Sessions Cloudera technical field (ShangHai Railway Station)

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Hotel three 2016 04, 20,, 18:00 - 13:30

Meeting introduction

No one is better thanClouderaKnow betterHadoop

stayHadoopEcological system project,ClouderashareSixty-sixindividual(PMCProject management committee to determine the roadmap of the project)And seatsNinety-threeindividualCommitter (Code that has the right to submit patches)That shows everything.

The seminar was explained by experts from the United States.Clouderabe based onHadoop ApacheThe information security risk control technology and China technical experts to shareKuduLatest technology trends. At the same time there are also fromSASBased onHadoopTheSASAnalysis of new experience as wellDellBest practices in the big data architecture.

Cloudera 1:30pmkeynote speech

ClouderaandHadoop ApacheThe latest project: big data information risk control

We have seen a lot of Companies in the past because of information security issues and pay a painful price and reputation. In the new form of today's big data, how to prevent the risk of large data information,ClouderaWill bring the latest technology, how to useHadoop ApacheSupportedClouderaAnalytical data management platform, to build an information security architecture, fast detection of risk and real-time response, protection and encryption of a large number of sensitive information.

SAS 2:00pmspeech

New experience of SAS analysis based on Hadoop

SASFor the enterprise to provide comprehensive data management, memory processing and advanced analysis technology, and has the ability to quickly deploy the model to help businesses make decisions faster and better.SASadoptData Loader for Hadoop SAS,Interface to Hadoop SAS/ACCESS,In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop SAS,Visual Analytics SASas well asSASHigh performance analysis based on a series ofHadoopThe solution and the product will analyze the strength ofHadoopCombination, the real value of the real value of the release of large data.

Dell 2:30pmspeech

ConstructionHadoopInfrastructure best practices andETLUse case study

3:00pmTea Break

3:15pmInformation security based on big data - Shanghai paila software Limited by Share Ltd

ITSecurity management platform, asITSecurity system in top technology support platform, with natural characteristics combined with the large data, based on data security analysis technology of security management platform is becoming an important direction for future security management platform for the development of. Pera software based on big data technology launched large data security solutions, can help the enterprise flexibility to access large amounts of data, fast security situation awareness, take the initiative to defend against unknown threats, anticipation to respond to security risks.

 3:45pmIntegration of operations, analysis, and reportingNewSQLengine-Shanghai Jingjie Information Technology Co. Ltd.

ITMore and more industries are usingHadoopandNoSQLTo solve big data problems. With a lower cost, to obtain a larger scale and a higher performance, means that the use of different tools. This is a higher requirement for the developer.-Using a variety of languages, and to solve the defects of the open source tools. With the gradual deepening of the application of large data, from a simple analysis, the evolution of the combination of operation and analysis. With the same database, support operations and emerging social networks, mobile Internet, Internet of things and other data, with a query engine and data models to support operations, real-time statements andBITask flow, which provides abundant means for the semi structural and non structural data, to adapt to a variety of storage models,And to ensure that the linear expansion, high availability, security and other enterprise class service standards.Two thousand and fourteenyearGartnerAlso proposed"Hybrid transaction and analysis processing technologyHTAP)"This concept.

Trafodion ApacheAnd its commercial versionEsgynDBAsHTAPThe typical implementation of the commitment will beSQL/RDBMSandNoSQLThe ability to perfect combination with the sameSQLEngine processingPBOperational issues, analysis, real-time reports, provide remote double live, high availability, to ensure data security.

 Hadoop 4:15PMNew wind direction:KuduFast data analysis

Hadoop ecosystem in recent years, there has been a major breakthrough in real-time data access. However, sometimes users may be in a dilemma, such as Apache parquet such columns format can provide fast data scanning for data analysis, but do not real-time access to index. Although HBase can provide fast random access, but for large Shucang work load scanning is very slow. In such a case, the emergence of a new member of the Hadoop ecosystem: Kudu, to fill the dilemma, from a API will be able to provide fast data scanning and rapid random access.

Time and place

  • Time: 20 at 13:30 on the 04 day - 00 hours 18 minutes
  • Venue: No. 400 Panyu Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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