2015 GeekPwn (pole)

Shanghai Himalaya center grand stage October 25, 2015 08:30 - 17:30


GeekPwnCommitted to innovation, technology and fashion for the meaning of life, love of technology geek a stage, leading the future of science and technology, the intelligent life and fashion. In absorbing the domestic and international security events advantages and innovative design the platform based on the combination of intelligent hardware equipment and software security geeks Carnival events, it is cutting-edge international intelligent security community, is one of the world's attention to the intelligent life safety geeks carnival. The secondGeekPwnCarnival will be2015YearTenApril24DayHeld in Shanghai in the Grand Stage.

GeekonGreat security summitKEEN masterDo, is the international intelligent security communityGeekPwnSub brand. The first summit2015YearTenApril25Held in Shanghai on the grand stage. The conference will invite domestic and foreign top security researchers to make a speech on the forefront of intelligent security technology. IncludeZDIResponsible person andPwn2OwnHacker contest OrganizerGorenc BrianHaveIntelGoogle security expert, black belt developerDmitryVyukovOne of the largest market share of mobile processors, Ge Renwei,Pwn2ownChen Liang, winner of the world champion.

Ticket equity include:

1, 24 days of intelligent hardware break challenge2, 25 international famous Bryant defense Summit24, 25, two days 700 days worth five yuan 3 star buffet lunch4, a very good mark5, VIP exclusive area6, will VIP exclusive interactive Badge7, can be involved in the experience of the field of intelligent security challenge, enjoy great Safety Carnival8, 24 days, 25 days and the domestic and foreign security big coffee face to face

Time and place

  • Time: 8:30 in October 25th
  • Location: Shanghai, the Himalayas Center Grand Stage (line seven Huamu Road Station of Pudong New Area Fangdian Road No. 1188,)

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