantec Asia Pacific Technology Director, the global CA/Browser forum and code signed the chairman of the working group


APT attack case analysis

Hu Xingru 360 senior security expert


From the 0day analysis of the Chinese government agencies APT capture

Li Baisong - the first deputy chief engineer of antiy Labs


ROP detection of 0day detection by dynamic detection

Wu Zhuoqun Hangzhou, head of the Research Institute of safety


SIM 3G/4G card using a PC and oscilloscope

Yu Yu Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Network Space Security Strategy Forum

Guest address



Topic: national network space security system construction in the era of big data

He Dequan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


Topic: Network Security Law on the national network of the significance and impact of the construction of security

Ma Minhu Xi'an Jiao Tong University law school professor, director of Information Security Law Research Center


Peak dialogue: new challenges and new order in Cyberspace

Moderator: Tan Xiaosheng - vice president of Qihoo 360 intends to invite the guests: Wang Shiwei - Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Institute Li Yuxiao - Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Internet Governance and law research center director Fang Xingdong - internet lab director Hai Xin Duan - Tsinghua University network science and cyberspace Institute of network and information security laboratory director Wang Chunhui - Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor, Information Industry Development Strategy Research Institute President Xiao Xinguang - Lab Antian chief architect


Peak dialogue: the network development strategy in the "one way" strategy

Host: Professor Lvben Fu - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of management intends to invite guests: Wang Yukai - the National Advisory Committee for information technology committee, director of the National School of administration Professor Yang Yixian - Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications information security center an associate professor of Institute of Institute of world economy, Li Jianhua, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of information security engineering, vice president of the Xu Weidi - National Defense University Institute for Strategic Studies Shen Yi - Fudan University International Relations and School of public affairs Baisheng - Ministry of Commerce International Trade and economic cooperation



Free exchange

Cloud Computing Security Forum

Adaptive security architecture for cloud computing platform

Zhang Xiaobing 360 security expert


Security Cloud Storage and transportation of the scene of the practice

Shell (Xu Zhixiang) seven cattle Safety Supervisor


How to solve the problem of massive DDoS attacks

Ou Huaigu, chief security officer ChinaNetCenter


Thinking of enterprise security protection under the new IT environment

Li Yanbin, China three communications security products department minister


Intrusion detection and threat detection in cloud computing platform

Fang Yong UCloud security center director


Security architecture analysis of Docker

Ai Qiwei (Eagle), a senior vice president of the network space Safe Technology Ltd /CTO


The practice of secure cloud platform SDN

Wang Yi like cloud CEO

Security Management Forum

Differences and trends in the IT security operation between the US and China

Liu Jingping "network operation and maintenance and management," the magazine director

-14:20 14:00

Network security emergency response of the new normal

He Shiping CNCert senior engineer


Customer safety operation and maintenance practice



Data leakage prevention



Virtual platform for its own protection

Yu Xiong, three communications product manager


How to determine the safe operation and maintenance structure and design

Guo Feng Taiji Computer Corp information security and self controlled IT SBU consulting department general manager


Next generation security operation and maintenance management platform

Wang Gang netlegend Technology (Beijing) vice president of Limited by Share Ltd


Internet Security Management in the cloud Era

Zuo Yingnan, vice president of Health Technology


Round table: no boundary

All the guests

Mobile Security Forum

Secret latest mobile malicious attack method

Professor Chen Yan USA Northwestern University Department of electrical engineering and computer science, Zhejiang University Professor


Major flaws in Android vulnerability

Zhou Yajin 360 Wireless Security Research Institute


The latest iOS platform significant security improvements as well as potential attacks

Pangu team chief scientist Wang Tielei


Research on TrustZone security attack and defense of Android system

Di Di 360 company security researcher


The latest trends in mobile virus sharing

General manager Pan Xuanchen antiy labs Wuhan mobile security company


APP Android security analysis

Tang Zhushou Mobei, founder of Shanghai Jiao Tong University science and technology


Mobile security architecture and defense strategy

Mobile phone equipment manufacturers


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Number of participants:
One Two Eight

Time and place

  • Time: 29, 8, 9, 0, 0, 18, 30, 9
  • Setting: Chaoyang District National Convention Center, Beijing

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