The test will be 2015 pro forma questions analysis and countermeasures!

Haidian Beijing science and technology building, 6, 8, 2,, 16:00 - 14:00


Why is the workplace Ricci test certificate?

Modern excellence to break through the barriers, keep 75% year by what is the rate?

How to successfully and safely anchored after the test certificate?

How short time passed the exam?

How to choose the most reliable professional organizations in PMP training institutions of the dragons and fishes jumbled together?

For pro forma 2015 soft not miss you:

The test analysis shows that the August 2nd "exam" will!

Don't want not to dry cargo!

Speech content:

A soft, basic knowledge sharing

Two, test and personal occupation development

Analysis of three, the first half of 2015 exam.

1, one by one analysis of the first half of 2015 examination questions, in-depth analysis of the trend of the examination;

2, the first half of the site exclusive authority issued a case marking standard;

3, a comprehensive analysis of the participants in the case of the emergence of various types of questions;

Four, the test for the Raiders

1, recommended pro forma books;

2, reasonable arrangements for the preparation time;

3, develop a detailed pro forma plan;

Five, the exchange of the scene: with the lecturer face to face communication, the lecturer has targeted one by one to answer, solve the students in the hearts of doubt!

1, why do they review the total difference;

2, why the paper failed every time;

3, the second half will do what;

4, there is no time to learn, how to effectively Pro forma.........

Time and place

  • Time: 2, 14, 8, 0, 16, 0
  • Location: Beijing Haidian District, Zhongguancun No. 5 South Street (near Weigongcun Road)

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