SD series database core technology & Architecture

Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 2016 03, 18, - 03, 19, 2016

Meeting introduction

March 18th -19, by the CSDN to build the Internet application architecture of the real summit, database core technology and practical application of the summit will be held in Shanghai. As of SDCC 2016 (China Software Developers Conference) part of a series of Technology Summit, adhering to the solid material dry cargo (case) the contents of the two principles, this summit will be invited to the industry's top architects and technical experts, to discuss the high availability / high concurrency system architecture design, application of new technologies, the traditional enterprise architecture, how to embrace the Internet plus cloud database combat, a new generation of database platform, performance tuning, data application fields of topic and technology.

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Time and place

  • Time: 03 08 18 hours 30 minutes - 03 18 19 hours 00 minutes
  • Location: Kokusai Hotel 2 floor hall No. 10 (Xuhui District No. 66 Caobao Road, near Caoxi Road)

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