Open source power open class sixty-third:MySQL technology insider: InnoDB storage engine

Online July 1, 2014 18:02 - 18:02

Guest speaker

Jiang Chengyao

Guests: MySQL field ACE Oracle; Netease Hangzhou Institute of technology manager; database related technology research, the world's eighteenth, China's fourth MySQL ACE Oracle. ...

Meeting introduction

In earlier years, MySQL as shrinkage in the corner of the children, seeing the Oracle dB, SQL server, infomix, the heel of a Sybase opened and don't dare to make a sound. Today, MySQL has grown to become a member of the army, and some members of the original army has disappeared. All this is the power of open source, is the power of the internet.


Today, there is no Internet Co said it did not use MySQL it? There is no doubt that MySQL has become the most popular open source relational database system, and step by step to erode the market for the original commercial database. We can see that Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Netease, Taobao, Baidu, Tencent and other major companies have been using MySQL database, and even has its as the core application of the database system.


Database is the basic component of this application, at present almost all the applications need to be combined with the database. So the database related positions are very much, the average salary is also in the industry's leading position.

However the market gap for the MySQL database and the related employees is very large, this course will enhance the students to enhance the comprehensive strength of MySQL database, let it understand the essence of MySQL database, students of the database performance and fault diagnosis, and MySQL database to construct a high availability, high performance and high scalability of the application architecture.

[Course Outline]


Course objectives:

[1]. understanding of the system structure of MySQL database
[2]. understand the history of the InnoDB storage engine system
[3]. to understand the situation of the application of MySQL in the production environment
[4]. why is MySQL so popular


Curriculum outline:

History of MySQL [1]. database
MySQL [2]. database architecture
InnoDB [3]. storage engine
[4]. high availability architecture design
MySQL [5]. Technology Outlook


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Number of participants:
One Two Nine

Time and place

  • Time: 18 in July 1st 02 points - 02 when 18 points
  • Location: Online

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