Into big data

Pudong New Area, Shanghai, January 31, 2015 17:30 - 14:30

Guest speaker

Zhong Xiang

Intel architect Guests: Intel big data senior architect, Storm community PMC, is one of the 2 domestic committer Storm.

Zhou Cheng

Shanghai high technical director / R & D director Guests: domestic well-known Hadoop experts, Hadoop and big data system architect, has a wealth of big data architecture and development experience.

Shen Baijun

PPTV Technical Director / R & D director Guest: responsible for PP cloud video, and PPTV / SNS comment barrage / cloud sync / cloud seeding and other core products.

Meeting introduction

With the depth of the development of the Internet, big data related technologies have become the next wave of IT technology to drive a key engine, is currently one of the most important capacity of the IT technical personnel. How to build a reliable big data system? Big data which are the best practices in the industry? How to learn to master the big data related technologies... Become a lot of technical staff are very concerned about the topic.
For 2015 on January 31, boolan club into big data, inviting pptv cloud platform technical director Shen Baijun, domestic well-known experts in Hadoop et al (Department of Radiology, Intel data senior architect Zhong Xiang, share them in their respective fields of big data experience, Hadoop development of high performance, large data stream processing architecture, and help the audience combing and share all kinds of big data learning and research resources. Hope to help everyone in the actual combat better learning, master, the use of big data technology. We hope that this is the end of the field of big data in East China a technological feast!

Meeting time: January 31, 2015 Saturday afternoon 17:20 - 14:30

14:30 - 14:00 sign in
14:40 - 14:30 opening
15:20 - PPTV 14:40 big data practice Shen Baijun
15:30 - Q&A 15:20
16:10 - Hadoop 15:30 high performance practice Zhou Cheng
16:20 - Q&A 16:10
17:00 - 16:20 large data stream processing architecture Zhong Xiang
17:10 - Q&A 17:00
17:20 - Boolan 17:10 resource sharing

Time and place

  • Time: 14:30 in January 31st - 17:30
  • Location: the specific address in the registration audit will be notified in the form of SMS

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